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Published April 29, 2019

Yugioh number 104 masquerade is one of the most useful number cards you’ll ever own or play in Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist, I can remember when I first got my hands on this very valuable card; I was so overjoyed. The card has enormous potential to begin and end every duel with a bang. Quite simply, it’s special ability(ies).

Make no mistake, there are number cards that are as powerful as yugioh number 104 masquerade but none as versatile or unique as this one. Sometimes when you’re creating decks, you’ll likely lose your head, as I have, about where to put this very valuable card.

However, before establishing that it is important that you always have counter traps in place in order to protect this card because your enemies will do whatever it takes to destroy this monster and having the right safeguards in place prevents that.

There are 3 reasons why you should always have this card in your deck or specifically the deck that its supposed to be in which I will talk about in this post along with its chaos xyz form, deck category not to mention the safeguards/counter traps that are in place to protect this monster. So without further ado, we’re going right into…..

Deck Category

Yugioh number 104 masquerade is a spellcaster-type so when you’re creating a deck of spellcasters (which I did), this card compliments the deck. Don’t make the mistake I made once trying to put it in a deck of warriors, insects or even aqua monsters because the card will not get any exposure putting in these decks.

Hell, it’s almost like putting a dragon monster card in a machine deck which is also ill-advised because of the non-compatibility. You see, having a deck of spellcasters with this card in it is going to make it easier to summon especially if you have spell cards like The Warrior Returning Alive and Reinforcement of the Army.

So, the point I’m making is that if you’re going to have this card in any deck, it should be a spellcasters deck. You know, I didn’t realize how important it was to have a card in a deck of its own type until I got Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist; it made me realize that some cards can really deal damage to your opponent if you have the monster cards of the same type within it especially if the monsters’ special abilities complement each other as they are known to do.

My reasons 3

You know, I love the yugioh number cards not only because of their special abilities, but also for their sense of mystique like yugioh number 104 masquerade. I know I told you about where the card belongs in which deck but here are three reasons to have this card in said deck.

The first reason is the most obvious because it is a very powerful card that not only has attack points to compete with many of the game’s monsters, but its special ability makes it so your opponent cannot activate their monster’s effects and your opponent gets slapped for direct damage when they do which is good if you’re looking to edge them closer to defeat.

Reason #2, it’s easy to summon. Many Rank 4 monsters are very easy to summon and some of them, as you’ll find, are not really worth summoning let alone wasting your hard-earned sacrifices on.

My final reason why you should always have this card is because when you get either the Rank Up Magic Barian’s Force or Rank Up Magic Numeron Force, you can transform Masquerade into its Chaos XYZ form. Keep all 3 cards in your deck because it’ll make summoning this guy cake.

Chaos xyz form

The Chaos XYZ form of Masquerade is C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade, if you think you don’t have a reason to be afraid of the name; think again. Yugioh Number 104 Masquerade is even deadlier in its Chaos xyz form and your opponent will have a reason to be afraid as well especially since this monster can now cut their life points down.

This, in my opinion, can turn the tide of any duel especially when you’re up against opponents who’re summoning monsters with an attack of 2500 or more. Using a monster that can disable a monster’s effect is the ultimate strategy in the game and C104 is the monster that can make that dream a reality especially if you’re up against monsters like The Light Hex Sealed Fusion, which lets you substitute said monster for polymerization which will summon monsters like Cyber Twin Dragon.

This card’s special ability must be shut down!

Destroying a Spell or a Trap is sort of second nature with this monster but an ability you definitely want to take advantage of like if your opponent has a continuous spell card like Prohibition or a continuous trap like Call of the Haunted or Royal Decree. Again I say, keep a Rank Up Magic card in your possession and if you’re looking to get your hands on the card quickly then might I suggest the spell card, Left Arm Offering.

The perfect safeguards, counter traps

Yugioh Number 104 Masquerade is a monster that can hold its own but what if you get to a point where your opponent want to make a mockery of your monster and you. Well, when I say safeguards, I mean counter trap cards. Cards like Divine Wrath which disables a monster’s special ability and destroys it.

Destruction Jammer which destroys any monster effect, spell or trap that targets your monster; of course if you’re looking for a counter trap that’ll end the battle quickly then you could try Negate Attack. Naturally though, you want counter traps that’ll counter your opponent’s monster special ability like Seven Tools of the Bandit.

Now, the one thing that your opponent will always do to throw you off is by using Dark Hole, a spell card, to destroy your monster and if you do happen to come across that then make sure you have the counter traps like Curse Seal of the Forbidden Spell which destroys any spell card and makes it so your opponent can’t play cards like it for the rest of the Duel.

Another card to keep in mind is Riryoku Field, it’s a counter trap that’ll keep your opponent from using spell cards on your monster.


Yugioh Number 104 Masquerade is one of the best monsters in all of Yugioh and it is worth noting that it is not without its flaws but it is a monster that can turn the tide of any duel especially against monsters with special abilities that can destroy other monsters.

Grouping Number 104 Masquerade into a Spellcaster Deck where it belongs will make it easier to summon not to mention with the right safeguards/counter traps you’ll be able to protect it while it takes life points from your opponent in its Chaos xyz form.

So what do you think about this mighty number card, do you think its good, bad, or should just be left alone. Or, do you see it as a valuable asset to be used in the case of turning the duel in your favor? Send me a message with your thoughts and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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