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Published May 5, 2018

There are some games that are decent and have redeemable qualities about it that still makes it playable and enjoyable, Ghost Rider (PS2) with its upgrades, Devil May Cry 2 (PS2) different amulet stones and powers, Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) Auto-Search ability and Star Wars the Force Unleashed (PS3) Lightsaber Power Crystals – Lightsaber enhancing abilities.

Then there are those games that are utter trash that should’ve never seen the light of day because of its seemingly impossible challenge and grinding style gaming. Final Fantasy 8 (PS1) magic draw points, Wild Arms 4 (PS2) Hard story mode enemies and less than powerful strength enhancing badges. Yugioh: Millennium Duels (PS3) non creative ways to get the right cards to beat opponents.

Yugioh Millennium Duels is by far the least captivating yugioh game to ever come out, it is kind of ironic that the game does not play like a regular yugioh game. For example, there are no other ways of getting cards to beat powerful opponents unless you’re willing to do a little grinding which is pointless at best. I haven’t encountered a yugioh game this bad since Yugioh: Forbidden Memories, so without further ado, here’s my review of Yugioh Millennium Duels.

One-sided Duels

Many of the duels that you participate in are completely one-sided and by one-sided I mean that your opponent(s) has all the rare and powerful cards while you have only a few that do not even make difference, those good cards are usually Synchro monsters like Blood Mefist, Scarred Warrior and Lightning Warrior; if you were lucky enough to keep monsters on the field long enough to summon them.

Salvation, if you could summon it, NOT!

My biggest problem with this was that monsters that were powerful like Reflect Bounder and Millennium Scorpion were playing on the other team which did not bode well for me because both monsters have special abilities that dealt me damage and grew in power.

The game leaves you with no sense of hope regarding your card picks because the only way you’re going to get good cards is either if you win or lose a duel. If and when you do lose or win then you’re given cards like Ultimate Tyranno, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Hero of the East and Blocker; cards you cannot even use. The game seems to frown upon giving gamers any advantage at all, it seems almost as if the game is trying to handicap gamers on purpose.

Dueling a past duelist a thousand times before getting good cards

The most frustrating and possibly the most sickening aspect about this game is that you have to duel a past duelist at least a few times in order to get any good cards. Sadly, this is both time-consuming and frustrating because the duelist that you’re dueling will either have strengthened their strategy to keep from losing to you or you’ll easily trounce them and still end up with mediocre cards at best.

For example, when I fought Solomon Moto and won, I got a Dark Blade, an Exploder Dragon, Neo Aqua Madoor, Breath of Light spell card, Soul Release, Black Pendant and Soul Taker; you get the point. I got the aforementioned cards and a few others like Stone Golem and Umi; these cards utterly suck. I want to go on record as saying that this game has the worst taste in card pickup I’ve ever seen in any Yugioh game.

Mine looked NOTHING like this!

I haven’t seen a card display pickup this terrible since Yugioh: Duelist of the Roses. Coincidentally, dueling past duelists a thousand times each just to end up with half decent cards is both a waste of time and energy; it’s not worth it overall.

No card shop

The game has no card shop to buy cards to conquer the powerful opponents in the game, this is the key reason why Yugioh: Millennium Duels is utter trash that should’ve never seen the light of day; Yugioh GX: The Beginning of Destiny wasn’t that great a Yugioh game but at least it had a card shop where you could go in and buy cards with the duel points you earned from the duelists you crushed.

This is what you have to go through to get cards!

While you can earn a good amount of cards from the duelists you defeat in this game, it would’ve helped the game’s cause by having a card shop where gamers can get more cards instead of having to say, duel Weevil Underwood 11 times to get his most powerful and possibly prized monster, Insect Queen or Great Moth.

The game not having a card shop completely shot itself in the foot because gamers that can duel, like myself, will always be looking out for the next great and powerful card; if a yugioh game cannot provide that or have a card shop so as to provide us with those powerful cards then there’s no reason for that yugioh game to exist. Point Blank!

The game holds gamers back

The game holds gamers back by providing them with weak cards i.e. normal monsters and a few effect monsters usually with levels of 1-3; it is almost as if the game does not want gamers to succeed and beat it. Case in point, the weakest duelists in the game get a huge power jack and leave you with no more than a few turns to shift the duel in your favor which you don’t get to do especially when they play cards like Mirror Force or Swords of Revealing Light

Case in point, who am I dueling and what card is that?

I remember having the field spell, Array of Revealing Light which did LITTLE to stem the tide of my opponent’s monster onslaught; if I had DNA Transplant or DNA Surgery then I could’ve turned the duel around but just changing the type of monster when your opponent only has 1 of that monster but has thousands of other types, it left me totally upset because I had no way to defend against the rest of my opponents’ monsters.

Utter Trash, it didn’t help me at all!

Games are supposed to be challenging, I get that. I also get that games are not supposed to hand you anything, I get that too. Yugioh Millennium Duels don’t do anything for the gamers except remind them that it is just an upgraded, irritating and worthless version of Yugioh Forbidden Memories. I’d stay away if I were you.

Complicated deck construction

Being a master duel champ means you’ve mastered how to put together a deck under the most complicated of circumstances, circumstances such as a character lock or premiere cards that you’re given when you’re starting the game so as to allow you to construct them into a force of formidable power.

Yeah, that complicated!

However, Yugioh Millennium Duels make that so difficult in the regard that you have to press buttons or look to the button message at the bottom of the screen to find the button prompts on how to move cards and even the game doesn’t do a good job explaining that. Ultimately, constructing my deck took a mere 2 hours instead of the normal 45 minutes to an hour that it usually does. Ridiculous!


I had such high hopes for Yugioh Millennium Duels but it was disappointing on so many levels, the complicated deck construction, lack of a card shop, dueling past duelists until you get some good cards or cards good enough to build a deck around not to mention the one sided duels that does a pretty good job shaming and making gamers feel like dueling in the game is a total waste of time.

The game’s primary objective is to hold gamers back from trying to be better or to refine their dueling skills and the game does little to support the concept of gamers doing well or doing good in the game. If you want a good Yugioh game, don’t pick up this trash instead go with Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist, you’ll get more out of the game and you’re given good cards off the bat and it has a card shop featuring characters from the show.

If you have any questions or want to leave me a comment below then please feel free and I’ll respond before the day is out, I’m good about that. Thank you and happy gaming!


  1. MichaelMichael

    I’ve always been a fan of tuned based games and roof games where you have to level up, but it seems that this game has fallen short on many things.

    If thwt were 2 major things you could change about this game to make it better what would you probably do?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Oh that’s easy Mike; one, a card shop where you can get cards to better deal with you opponents and to counter their cards. Second, I would change the concept of having counter traps available to win on a moment’s notice after winning the current duel.

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