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Published May 4, 2019

In Yugioh, there’s, in my opinion, an unwritten rule about yugioh level 4 monsters and that rule is that no deck is complete without them which is true enough. However, it cannot be argued that effect monsters are the key to getting an edge in battle which is true as well. Monsters with powerful special abilities can make or break a duel for either you or your opponent.

Quite Simply, if you’re going to have a yugioh level 4 monster in your deck then it better be an effect monster. Some effect monsters have the ability to destroy certain cards on the field like Chiron the Mage, a level 4 effect beast-warrior monsters who, at the expense of one spell card from you, can and will destroy a spell or trap on your opponent’s side of the field whether activated or not activated.

The biggest thing about this strategy is that you don’t improvise because it can mean the difference between winning a duel and losing a duel; normal monsters don’t have the power to get the job done so if there are no more yugioh level 4 monsters with effects then I have a few tips you can do to counter that along with my 4 reasons why you should follow this and why you shouldn’t improvise which I’ll cover in this post.

Why Effect Monsters

Yugioh level 4 monsters with effects are among the most powerful and plentiful in the game and although you’ll find yourself dealing with monsters without a special effect, it’s better if you only mess with those with special abilities.

Some gamers believe that they can use normal monsters to complement their special effect counterparts but the truth is far less designed. Ultimately, when I’m picking out level 4 effect monsters, I usually go with the ones with the lethal special abilities like Reflect Bounder.

The original attack damage of the attacking monster get reflected back to the controller of that monster, so if you’re using a monster with 2400 attack points against Reflect Bounder then you get dealt all 2400 attack points as damage.

Another thing to keep in mind too that it is always the monsters with the least amount of attack points that’ll have the most devastating special ability. For example, GoblindBergh. Goblindbergh’s special ability allows you to get it and another monster on the field which is helpful if you’re trying to get an XYZ monster on the field in a hurry.

Often times, the spell card, Double Summon is also used for this purpose as well. But, effect monsters should be chosen over normal monsters because of the advantage you’re given in battle. Think about it!

My 4 reasons

Now, there are those who challenge the words and advice of a true duelist and try their own combinations and whatnot. With that being the case, that’s fine especially when it comes to yugioh level 4 monsters. However, I should warn you that deviating from this could put you on a fast track for failure. Here are my 4 primary reasons why you should always have level 4 effect monsters.

Number one, the life points – preferably monsters with attack points of 1700+. Having level 4 effect monsters with these attack points will guarantee that your opponent will, more times than not, put a monster in defense mode out of pure fear.

Reason #2, normal monsters are good for nothing especially if they don’t have anything to offer as far as being a sacrifice. I’ve seen level 4 normal monsters that are used for tuning but even then you’re still better off getting an effect monster because of the added effect.

The third reason is that you can special summon XYZ monsters right off the bat with level 4 effect monsters, you never really know how much of a difference an XYZ monster can make unless you’re really in a bind.

My final reason is because they’re easier to keep on the field for special summoning like Synchro summoning etc. Keep these in mind always especially if you’re trying to summon Stardust Dragon or other powerful monsters.

Don’t improvise

Interestingly enough, when I say don’t improvise on yugioh level 4 monsters; trust me, that’s what I mean. For example, when I’m building a deck and putting level 4 monsters in, I usually have at least 8-10 level 4 effect monsters in my deck then I get usually 1-2 level 5, 6, 7 and 8 monsters that are effect monsters too.

Don’t get lazy about trying to find the right effect monsters because there are more than enough “card shop sellers” to get some good monsters.

Ultimately, don’t improvise by putting normal monsters of a type to make up for monsters that you don’t have. For example, if you’re building a machine deck and you run out of level 4 effect machine monsters. What you do after that is abandon building a machine deck until you can get more machine monsters to build out the deck.

I tried using normal monsters with my effect monsters in a deck I was building eons ago but that didn’t really go too well. I’d even go so far as to say, you’re going to have to make a choice when creating a deck of all normal monsters or all effect monsters; never do both.

Tips to combat shortcomings to this regard

So what happens if you do find yourself creating a deck of yugioh level 4 monsters (preferably effect) and you just suddenly run out of level 4 monsters and I hope you don’t put more than one monster in your deck because honestly, having more than one of the same monster in your deck is cheating and I won’t stand for it because I don’t do it.

Anyway, here are a few tips to combat any shortcomings you might face to this regard, I warn you, the tips I’m getting ready to share may possibly offend some of you but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. One principle tip I want to pass onto you is to step down to a level 3 monster of the same type or find a secondary tuner monster if you’re, like me, already in the habit of putting a tuner monster in your deck.

Second tip, add more than one level 5 and above effect monster in your deck; the thing about this tip is that it’ll solidify your summoning of a Rank 5 XYZ monster if you’re into that which you better be lol.

The third tip I have for you is this, add a ritual monster. This one might not have rhyme or reason but having a ritual monster will take the edge off of trying to get tempted to put other monster types in your deck. Take these tips and remember them always; never stray from these if you’re ever putting a deck together.


Yugioh level 4 monsters are potent assets to building any deck but the problem can arise where there are simply not enough of a monster type to build said deck whether it’s beast warrior, psychic, fish, sea serpent, machine, even fiend. However, effects monsters are the primary ingredient in building a deck and having at least 8 to 10 level 4 effect monsters can really make a big difference.

Never improvise when building a deck of these monsters because it can come back and bite you especially since normal monsters are not an option. Remember to look at other effect monsters of a higher level with that same type because it’ll make it easier for you to summon some xyz monsters.

So what do you think of my post, do you think level 4 effect monsters are useful or useless or do you like to switch it up using normal and effect monsters? Whichever you like or don’t like, leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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  1. ClaudiaClaudia

    Yugioh is something my husband used to watch a lot, now my son is all into it. Can you tell me if the cards have any value? I get that they are to play against others but can you collect them? Can you order cards that will help the deck on it’s own or do they come just in packs?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      First off, thank you for your questions. Second, every card has value, every card. You can definitely collect cards and you can use them to help whatever deck your son has and they do come in packs as well. On this post on my website, I have a link to some Yugioh cards that are in a collection of sorts but you can buy them individually if you desire. 

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