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Published August 7, 2019

Yugioh Legacy of Duelist, I know you guys have read about me talking about this game over a dozen times now but I come before you today to tell you about a little habit and how to stop it. As you well know, you get duel points no matter if you win or lose. The thing about it is that it is possible to get so absorbed in emptying out a character’s pack at the card shop that you can forget about the overall point of being in the card shop.

There’s nothing wrong with saving up your duel points which is something you’ll want to do especially if you’ve been targeting the same person again and again in hopes of getting different cards. Going on with the adventure can make you least likely to get bored with the game because you’ll get more cards later on even as you win or lose.

The primary objective of the Card Shop is to get cards that’ll give you an edge in any and every duel but there are some things, habits if you will, that you can develop quickly and shouldn’t. I’ll discuss that in this post along with many other things such as abstaining from bleeding a duelist pack in the card shop dry.

Card Shop

Now, as previously stated, the card shop in Yugioh of the Duelist is where you get a ton of cards that you can buy from the various characters in the shop. You get 8 cards per purchase, and luck of the draw determines what you get because at the end of the day, you cannot control the cards you get as you buy them which is not all bad. The randomness sort of keeps you hooked or at the very least, adds anticipation to the game.

I’ve developed and created quite a few decks (13 in all) from the various cards that I’ve bought from the card store and if we’re being completely honest, the decks in question are of the finest quality not to mention took a lot of hard work to create but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The 13 decks that I have created encompass my video game genius and I’ll tell you something else, creating these decks can give me a competitive edge against any duelist I duel.

Here’s a tip, go to the card shop and blow duels points on the characters’ packs there at least until their card ratio is 240+. Also, if you’re looking for some number cards to get you started then go see Zuzu Boyle; she has a good bevy of them. Overall, spend some time in the shop particularly buying from different duelists after you accumulate over 15000 duel points.

Save your duel points i.e. if you milked the same cow again and again

Even though you’re encouraged to spend all of your duel points in the card shop, don’t be afraid to hold onto any as well. You may’ve gotten to a point where you’ve milked the same cow i.e. bought cards from the same duelist repeatedly that you’re pretty much getting the same ones.

At that point, it’s better to just either start on another duelist or avoid the card shop altogether at least until you can get some more duel points in order to build a deck or build your collection.

Saving up your duel points can make it easier to start getting a lot of cool cards when you go back to the shop again. I can remember a time when I would spend hours in the card store trying to get some really good cards especially from the same duelist i.e. Zuzu – Arc V section. So I backed off for a while, and came back again later.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to spend all of your time getting cards from the same duelists because you’ll eventually burn out and your duel points with it; learn to know when to back off because you can walk in with 33500 duel points and walk out with none. Remember that!

Going on with the Adventure

There’s nothing wrong with continuing on with your adventure while you’re visiting the card shop on a frequent basis. In fact, I had to talk myself into doing exactly that because I was too obsessed with building the most awesome deck but spending all of my time running back to the card shop after getting a certain amount of duel point accumulated accomplished nothing.

The sad truth is that the more you run back to the card shop, the more you’ll find that you won’t ever be satisfied with any card you get hence developing the ‘habit’ I mentioned earlier on. You’ll get 2 to 3 new cards from every duelist that you beat and ‘reverse beat’ so there’s no real reason to think that most of your ‘good’ or ‘great’ cards will only come from the card shop alone.

Potentially, you’re right to think this but you get more and more amazing cards when you go on with the adventure. This rings true when you’re doing the Zexal part of the game, you’re going to get some amazing cards and many of them, numbers. Make no mistake, you’re in good shape card-wise no matter how many frequent or none frequent trips you make to the card shop outside of your adventure.

Tips from Me

Okay, so you’re feeling like you’re ready to go and spend all of your duel points and use the new power to destroy your enemies; that’s good, hold that enthusiasm. Here’s some tips from me regarding the game and the card shop as a whole to add to that enthusiasm.

Tip #1, don’t get too caught up in spending all of your duel points trying to bleed Zuzu Boyle dry when it comes to number cards, she has a good collection of them but you’ll be wasting time and money on her that you don’t need to.

Tip #2, if you’re thinking of doing your adventure out of order as a means to unlock more duelist characters and their pack in the card shop, you very well can and probably should. I’ve unlocked many a great card drawing outside the line in this respect. Do the same, it doesn’t say not to.

Tip #3, when or if you make the choice to build a Crystal Beast deck (Jesse Anderson – GX), only have the crystal beasts in the deck along with pendulum monsters; trust me, the deck will be balanced.

Tip #4, create at least 4 decks that you can switch to on a moment’s notice like in the event your current deck isn’t getting the job done or you’re not able to pull the right cards.

You’ll definitely want this!

Final Tip, when you’re creating decks, make sure they have spell and trap cards that complement them like with a machine deck, have cards like Cybernetic Fusion Support, Machine Assembly Line etc; it makes it easier to pull those cards and gain access to upper level monsters.


Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist has a lot of cards to gain and make your own when you get to gaining a lot of duel points not to mention what you get after you beat and reverse beat a character. The card shop is the best place to get cards, but save your duel points and don’t get in the habit of buying cards from the same duel pack.

Mind my tips 5 and you’ll destroy any imbalance that might exist in your deck and duel. So what are your thoughts on my post, do you feel that the card shop has more meaning that just buying cards or do you think the post in general is a little over the top? Leave me a message and I’ll get right back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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