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Published October 20, 2018

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is out on PS4 as you well know and if you’ve been playing the game like me then I’m sure you’ve no doubt run into your fair share of problems with the current place in the game or particular character in the game (mine was Bastion now it is Jaden as Nightshroud).

There are more than enough cards in the game to put these guys down or so you think.

However, not surprisingly, sometimes not pulling the right card or getting the right card at the right time can really screw you as far as battle strategy and deflate any hopes you have to destroying your enemy and ending the duel.

Incidentally, the biggest problem can sometimes be that the duelist has an answer for every card strategy you implement.

Have you gotten to this point where the only thing you can do is keep trying to beat that duelist that keeps giving you trouble with nowhere to turn; well, I can tell you that the solution isn’t as difficult as it seems. Now, I’m going to turn you onto some real strategies in order to combat this.

I promise you this, you’re going to have more cards than you know what to do with after this post is said and done. Without further ado; here’s my take on the Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters and the strategies!

Going in a straight line?

Going in a straight line is simply just you going from series to series in order starting from the original Yugioh with Yugi Moto and his pals going on their journey to stop Pegasus then Kaiba and ultimately Marik.

Upon completing this, you’ll go on to Yugioh GX; where you’re dueling every GX character; I’m Nightshroud now battling Jaden in a reverse duel.

Except reversed!

Now, you can keep going in the straight line you are and unlocking character decks after character decks after beating the character and winning their deck recipe, so you can feel accomplished if that’s what you want to do but doesn’t some part of you ever think, “I wish I could take that guy down with Number 33: Chromonaly Machu Mech”


“Why do I have to wait to take this guy down using Stardust Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend?” I know that as a species we’re taught to do things in order so as to achieve the best result but sometimes in video games these “laws” be damned because you’ll ultimately accomplish nothing which is why you should try….


When I got stuck at Bastion, it made me think about other ways to get through him and it didn’t always matter if I had the right cards or not; most of the time, I did and didn’t. So, I got to a point where I decided to do some exploring into other Yugioh series realms of existence; you can’t even begin to imagine what I discovered.

I went on over to the Yugioh 5D side and I won a few duels over there and earned a good card or two; I scored a lot of good cards including Luna’s very own Ancient Fairy Dragon, a decent card to say the least. Next, I journeyed on over to the Arc V side and unlocked some more cards.

Then, I got curious and journeyed over to the Zexal side and I beat Shark in the first duel then was getting ready to take on Flip but by then I unlocked Kathy Katherine in the Card Shop; she’s the only one right now.

But, you see what I’m getting at, a little exploration can open doors to power unimaginable that includes power to make even the fiercest duelist wet their pants (that’s right I said it).

Card Shop Appearances

As you may or may not know, you’ll unlock different (and certain chosen) duelists in the card shop after you get through a certain point within that series; and if you’re curious then you can check out the list here.

Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to work your way through a particular series until you hit that roadblock i.e. the duelist whose giving you trouble.

A little into my journey to the 5D side, I unlocked Tetsu Trudge and Leo & Luna. I unlocked Zuzu, Gong and Yuya on the Arc V side and I nearly cleaned Yuya out as far as his deck because I got a majority of his Performapal cards including his kick ass Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon card.

As I previously mentioned I unlocked Kathy Katherine in the Card Shop and I scored a lot of great cards to boot; I know I still have a little ways to go before I unlock some more people across yugioh dimensions so to speak but I can tell you now that my card collection has grown substantially.

Just so you know, when I found Yusei as Warrant Armstrong; he was using Chronomaly cards which hail from the Zexal dimension so I’m not the only one going outside the line.

Changing cards between butt-kicking isn’t helping

Scoring a lot of cards from the duelists that you beat and buying them from the card shop in the game is absolute, and it gives you the ability to mix and match not to mention try different combos such as different cards with different attributes. What I used to do was have a deck of half light and half dark monsters; doing this has led me to many a victory.

However, what do you do when changing cards between butt-kicking and getting your butt kicked isn’t helping; what if you feel like you’re going into a battle with a ton of good cards and still can’t win?

The problem then becomes obvious that your changing cards isn’t helping so going outside your realm or exploring other series is your key to victory.

You get a good amount of cards when you start the game but its not enough; plus, it isn’t always a guarantee that you’re going to get that right card even if you arrange them in a specific order which you can’t.

Pendulum and Tuner cards are Lifesavers

As I said in the heading, Pendulum and Tuner cards are lifesavers and I say this because both allow you to get your most prized card or monster on the field not to mention opens doors to more powerful monsters such as Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Stardust Dragon along with many others.

Start here if you want to, it doesn’t say not to

Whatever deck you make with whatever cards you make it with, always have, my rule of two, two tuners and two pendulum cards. You’re going to be thankful you did, if you’re looking to get a lot of monsters on the field immediately then keep this strategy in mind always.

Tuner monsters may not be the first choice but they’re just as useful especially Tuned Magician.


Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Characters are among the most intricate not to mention as talented a duelist as their television counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that beating them in order is mandatory which means that going in a straight line isn’t necessary; you can start in the Arc V series then work your way up.

Exploring other yugioh series doesn’t seem ideal but it is necessary in order to get the cards you need to destroy your opponent in the game. Be mindful of the Card Shop Appearances because as you play through that particular series you’ll unlock more and more people which is great.

Changing cards between duels doesn’t always help you especially with the assortment of cards you have now. Always have at least two tuners and two pendulum cards in your deck because they’re going to be lifesavers that’s going to help you win the duel.

If you have any questions or comments about my post then please leave me a message. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. DonnieDonnie

    Thank you for an interesting look into the world of gaming. I am not a gamer myself but I have a lot of free time on my hands so I will come back to your site to learn about Yugioh and other games.Very interesting how one can go from reality to the gaming world.I thank you for the look into your world.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Donnie, I’m happy to be able to help out. Definitely check out the Yugioh game because it is definitely worth the money and time you invest in it.

  2. timtim

    Your strategy review of Yugioh brought back some fond memories for me as my son was really into the adventures of Yugi .  I love what you did here with you site and this article.  Its terrible when you work hard to advance through a game and then get stuck.  You laid out some practical ways to get back on track. I see you mentioned that this is a PS4 game… can you get a version for any other console?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Tim, possibly on PC but don’t hold me to that; PS4 is the only console that has the game. However, there are other versions of the game like Yugioh Duel Generations that’s available on tablet and iPad. 

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