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Published February 12, 2019

Ys VIII has been around a while and having had a chance to play it; there are a few things that I can say that I liked and didn’t like about it, Ys VIII introduced a lot of new elements to the game that really made the game stand out like the different characters Adol meets on aboard the ship, Lombardia.

Not long into the beginning of the game, Adol equips a powerful sword which he unfortunately doesn’t get to keep due to a giant squid attack that ravages the very ship he’s on sending him “sailing” to the bottom of the ocean. I sort of thought that Ys VIII would be a cut above the rest but it simply did not live up to certain expectations which caused a lot of complications in the game which brings me to doing my Ys VIII review.

A way better game than Ys VIII

I can remember when I first started playing Ys VIII, I was so excited about trying out the game that would, at least I thought, outdo Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim, but completely falls flat. I just felt that I couldn’t get into it and the reasons are many which I’ll talk about in my Ys VIII review like the characters, the “crowd pleasing”, exploiting enemy weaknesses and I’ll deliver my final verdict on the game.

Characters 1/10

There are numerous characters that’ll accompany Adol on his quest on ridding the island of the unwanted and find the rest of the Lombardia crew; each character have their own unique ability that’ll allow them to destroy certain enemies. This was the first thing I found that didn’t do the game any favors.

I was used to just using Adol but having other characters in battle complicates matters like everyone in the battle is stealing other characters’ kills which makes it more like a battle royale than an actual battle; I just really felt that putting my “extra” characters in defensive mode so Adol can get in hits or attack the enemies that he target was the only way to get some peace.

Laxia was my least favorite; typical nobility that tries to act all haughty and standoffish that end up in some kind of trouble or needing a favor, I just felt the game could’ve made Adol’s battle partner more passive than active because I feel that having several people in battle was a complete nightmare; I just felt like I couldn’t enjoy the game or really get into the story.

Enemy Weaknesses 8/10

Another aspect of my Ys VIII review that I want to discuss is the enemy weaknesses, I can say this is the first Ys game that allowed you to exploit enemy weaknesses which really made the game stand out and I actually like this part of the game because it made battles with enemies easier.

For example, Adol has the Slash type attribute that can really put a dent into an enemy that’s weak to the attribute and Laxia has the Shoot attribute which can deal lethal damage to the enemies that is allergic to that attribute. Ultimately, this is the only thing I rate so highly on because of the strategy that went into developing this aspect of the game.

See what I’m talking about?

In certain parts of the game, this aspect made killing several enemies a breeze especially ones that had more HP than my people, it was good to walk away the winner from many of those battles because the enemies were super strong; I mean, the HP of some of the enemies I fought were in the upper quadruple digits.

Overall, this part of the game is great for many gamers whose just playing the Ys series game for the first time; it is a great teaching tool exploiting enemy weaknesses.

3’s a crowd 1/10

Everyone’s heard the saying that 3’s a crowd and in this game that is especially true but I felt it was more of a hindrance than a help simply because everyone is stepping on everyone’s feet to kill that enemy that Adol is concentrating on, I dealt with enough in the game to get to a point where I didn’t want to be bothered with the game anymore.

I get that the game was more focused on teammates helping each other out but it turned into a several party member hack n’ slash. I always felt like putting my characters into defensive mode was always an option before I could get anything done in the game, it also felt like most of the other party members were doing most of Adol’s fighting for him.

To me, the game really took a hazardous plunge on getting a good rating in my Ys VIII review because I think it focused more employing other characters to aid Adol when Adol is just fine being his own one man army which worked a lot to many gamers’ favor

Verdict – Bad! 3/10

Most Ys games put you Adol’s driver seat and use him to wreak havoc on his enemies, but Ys VIII’s approach to this was very bad not to mention that it caused a lot of problems for both enemies and gamer alike. Each party member have their own set of abilities but it only works if they’re able to exploit their enemys’ weakness which you don’t get much of a chance to do in the game.

Also, while searching for the different people on the island, it becomes heir apparent that you will not have access to certain areas until you find a certain number of lost castaways. In Ys VI, Adol could pretty much go anywhere he wanted which was good because it gave you a chance to challenge what was possible with the enemies and what wasn’t; if you were outclassed then the enemy showed you that in a hurry.

Ultimately, Ys VIII was a terrible addition to the Ys series and hopefully the next Ys game will not repeat the “atrocities” that made this game tank; it had potential but several of the annoying aforementioned aspects of the game really made it easy to turn your back to it and leave it on the shelf which I advise you to do.


The Ys VIII review pointed out a lot of things that made the game decent enough to play but not good enough to finish mostly the “battle royale” of the party members, exploiting enemy weaknesses was a good aspect to have in the game but it did no good for gamers who couldn’t exploit those weaknesses. The 3’s a crowd aspect really tanked the game which the creators should’ve just left Adol as the one man army he’s known to be.

If you have any questions about my post then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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