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Published August 23, 2018

Have you ever been in your gaming zone and suddenly you’re hearing volumes of noise in your environment, do you ever just wish that you had a television in the other room or even a way for you to hear your in-game action and not just be able to see it?

The above scenarios are issues that gamers, myself included, face every single day especially if we’re gaming dads; I’ve always been a gamer with excellent hypersonic hearing ability, but that’s nothing compared to living with people who are making way more noise than you can put up with.

This is exactly how it’s like

So, what do you do when you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings but you’re tired of putting up with noise that’s not conducive to the game or that you’re not making yourself; Wireless noise canceling gaming headsets. The ultimate tool and, what I feel, is the holy grail of gaming accessories.

We gamers cannot help our living situation or the people we live with, but one thing we can help is the amount of atmospheric noise we choose to absorb; it gets to the point sometimes where turning up the television volume is a chore and simply pointless. So, without further ado, here’s 5 reasons why you should have a set of wireless noise canceling gaming headsets when you game.

Noise Overspill

Life gets busy as we gamers well know; we move into our own houses, apartments or play video games in our gaming den or our living room which is our gaming space. However, when people come into our ‘gaming space’ and watch their devices especially if the volume is up to max level, it becomes a competition of noise; a noise overspill if you will. Noise overspill is one of the biggest upsets to a gamer and a general reason why having wireless noise canceling gaming headsets is necessary, it’s no crime to enjoy the noise your game is making as long as your game is making the noise.

Wireless noise canceling gaming headsets might not be the ideal tool to get off the bat because other gaming accessories that take precedence, but if you want to stop being the victim of noise overspill then you’ll spend the money necessary and bring this aggravation to an end; it’s worth it!

Being able to hear voices in the game and not just hear sounds

Now, another thing that we gamers have come across is in-game dialogue that we sometimes cannot hear whether it is due to the game itself or people around us; ten times out of ten, we have to jack up the volume on the television just to hear said dialogue. I have a child who is so rambunctious and a spouse that loves her online entertainment and I can tell you from experience it’s no fun waiting until they’re both out of the area to enjoy my games.

Ultimately, this is more than enough of a valid reason why wireless noise canceling gaming headsets are necessary because even if you can hear the sounds and voices in some games, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to hear them all and that’s even if you’re at home alone.

Many of the indie games that have come out recently have had a sound deficit like Death’s Gambit for example, it’s like Sorum’s speech can be seen as nothing more than mumbling; upsetting if I do say so myself. Sometimes, and we gamers can all relate to this, an in-game character can be giving us a clue to something or somewhere and we miss it because we couldn’t hear it; if this isn’t more than enough reason to get some wireless noise canceling gaming headsets then I don’t know what is.

I could barely hear this!

Non-expensive accessory – go for either wireless or noise-canceling

Sometimes, buying extra gaming accessories might seem pointless or that “you’ll just deal with it” because you don’t want to spend the money especially if you’re holding money or don’t have enough of it to hold. Personally, I didn’t see a point in buying any wireless noise canceling gaming headsets until recently. The headsets are a non-expensive accessory that every gamer should spend money on.

Sometimes the problem lies in trying to find a gaming headset that is both noise canceling and wireless; you could spend hours trying to find that oh-so-perfect gaming headset and still come up short. Strive to buy a gaming headset that is either wireless or noise canceling; if you can’t find any that are both.

The only thing these guys can hear is the game; that what I want!

The gaming headset you buy doesn’t have to be expensive, but find one that is name brand and can cancel out noises; it’s worth looking into if that gaming headset can give you that in-game sound peace. If you’re looking to go the wireless route then buy all means do so; either way, you’ll want to make the investment at some point.

Sitting up on the television sucks

As a gamer, I know firsthand that sitting up on the television while gaming isn’t ideal for two reasons. The first, bad for our eyesight. Second, it doesn’t exactly change the fact that if we can’t hear our game over the noise in the room then sitting up on the television isn’t going to decrease the noise. No gamer should have to sit up on the television just to hear their in-game noise.

Get you some gaming headsets and do away with this nonsense!

Wireless noise canceling gaming headsets is definitely a must have to prevent this or quell it at the least because I can tell you that I’ve sat up on my 40 inch flat screen TV trying to hear and still couldn’t make head or tails of what was being said; I’m not a fan of loud noises when I game as I imagine no gamer is but it is exactly in times like these where I quote the following words: BUY YOUR GAMING HEADSET, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF!

If you don’t, you’ll be in worst shape than Kratos roughing in Niflheim; it is not fair that any gamer has to risk going blind or destroy their hearing just to be able to hear the in-game dialogue. No gamer should is what I say!

Makes gaming more enjoyable

The final reason and it sort of goes without saying, it, the wireless noise canceling gaming headset, just makes gaming more enjoyable. How many hours have you sat in front of your game wondering how you can become more immersed in the game or how you can make your gaming more enjoyable? Well, a wireless noise canceling gaming headset can make gaming more enjoyable; there’s nothing like being able to hear a Rocket Launcher blast through your gaming headset.

Or, being able to hear Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito’s Final Kamehameha in perfect sound harmony through those headsets and not having to blare the television just so you can hear it even though that’s already loud. Ultimately, gaming headsets of any kind will make gaming more enjoyable because the gaming sounds is all you hear which it should be that way anyway.

Personally, a wireless noise canceling gaming headset would really compliment a lot of the games that are on the rise especially the new Spiderman coming out two weeks and it would be good to enjoy the gameplay sounds through any gaming headsets.


Wireless noise canceling gaming headsets are among the best gaming accessories that a gamer can ever invest in and they come in handy when you want to control noise overspill or completely annihilate it altogether. Every gamer wants to be able to hear the voices in the game and not just the sounds. Although there are many great gaming headsets, it goes without saying that there are some relatively inexpensive wireless noise canceling gaming headsets that are just as good as the expensive ones.

Sitting up on the television sucks in many gamers’ eyes and having a wireless noise canceling headset would make gaming more enjoyable. If you have any questions or would like to leave me a comment regarding my post then by all means do and I’ll get back to you before the day is out. Thank you and Happy gaming






    • Agreed. I want to take this time to point out that I have the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset and they are worth 10x money earned, you not only feel like you’re in the game but you can adjust the headset to block out all unnecessary noises. Totally worth it!

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