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Published July 13, 2019

As you well know there are a lot of decks that are created in Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist including the Winged Beast deck, with the right cards, it is one of the most powerful decks you’ll ever own; in fact, its power rivals that of my Pendulum deck.

The potential of having a winged beast deck is practically infinite because of its ability to call out one winged beast after another. In particular, the Raidraptor deck. At first, you might be inclined to believe that you can’t do anything with these cards, but you’ll change your tune after you create a deck using them.

It’s easy to Synchro summon when you have a Winged Beast deck and even easier to get monsters on the field as you’re dueling; there’s a way to get access to other powerful cards in your deck, if you have them, with the use of two cards “eternal” but I’ll revisit that later. Incidentally, using winged beasts are easier than using a deck of Insect monsters.

The rationale, Insect monsters have little to no bite; the strongest of the Insect monsters in Insect Queen and she requires a sacrifice of a monster to attack which limits her ability to be of value of any kind. I’ll discuss that along with why you need a deck of winged beasts when you’re playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist, the Raidraptor Rank Up cards, and I’ll discuss my personal tips with you. So, without further ado, let’s move right along into…….

Winged Beast vs. Insect Deck

Winged Beast vs. Insects, there’s hardly a parallel to be drawn between the two entities; with winged beasts, you’d have access to dozens of monsters in a heartbeat whereas with the Insect deck, you can quickly become an annoyance to your opponent and make them lose life points at a strategic rate if that makes any sense.

However, I want it to go on the record that you’re still better off getting a Winged Beast deck only because you’ll never be completely defenseless and you can appreciate the quickness at which you can get these guys on the field.

What you can appreciate about an Insect deck is that there are a lot of strong monsters that you can summon that’ll give you the ability to strong arm your opponent into submission but at the end of the day, you need more than strength to win, you’ll also need numbers and that’s where the Winged Beast deck comes in.

Don’t ever combine the two because you’re going to end up with a real mess on your hands as far as getting monsters out on the field. The last thing you want to do is destroy any chance you have at getting a monster on the field when its your turn.

Why you need a Winged Beast deck if you’re playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist

The biggest overall reason why you need a Winged Beast deck when you play Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is because staying on the offensive is the number one goal, and there’s your reason. Don’t look at it like you don’t have a choice in the matter, look at it like you’re making a choice between being ordinary or extraordinary. The winged beast that you’ll have access to will keep monsters on your field which I personally like because I am a duelist who doesn’t like to be left open or vulnerable.

Also, I want it to go on the record that you’re never likely to come out of any duel empty-handed especially when you play with Raidraptors in your Winged Beast deck because the best trait about the Raidraptors is that they’re birds of a feather that flock together which is something you’re going to want to welcome because it is through these monsters that you know the true meaning of togetherness.

Raidraptor Rank Up cards

I fell in love with these the moment I read their description, they can do everything from raise your Raidraptor monsters from the graveyard to leveling them up to their ultimate form; the Raidraptor monster cards can also be used in conjunction with the Rank Up Magic Astral Force card.

Each Raidraptor Rank Up card has its own unique ability and what it can do for you and your feathered flock. It goes without saying that Raidraptor monsters are better off being evolved immediately and what I mean by that is that if you get your hands on a Raidraptor monster and you get a Raidraptor rank up card, use it; you’ll be thankful you did because your new monster will be able to run your opponent into the ground, you want that.

Also, I found that you make your opponent monsterless very quickly because no matter what happens with one monster, there’ll be another to pick up where that one left off. Ultimately, no matter how many Winged Beasts you have in a deck, you’re going to want to have Raidraptor monsters because they will definitely come in handy.

Trust me, ignore them not, use them and you’ll know two things: One, victory and two, dozens upon dozens of duel points to be used to get more cards.

My personal tips

Remember how I said earlier that I’d revisit the topic of getting other powerful monsters on the field with two cards “eternal”, the card(s) in particular that I’m talking about is Raidraptor Satellite Cannon Falcon and Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon.

You see, the aforementioned monsters are the key to summoning numbers, 35, 84 and 77 in my winged beast deck. Now, I want it to go on the record that 35 and 84 are insect monsters and number 77 is a fiend monster. With the Rank Up Magic Astral Force, you’ll be able to summon numbers 35, 84 and 77.

Now for my personal tips, and you better believe that the rules are quite different than what you remember about summoning specific numbers which allow you to break certain rules. The first, definitely put numbers 35, 84, and 77 in your Winged Beast Deck. You’ll want to because you’re going to be able to summon them on a moment’s notice. Trust me.

Second, experiment using all 3 monsters; it’s okay to feel confused about whose stronger but strength doesn’t matter in this situation because they’re all Lv.10+ monsters so you know their life points are going to be in the upper 4ks.

Third, don’t ever hesitate to use Raidraptor Satellite Cannon Falcon and Ultimate Falcon to summon the aforementioned numbers because you’ll really be playing with power when your opponent can’t stop you from taking their life points. Mind my tips always and you’ll never be left wanting.


Having a Winged Beast deck is way better than having an Insect deck because the Winged Beasts are more about numbers and the Insects are all about strength and whittling down your opponents’. I want it to go on the record that raidraptor rank up magic cards should be kept in your side deck for future use and experimentation.

So, what do you think of my post, are you for or against winged beasts, or do you think an insect deck has more potential? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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