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Published January 20, 2018

God of War III, as many well know, first came out on the PS3 March 16, 2010; it was a game that many looked forward to. Fast forward 5 years, 3 months and 29 days; God of War III Remastered came out on the 14th of July, 2015.
God of War and Remastered

Incidentally, it can be argued vehemently that God of War III and its remastered version are technically the same game; they are. However, it is without question that the remastered version has one advantage over the original; gamers have more access to the game than just what they’ve known or have come to know.
There is something to be said about having more than one way to access a game and that is this, it is a great feeling especially if you’re in love with the game; take it from someone who has 2 downloaded copies of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and the game disk copy for the PS3. Having said that, here’s why you should download or buy God of War III Remastered.

Easy Access and a Back Up

One reason why you should download or buy God of War III Remastered is because of the easy access on the PS4 hard drive which the PS3 version did not provide. Case in point, if you bought the God of War III game disk for your PS3; you only had access to that game disk and whatever file was on your hard drive.

God of War 3

This was as good as it got!

Many God of War III owners knew how difficult it was to play the game if the game disk was scratched which lead to loading problems. Playstation Store does not nor have they ever had a digital copy of the PS3 version.

God of War 3 Remastered

The great thing about the Remastered version, if you have it downloaded to your PS4, keeping your fingers crossed or praying that the game would work after cleaning it is no longer a concern. Personally, I downloaded God of War III Remastered to my PS4 last night. My rationale, in case the PS3 version of the game or the console itself stops working or die; consider it a back up plan. Oh, and the Playstation Store DOES have a copy of God of War III Remastered.

Loving the Game is Easy

God of War is a game that is so easy to fall in love with which is why many people buy it, it marks the end of a great era in Kratos’ life. You could argue that it was not the best game in the series and think that the reason why you should download or buy God of War III Remastered is because other people say otherwise.

God of War III Remastered

However, it is enough to say that God of War III Remastered is a game that is necessary for the PS4 on account of two reasons. One, gamers who got a PS4 out the starting gate i.e. their first game system especially those getting into and falling in love with the series. Two, the gamer can download the game directly from the Playstation Store using the store cards.

Timeless Adventures Revisited

I don’t know if you consider going after Helios, ripping his off and using it to find the hidden in-game chests as a reason why you should download or buy God of War III Remastered; the godly possessions are more than enough reason for me. Ultimately, everything about God of War III is timeless and should be preserved forevermore. Also, it is a game that is easy to come by and even easier to obtain; the adventure aspect of the game is more than enough.

God of War 3 Remastered

The reason I keep coming back!

I remember when I got all ten godly possessions especially Hercules’ Shoulder Guard; it was a feeling of accomplishment that I’ll never forget. I also remember my game skipping and stopping at the Olympian Citadel where I was chasing Hermes; so far I haven’t had or detected any skips or lags in the game which could stand reason that the remastered version improved on.

Many have argued that the game is a pointless addition to the PS4 family. Well to those people I say this, “don’t judge a book by its cover because the cover is the same of the 1st edition” Keep an open mind!

Graphics and other stuff don’t matter


This doesn’t matter, can you play the game; that’s what does!

I’ve heard many gamers say that the graphics is better on the remastered version for the PS4 than on the original for the PS3, and I’m going to say right now that graphics and other stuff should not be the be all end all of why you should download or buy God of War III Remastered. Incidentally, it is and has always been about preserving a good game for years to come. One of the hardest things to do to a video game is to immortalize it.

Mega Man 5

Mega Man 5 was a great game even though it didn’t look life like!

Don’t make the habit of missing out on this game because of the graphics and other non complacent stuff; even the suckiest game is preserved in amber by gamers by choice. For example, Ghost Rider, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, 007 Everything or Nothing; some people will argue that the graphics in those games were terrible but they were good games all the same.

Not a day goes by where I am regretful about the decision to get God of War III Remastered even though it is the same as the original but so what, it’s a quantum leap to expect anything less.


The game

God of War III Remastered might be a ‘more or less’ better upgrade of the original but graphics matter not one bit as long as you have a game that is worth preserving. Kratos’ timeless adventures is something that the gamer can look forward to playing all the way through without any skips or lag.

Loving a game is easy and so is accessing it, Playstation Store has made it possible for gamers to get access to the game without any hardship, it is the perfect back up when the PS3 and the God of War III made for it crashes, get destroyed or just stops working.

If you have any questions or comments about my posts or just want to tell me what you think then please let me know and I’ll respond to you before the day is out.







  1. EvaldEvald

    Hey Rodney 😉

    God of War 3 is truly an amazing game & one that is totally worth revisiting! The first thing that stands out for me with GoW 3 Remastered is of course the graphics! Back in the day it looked gorgeous on ps3 but remastered on PS4 brings this tiltle to native 1080p 60FPS & it looks fantastic! Attention to detail is insane in this game, a stunning technical showcase!
    It is awesome that there is digital version for this game for those that do prefer digital copies of the games 😉 The gameplay of GoW 3 is the same as we know & love 😉 Game is very rich in gameplay mechanics area :)) It’s fun! Soundtrack is top notch as well 😉
    Keep up the good work 😉

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Evald, I appreciate the compliment. I can recall several gamers, all across the internet, complaining that they were having trouble getting God of War III to work on PS3; that is why it is ideal and recommended that gamers download it for the PS4 because they will not only get a quality game on a visually appealing flat screen but they can play the game over and over again without the complication and age of the gaming console i.e. the PS3.

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