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Published November 2, 2017

Any gamer that has played Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time are aware of the fact that there are additional loot and field treasure that can be collected like loot you pickpocket from common enemies. Many gamers, myself included, have come across certain loot items and seek to put off getting it until after collecting the clue bottles.

Interestingly, the tips for retrieving field loot and treasures is not only simple but a practical cakewalk if you pay attention to the signs or the surrounding environment. There are specific things that will provide you with the means of getting that field loot or treasure such as a catapult, a special ability or even a good sprint.

Sly 2

Rail sliding to victory!

There were times when I used to say “I’ll come back for this treasure later” but there were times when I would forget where that treasure is and I asked myself, why put off for later what you can do or get now; if you see a treasure then get it because there’s a good chance that you won’t remember where it is later or won’t be able to get it. Here are my tips for retrieving field treasure and loot in Sly 2 and 4.

Local vs. Faraway

In Sly 2 and 4, there are treasures that are near the hideout (easiest) vs. treasures that are faraway from the hideout (hard). If you see a treasure, use the L3 button/Analog Stick by pressing it in to see how far you are from the hideout based on where you are standing at present. This’ll help you calculate exactly how to go about getting the treasure/loot back to the hideout.

Sly 2

The Crystal Chalice is a little far from the hideout.

One of my tips for retrieving field loot and treasures is that if it’s near the hideout, take the high road i.e. clothesline, telephone line etc. The reason, it’ll keep you away from enemies and you’ll be less likely to run into enemies, get attacked while trying to make your way back to the hideout with the treasure which isn’t easy by any means.

I’ve found that if the treasure is faraway from the hideout then the best way to get it to the hideout is to draw a straight line from where you are with the treasure and your distance from the hideout. Doing this will better help you calculate how to avoid enemies on that long run back to the hideout.

Sly 2

Use the Landscape

You know, its hard to leave a good item where it is because its too difficult to keep the item safe while outrunning your enemies. Another one of the tips for retrieving field loot and treasures is to use the landscape which is not a hardship if you’re using Sly to get the treasures who he is better at it than Bentley and Murray.

Sly 4

Running on a tightrope or a rooftop is ideal because most enemies will not bother trying to run after you; enemies especially since Sly has the advantage of speed on the roof and the concrete. In Sly 4 In 10,000 B.C. there are green turtle catapults that are stationed at different points in the open world.

Use the turtle, that’s a part of the landscape, to get propelled to extreme heights in the air which will allow you to get the treasure and needed air time. Don’t be afraid to jump off of hills and platforms because it will often lead back to the hideout or put you as close to it as possible so you can get the treasure into the hideout and get money for it.

Ace in the Hole

Sly Cooper

The greatest piece of advice that I can give you about getting the treasures back to the hideout and/or retrieving them from their locations is use the paraglider; the ace in hole! The Paraglider is going to get you and that treasure back to the hideout faster 9 times out of 10. Coincidentally, the best way to ensure success using the paraglider is to get some altitude just before you use it.

Get up, press the paraglider button which is R1 and glide downward; you’ll get closer to the hideout as you come down the higher up in the air you are. There’s no reason to put off getting a treasure or field loot later if you have the tools to get it back to the hideout right now.

Don’t put off getting that treasure now if you can avoid it because the money you’ll make from that treasure may clench the possibility of you buying that special move which could help you out even more. Trust me, don’t start any mission until you buy the paraglider when it becomes available because you will need it; I guarantee it. The paraglider is one of THE best ways to retrieve field loot and treasures.

Use your Special Abilities

Hardly an understatement, your special abilities can be used to retrieve field loot and treasures. For example, the Sabertooth Skull treasure can be easily gained and ran back to the hideout by using Sly’s Rail Sprint ability which can be used on any vine or rail by pressing and holding the R1 button.

Sly 2

Use Sly’s Smoke/Flash Bombs to distract your enemies so you can get that treasure back to the hideout for a quick cash in, L1 button lets you toss out the bomb. This is one of my best tips for retrieving treasure and field loot.


Despite the fact that the field loot and treasures can be a little tough to get, you have a better chance of doing it using Sly’s special abilities and starting with the local treasures and field loot first versus trying to concentrate on those that are faraway from the hideout.

The paraglider is a major help when striving to get treasures back to the hideout; the paraglider is your ace in the hole and should not be used sparingly, it should be abused heavily. There’s no reason to put off for later what you can do now especially if you have the means to get it done right now.

If you like my post then get at me and leave me a comment or just tell me what you think; I’m interested in hearing from you and I’ll respond to you within the hour.





  1. Mariah Mariah

    Wow, sounds like you know these games like the back of your hand. I have never played a sly cooper game but it sounds pretty fun. From your article, I’m getting the notion that it’s an open world game where you basically explore, fight enemies and try to find lots of treasure. It reminds me a little of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

    Of course I could be way off, haha. I think I will have to check out this game sometime. When I do, I will come back to your article and make sure to use all the tips and get as much treasure as I can!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Awesome Mariah, that’s why its there. Also, I don’t think you’re way off about your comparison between Breath of the Wild and Sly Cooper; both are open world games and enemies out in plain sight and yeah there’s even a little treasure to find here and there so you’re definitely right on. Try out Sly Cooper and tell me exactly what you think and if I can help you in any way then feel free to message me.

  2. joshua collins joshua collins

    Thanks for sharing these tips on collecting loot, I only just brought the game a week ago and this is something I have been trying to wrap my head around as getting loot was quite challenging. 

    Out of the tips you have mentioned with one would you recommend I’m thinking of sticking to one tip/strategy so would be good to hear which one you feel is the most effective?

    Thanks again for the tips,


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Well as far as collecting loot, I suggest that you get the ones farthest from the hideout and have your hideout waypoint in plain view so you don’t have to stop and ping the waypoint; getting loot back to the hideout makes it so you don’t have to spend extra time trying to get money to buy gadgets. 

  3. kaeyoes kaeyoes

    Where do you find this game?  Is this on Steam?  It looks like so much fun!

    Thank you!  I love all these hints you put out here for us!  I have to try this game and I have to get my kids to try it.  Depending on which kid, they like things like Banjo and Cazooey and Assassin’s Creed.  They really like their games 🙂 

    Thank you for your help with games 🙂

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank you Kaeyoes, I appreciate the compliment and you can get the game on That’s why I make the tips and strategies that I do because I know you and people like you and your kids will benefit from them as I have. Besides, we gamers have to stick together and that’s what I’m all about helping gamers.

  4. Jurgen Jurgen

    My son is a big fan of Sly 4 as he plays it every time he’s allowed to play on his ps3.

    Sometimes I sit next to him and he hands me the controller, just so he can laugh at how bad I am. 🙂 Now I’ve read your tips, I’m gonna surprise him the next time we play. Thanks!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      No problem Jurgen, I’m aspiring to teach my son how to play video games too but he’s just doesn’t seem to into them right now but I’m glad I could help. I love Sly 4; I’ve gotten every clue bottle on every stage HQ and I have a little tip for you. When looking for the clue bottles, start high which means get on the highest peak overlooking the land and get the bottles atop structures first. Then get on the rooftop and get the ones on mid-level like on rooftops or on top of buildings. Finally, get the ones on the ground. The whole point of this is to round up the clue bottles without spending all day trying to figure out which ones you missed. Give ’em hell buddy.

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