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Published September 23, 2017

Yugioh games​ have been around since 1998 and despite the fact that there were some yugioh games that did not quite appeal to some gamers, including myself, there are some good one worth playing. However, if you play yugioh games online then you have a pretty fair grasp of the game. Incidentally, not every gamer feel that the games are even worth the hard work and trouble. Personally, I’ve been a Yugioh fan since the beginning and I have a few of the games and I love them. Especially since I’m working to get my hands on these treasures…


Although some Yugioh games can get quite tedious, it is without question one of the most strategic games that a person will ever play. There are other reasons why gamers should play Yugioh games.

The Cards

One of the greatest and best reasons why I play Yugioh games is because of the cards; the monsters, spell and trap cards have the most interesting and, in some cases, humorous special abilities in the game. The yugioh trap cards are my favorite to use in the game like Seven Tools of the Bandit, Commander of Swords and Torrential Tribute to name a few.

A particular reason why gamers should play Yugioh games is because there are so many cards and so few ways to collect them all; the card collection alone is more than worth playing the game for. Also, the cards can be used to build combos especially if there are monsters of a specific element that can be used to summon other monsters or cards. Take for example these little beauties….

Yugioh                                                       Yugioh

Acquiring these cards is not hard at all, but once gamers get them, they’ll be able to unleash a bevy of Dragonic Fury on their opponents. Some of the yugioh rare cards are a little harder to obtain in some of the games, but the work toward getting them is worth it. Ultimate power knows no equal!

Teaches Strategy

What makes many of the Yugioh games so addictive or possibly brain teasing is the pure strategy of the game; I encourage gamers to give Yugioh games a try so they can experience what it means to try to win with a crappy hand i.e. one monster and 3 or 4 yugioh spell cards or trap cards.

The game teaches strategy and how to use that strategy to crush your opponent so they’ll have no choice but to either defend with a weaker monster or end their turn without throwing any cards face down or any monsters in defense mode. An example of this is when your opponent plays a spell or a trap card with a continuous effect such as these…


Cards like these game help will gamers build the ultimate deck which is both fun and entertaining. However, gamers will also discover that cards in the game have a weakness. The game will help gamers strategize and use their cards so their opponent do not get the opportunity to use the cards’ weakness against their owners which has happened to me on more than one occasion.


A secondary reason that gamers should play Yugioh games is because the in game rewards gamers believe it or not, I currently have these two games…

Yugioh Gx                            Yugioh

Gamers will really enjoy the fact that the games reward gamers for their triumph in duels but also for participating in certain story mode activities such as going to school/class and talking as well as dueling duelists on campus. While the duels can be time consuming, I assure you that you won’t mind when you’re dying to summon that new monster you’ve acquired from your last opponent.

Despite the fact that there are yugioh duelist roses cheats for the game Yugioh Duelist of the Roses, the rewards are worth the trouble and gamers will see that when they play Yugioh games. From my perspective, playing Yugioh games have done wonders for my strategy building skills which I use to strategize in other games as well.

One of the other benefits of playing the Yugioh games is that there is always going to be something to learn or something else to learn in a duel in the game; an example is when a duelist you’ve dueled 10-12 times give you a card and their deck recipe which you can freely copy; I don’t recommend copying the recipe though.

Playing other characters in the game

Being able to play the yugioh characters is another reason why gamers should play Yugioh games because the cards that the gamer get from those iconic characters are among the most powerful in the game and will no doubt be more than a match for any card that any duelist plays. Dueling iconic greats such as Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, Yugi Moto to name a few. One of the best cards to get is the yugioh stardust dragon, its special ability is handy if your opponent is trying to target it for destruction.


An added bonus of playing characters in the game is that the gamer will see how the characters duels and see their moves and come up with counters easily.

The game is all about trial and error, no duelist wins several times in a row without a loss; besting an iconic duelist from the yugioh-verse will more than prove that the gamer is ready to duel and destroy duelists from any class or rank.


Yugioh games have gotten a lot of good and bad press over the years, but one thing is for certain that more gamers should play Yugioh games because it is one of the most entertaining games in the video game realm for one. Secondly, it teaches gamers how to strategize and set up their deck so they can be ready for their opponent and their opponent’s monsters.

Overall, if gamers are looking for a game that will keep them coming back for more then they should definitely download or buy Yugioh games because there’s no greater motivator to win than the heart of the cards guiding you.



  1. My kids were fans of video games and I have been fans of many types of games over the past. I must bookmark this site for them to check out some of your Reviews here, you have quite alot to offer.

    What I must say about this Yugioh game and what I do like is the fact it is strategy play. Good info on this so thanks.

  2. Sharon Whyte Sharon Whyte

    My kids were fans of video games and I have been fans of many types of games over the past.  I must bookmark this site for them to check out some of your Reviews here, you have quite alot to offer.

    What I must say about this Yugioh game and what I do like is the fact it is strategy play.  Good info on this so thanks.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank you Sharon for your compliment and feedback, I have another review I did on another Yugioh game as well; in fact, I have the link  – https://strategiesforactionadv… 

      Check that out and tell me what you think. Also, I want it to go on the record that I’ve been playing strategy games forever and I love them because they teach you how to think outside the box and think critically. That’s why I love them and I appreciate you bookmarking my site; there’s a lot more on there including present day titles such as Dragon Quest XI and Mega Man 11.

  3. Nate Nate

    Cool review. I haven’t played any yugioh games yet, but I really enjoy strategy games so I’ll try some of them for sure. I generally like video games more, but those cards look like sweet collectors items. Which games do you recommend I start with, and what’s your favorite yugioh game to play. 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Nate, I’m glad you asked because my favorite Yugioh game to play is Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist on PS4. I have created my own card decks and I have a lot of strategies that you can use to build yours. Check out my link here https://strategiesforactionadv

      Also, get your hands on some of the cards as well. I have a whole binder full of them and in alphabetical order especially the Number cards; they’re great to use and can turn the tide in any duel. 

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