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Published September 25, 2017

Action and Adventure games are the heart of the video game world, it is imperative to gamers to know exactly how to handle every situation that they might encounter in those action adventure games especially in ps3 action adventure games. More times than not, gamers know that there is one major enemy for every 10 minor enemies and that big enemy is usually a boss; that boss usually requires the use of your deadliest weaponry for you to prevail!

Coincidentally, there are ways of dealing with “complications” (for lack of a better term) in gaming today and one video games tip I use when I play action/adventure games is always aim for an enemy’s weak spot; you’ll deal 2x normal damage. Also, you’ll likely score a critical hit if you’re using a powerful weapon. Check out my other tips.

Only use your big gun in emergency situations

In many games especially in action adventure games, there are video gaming situations such as enemy rampage or getting surrounded from all sides by enemies where gamers find themselves stuck with almost no way or saving their best weapon for the boss. To that I say this, use your big gun in those emergency situations because there’ll always be weapon reloads or uses that you’ll get when you destroy your enemies.

Exhibit A – Resident Evil 4

An example of this is in the game resident evil 4, your Shotgun/Riot Gun and Mine Thrower are considered big guns; using them to get out of emergency situations such as enemy overload is completely warranted. Do this or you could find yourself on the end of your enemy’s wrath! What you use now, you’ll get back later on.

Use Everything You Got At Your Disposal

In games like God of War and Max Payne, enemies can become a problem if and when they call other enemies or reinforcements to help them out against you. Use everything you got at your disposal to end your enemies be it magic or a grenade launcher because holding on to your most powerful weapons will do you no good if you’re dead; there’s no such things as holding back for a rainy day if you need right away.

Magic in all the right places – God of War II

Jak II ps2 is a shining example that using everything you got can be lifesaving especially when you are up to your neck in Metal Heads who can surround you quickly, it is imperative that you use everything including your innate dark powers to destroy your enemies. In these types of games, there’ll always be ways to refill your weapon and/or energy supply so don’t worry about running out or not having anything left.

Jak II – Dark Bomb

Master Combos

Many games such as in star wars episode 3 revenge sith ps2 require gamers to master combos in order to be effective in battle. Make your obligatory duty to learn and master combos in action and adventure games that have them because not only will you get more into the game, but you’ll be able to create your own combos as well.

In the star wars the force unleashed for ps2, I developed a combo known as the Electric Seeker Slam which is done by pressing Square x 3, Triangle x 2 and Circle; the prerequisite for learning this combo is that you must have the Sith Seeker before you pull it off. However, that does not mean that you can’t aspire to create other combos before then because you can.

Starkiller owning – Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS2

Don’t Be Perfect

Arguably, the best feeling in the world when playing action/adventure games is the fact that you got everything in the game which could be said is a sign of perfection. My advice, don’t be perfect; its not worth it and it destroys your gameplay and gaming experience. If you miss something on a level that you can’t revisit until next game, it’s no love lost; just move on and whatever you’re missing you’ll more than likely not use it even more if its value depreciates i.e. a weaker weapon.

Perfectionism in action/adventure games can drive a gamer mad and cause them to give up on that game. For example, I’m currently working on Final Fantasy X-2 and even though the final fantasy 10 2 walkthrough tells you how to find everything along with getting every single percentage point, it’s not worth being perfect and getting the 100%; enjoying the game is perfection not getting every single thing in the game.

Perfection is for the birds!

Now vs. Later

Certain action/adventure games make has enemies placed in areas where the gamer has to get past those enemies in order to advance. However, there’s a little trick to that. If you see your enemies at a distance, you can take care of them now or at that point in the game so you won’t have to deal with them later; this can make a big difference when you’re trying to conserve health.

Gamers will likely encounter this in action/adventure games like max payne 2 ps2 where this lifesaving tip can help the gamer conserve ammo as well; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ponder what would happen if you’re low on health and bullets. If you see a gang of enemies clustered in one spot, you could throw a grenade or any incendiary object to destroy all of them; it never pays to put off for later what you can do right now. Remember that.

Now they won’t be there on the return trip!


Action/adventure games are among the best games to play whether if it’s for the reason of blowing off steam after a hard day or settling a score, but as long as the gamer concentrate on not being perfect and using everything at their disposal then they will have the necessary tools to play and beat any action/adventure game. Of course, using your big gun in emergency situations can make the game more fun and more challenging too.

At the end of the day, taking care of certain enemies now vs. later will better prepare you for anything the game throws at you including anything that the boss has too; taking the time to master combos will also help with handling enemies too.


  1. Danny Danny

    This was a very interesting article. I’ve never seen an article like it, which kept me reading until the very end. I can tell that you have a good amount of gaming experience; it shows in your writing. I’m not huge into video games, I was more so back a few years, but was never hugely into them. However, I loved reading your article and learning some things from the gaming world.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Danny, I appreciate the compliment. I always make it my life’s work to throw myself into my games then later the posts I make on those games and if we’re being honest, video games are my life, my soul. Plus, I feel it is my obligatory duty to provide something for the audience not just something they can use but something that they can really connect with especially if they’ve played the game before. I like your feedback and its very much appreciated.

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