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Published March 15, 2019

I’ve been playing video games for the last 30 years and I’ve mastered many a technique and strategy in many of the games I played, it goes without saying that video games have done more than just entertain me; it made me the pro gaming genius that I am today.

Starting out, I used to play a lot of my games with strategy guides; I get a new game, I play it with the strategy guide and beat it. Then, I’d replay the game in the not too far future and play it without the guide just to see how much of that knowledge I’ve actually manage to retain.

Nowadays, I play many of my games without guides and formulate my own strategies which is actually the idea behind this project. There are gamers out there who are still playing games, retro and current so am I for that matter.

I was just playing Ninja Gaiden 3 on NES and I managed to actually beat the game; the game has a lot of rough spots that requires a cheat here and there.


The only one I used was the infinite lives cheat, and the invincibility cheat every now and then. What I learned over the past 30 years is that sometimes to beat a game or that game, you don’t need to level grind or super powered weapons; you just need your own gaming genius but more importantly, a strategy.

Sometimes the real strategy is as simple as going to the options menu and changing the amount of lives or difficulty of the game but some games require a little more than that, but strategy comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

This project, this post, and everything in it, is everything that has brought me to the video gamer greatness that I am and now I share these tips and strategies with you. So without further ado, let’s kick things off with……

The true name of the project

Now, picking out a name for my video game project was not a hardship in the least only because I have imagination when it comes to creation or creating something from nothing. So I wanted to come up with a great name for my project and I have.

The true name of my project is R.J’s Video Game Life Hacks. An interesting fact about the name. Video game life hacks are simply small things that might seem out of the ordinary, but are actually different ways of playing a video game.

For example, using a weapon with very little ammo or using a weapon with a dark power that comes with a one hit kill. You think doing something unorthodox to get results.

The video game life hacks in this post will seem simple while others might seem just flat out pointless but are needed nonetheless. So now let’s move onto…..


The games and consoles

So I was trying to figure out which console to start with, but I decided that I’m going to do something a little untraditional, go out of order accordingly, but the information will come out exactly the same.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Find every treasure chest in every area along with the keys. Pay close attention to any and all clues you’re given when you look at your skills on the skill menu when you enter that area.

If you use Gwendolyn’s Freeze Lance skill, use an Elixir beforehand so you don’t get interrupted using it.Image result for odin sphere leifthrasir ps4 elixir

Use each character’s ultimate attack to deliver the coup de grace i.e. final strike on their respective Armageddon boss.

Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Don’t use rapid fire when you’re using your gun on the descendant zombies

When you’re in an area full of snipers, take out the nearest sniper first then work your way around the room taking out the other snipers.

Never use a Shotgun unless you really have to.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Use the Crossbow weapon on the scarecrows in Shambhala

Image result for Uncharted 2 crossbow

Watch Lazarevic and the routes he takes when he’s chasing you. The rationale, you won’t have to run around the entire area to get away from him and detonate whatever resin is nearby. You just have to detonate resin that he runs by on his ‘usual route’. Pay attention!

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

When you deal with enemies with Riot Shields, shoot their gun hand or the hand they’re shooting with because that deals damage to them; you can get away with using a grenade as well.

*Universal rule of three when playing any Uncharted game

1. Always use a Rocket and/or Grenade Launcher until the ammo is gone.

2. Always shoot enemies in the head for instant kills.

3. Search every corner of every area for treasure for it hides everywhere

God of War

Buy and abuse the Countering Blast move, practice it because perfecting it will become necessary; trust me!

Tales of Zestiria

Take the time to armatize after learning Armatization from Lailah; armatize in battle (L1) as your gauge will let you.

Uncharted Lost Legacy

Make it a point to get the Queen’s Ruby on Chapter 4 – The Western Ghats, by finding all 11 tokens on the chapter.

Explore your surroundings for any puzzles and clues to puzzles so as to find other treasures.

God of War III Remastered

Save and use your Rage of Sparta on the Cyclops enemies.


Set Markers on your map in places you cannot access yet so you’ll know where to return to later.

Pay attention to the various murals and background pictures because they’ll help you out if you need a clue to solve the puzzle to which the clue hints at.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Don’t kill any of the “chosen” characters you rescue because you will need their power to make it to the endgame.

To begin Nightmare Mode, start a new game on a separate file i.e. file 2. You’ll be able to use your powers to get up to all of the hidden paths that you were forced to ignore when you came thru with just Zangetsu on the first run.

Final Fantasy XV

When you find the Royal Arms, use them! Don’t ignore them because of their 1% HP penalty curse. The Royal Arms are powerful especially Blade of the Mystic, Sword of the Father, Mace of the Fierce and my secondary favorite, Scepter of the Pious!

Use the Star of the Rogue and Bow of the Clever on flying enemies i.e. bee enemies, it causes them great pain!

Dragon Quest XI

Kill enemies that you either run by or thru or that appear near or even nearby, your skill sets will thank you.

Use the Fun Forge to make the majority of the weapons via recipes you find, its okay to buy a weapon or armor piece from the shops as long as you can afford them. Just don’t make that your go to when you need new weapons and armor; the high expense builds quickly. Consider yourself warned.

Save up your skill points to get two or more abilities in different skill sets, you can spend your points right away but you’re encouraged to save them up.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Do the main mission after doing all of the side missions and other pre-main mission stuff like taking pictures of landmarks.

Mega Man 11

Anytime you die on a level and you’ve accumulated a lot of bolts, return to Dr. Light’s Laboratory to see what you can buy from the store.

Dragonball Fighter Z

Try to memorize the moves of each fighter you use; it’ll build momentum and you get more into the game.

Darksiders III

Anytime you get a new hollow power, return to previous areas to uncover secrets and help stray humans.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Be mindful of your grapple hooking getting from place to place, you can still fall to your death if you’re not careful

Devil May Cry 5

Search the environment for Devil Breakers for Nero, leave no stone unturned; they’re powerful and can help you out only if you’re willing to put in the effort to find and utilize them.

Buy things from Nico’s shop as you see fit but as in the previous Devil May Cry games before it, concentrate on buying the Blue Orbs first but try not to make them your primary focus. In fact, save up and don’t start buying anything from Nico’s shop until before you start Mission 3.

Get to know your weapons and their abilities, use them because they’ll come in handy overtime.

This probably goes without saying, but don’t red-orb grind, it’s pointless and overall just a waste of time; play the game as it’s supposed to be, on your merit.

Search every piece of land for Blue Orb Fragments, I mean really tear up the landscape because they’re likely to hide in plain sight; they’re sitting on a stand out in the open this time around so they’re not hiding behind an building etc.

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist

Sometimes you’ll face opponents with strong decks with strong cards, construct a deck that’ll work to destroy a specific card(s) Ex. Counter traps to shut down spell cards with damaging effects or using light monster deck against a dark monster deck etc.

Ratchet and Clank

When you’re looking for the very first card on Veldin in the Ranger’s obstacle course, be thorough because if you’re not then you’ll have to start a new game so you can try to find it again.

Sega Genesis

Phantasy Star 4

Hold down the strike button to score a critical hit when you attack the enemy; it may not work all the time but it’ll increase your chances of it happening in the next battle, when you attack the next enemy or when you’re attacking that same enemy.

After you get Elysdeon, return to Rykros and head to the Anger Tower which, from the Courage Tower, is to the southwest.

Before your fight with the Profound Darkness, you’ll be given the choice of taking one character with you into battle. Take Raja, his healing powers and Ataraxia spell will make your party gods.

Within the game, there are combo attacks that you can do to take your enemies out in style. Case in point, there are 14 combos in all and they are these:

Negatis + (Gi, Na)Gra = Black Hole

(Gi, Na)Wat + (Gi, Na)Zan/Hewn = Blizzard

HiJammer + Tandle = Circuit Breaker

(Gi, Na)Wat + Tandle = Conduct Thunder

Deban + Megid + Legeon + Postiron Bolt = Destruction

(Gi, Na)Foi/Flaeli + (Gi, Na)Zan/Hewn = Fire Storm

Efess + Crosscut = Grand Cross

Savol + Diem = Holocaust

Death + Illusion = Lethal Image

Rayblade + Astral = Paradin Blow

HolyWord + Efess = Purify Light

Burstroc + (Gi, Na)Foi/Flaeli = Shooting Star

Phonomezer + Airslash = Silent Wave

Wat + Tsu + Foi = Triblaster


Your sword can do more than just attack, it can deflect projectiles from enemies so keep that in mind too.

Shining Force II

Make sure everyone get a turn in battle so they are the same level.

Castlevania Bloodlines

When you’re using Eric Lecarde, you can destroy enemies on both sides of you by press and holding the attack button then pressing left and right on the d-pad.

John’s Whip can hook into the “ceiling” of a platform and can be used to swing into enemies.

Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master

Go to the options menu. Next, go to the music option and press A on the following tracks; He Runs, Japonesque, Shinobi Walk, Sakura and Getufu. If done right, you’ll be invincible when the game starts.

Reduce your Shurikens to 0, doing this now means that you’ll be able to use your sword infinitely until you make the choice to pick up some Shurikens which you shouldn’t.

Use your Fushin jitsu on the first half of Level 6, Traps. The reason, you’ll need the extra jumping height to stay ahead of the falling blocks.

Block enemy attacks by press and holding A button. You can drop kick enemies by pressing down directional and circle.

Captain America and the Avengers

You can activate your chosen characters’ special ability by pressing A+B

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

Go to the options menu and put your lives and continues at 5.

Use your special ability (A+B buttons) on the Mousers.

Your Drop Kick move (Press A then B) can clear the gap between your enemies and yourself so you’re not so easily overwhelmed.

Don’t use your special ability on your enemies, use just regular attacks.

Move up and down in a maneuvering motion as you’re beating your enemies, it’ll lessen their chances of ganging up on you.

Streets of Rage 2

Make sure you’re using your characters’ special abilities as you’re fighting enemies; each character has two special abilities that can be accessed by pressing A button while stationary; B+A directed.

Cool Spot

You can shoot in 8 directions which means that you’ll be able hit enemies near and far.

Contra Hard Corps

You can switch weapons by pressing A button, Y button on the controller of your chosen gaming emulator.

Landstalker: Treasures of King Nole

Explore everywhere there is an opening and pay attention to the clues you’re given from the various people you talk to.

Rocket Knight Adventures

If you charge your jet pack and just stand in one place, you can create a shield with your sword so as to keep enemies away from you or and to give yourself breathing room.

Streets of Rage 3

You can adjust your lives in the options menu which you definitely should

Zan is a cyborg that can turn any weapon into energy and shoot energy balls at your enemies; use this!


When you’re playing with your chosen X-man, you can switch X-Men by pressing Start and moving the cursor over their face and pressing the A button. If you’re playing this game on an emulator then press Y button. You can do the same for your support X-man that are beneath your primaries.

You can use your special ability by pressing the A/Ybuttons.

How would you like to guide Gambit’s cards, just press Up on the directional pad and A button.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars

Starting the game will put you in Gambit’s driver’s seat, if Gambit dies then switch to Psylocke; she’s better prepared for dealing with the first level than any of her X-Men brethren.


Prince of Persia 3: The Two Thrones

Do as many speed kills as possible, it makes the gameplay more entertaining and killing enemies easier.

Wild Arms 5                                                                                                 

Use your Item Search ability on the world map to unearth hidden chests as you’re venturing from place to place, if you happen upon any blue chests (duplicator) then leave them until you start treasure hunting later.

There are 4 hidden dungeon areas Cocytus, Abyss, Tartarus and Inferno; the order in which you should do them is Abyss, Tartarus, Inferno and Cocytus. The reason Abyss should be first is because the death of Ragu O’ Ragla takes precedence not to mention the valuable treasure he’s holding.

Equip your party members with badges that complement their special ability like with Dean, equip him with the Punching Glove badge and Rebecca with the Violator badge etc.

Anytime you play this game, don’t treasure hunt in the Southeast Region until after you get the monowheel. Finding the treasures will be easier and less time-consuming. This doesn’t apply in other regions, but do go to the Meisis Station when you first touchdown in the Southeast Region because you need to talk to both of the Wild Arms 2 characters before continuing on to Honeysday.

Also, if you get any LvL apples which you will, hold onto them and don’t use them under any circumstance; they’ll play their role much later on.

When Chuck joins, tack a Hen Badge and a Bad Omen Badge on him so he can start catching up level-wise.

After you gain access to Twelbit, create 4 Hen Badges so after Chuck catch up in levels equal to everyone else then have everyone else put on Hen Badges to increase their levels as well. Leave those Hen Badges on; don’t take them off until your levels are 90-93

Anytime you come across a Duplicator Chest (Blue) on the world map, don’t use the Duplicators you have in your possession because they will be needed to open the duplicator chests in dungeon areas and towns. Save the duplicator chests on the World map until after you get Asgard which, by then, you’ll be able to unearth the hidden duplicator chests scattered across the regions.

The whereabouts of the 5 main Duplicator chests in 3 of the 4 regions

X-37427 Y-21433

X-16392 Y-88540
X-31061 Y-54740-Reachable via Southeast Region Stonehenge

X-73261 Y-40988
X-87715 Y-32683

Teleport from both the Beachside and Cliffside Stonehenge(s) when you get to them. Trust me, you’ll want to.

You can see how many puzzle boxes you’ve completed and which ones you’re missing by selecting your Teleport Orb and pressing R1

When a character equips the Sea Medium and they are at Lv. 60, they’ll have access to the Double Healing ability. Technically, since the Double Healing ability equate the effect of the Laurel Crown badge, there’s no need to have the Laurel Crown badge equipped while the character has the Sea Medium hence leaving the character open to equip another badge in place of the Laurel Crown.

The same rule applies to Sky Medium holders, they don’t need an Elder Record Badge if they learned the Conserve MP ability which technically has the same function as the Elder Record badge. Of course, there’s no need to put an Elder Record badge on Sky Medium holders anyway because they have the MP Charge ability also.

If you manage to get a monetary amount of 215,000 or over during your destructive rampage through the 4 TF System Towers. Go sell or buy something to equal 221,500. Next, go back to the Hillside Ruins and open that door in Area 11; do it now while you’ve got the money so it’s not one of the last things you’ll have to do later. Trust me on that.

Only talk to Anastasia in Harmonde if you have well over the desired amount; sums of 250,000 or higher.
If you get near the amount of 221,500 but you’re 38 to 40 dollars away then run though the Hillside Ruins grabbing the coins until you’re at the desired amount. Exit and repeat as many times as needed.

In Tower F, give Greg the Sheriff Star and Dual Cast badges when you step foot in room 17 so he can take Kartikeya down in style. Besides, he’ll need the extra boost because he won’t survive against Kartikeya in round two without either.

When equipping Asgard with his algorithms, you can remove his superluminal fist algorithm and equip him with elemental algorithms so he’ll attack with elements and be less likely to cast Invincible wasting his turns.

Before you take on the legendary beast Vodianoi, equip Asgard with only the fire and Giga Crush fire; the beast is allergic.

Before proceeding to Tower O after it appears, you have the possible option of killing only one of the sealed crystal bosses in the overworld. I say possible because it is not always easy to hope that Asgard does what you expect of him, but you can make Doomsday your primary experiment. First, go back to C. Bronco and equip Asgard with the Sky Twister and Giga Crush wind algorithms. Save then proceed to the Wayward Path (S).

Follow the road backwards until you encounter a crystal besides the save point. Crack it with Asgard and do battle. After the battle, you can take the golden angel you got and get one of your characters a new pair of clothes from one of the past Wild Arms characters.

After you storm Tower O, snatch the Exodus Orb and use it; exit Tower O. Now, go and take care of the sealed crystal bosses inside the following dungeons: Isolated Path, Temple of Rejection, Decrepit Path and Starlit Path.

Head to the Temple of Rejection and take care of Chaugnar Faugn. Beforehand, choose two other characters to accompany Dean. Give one character the Mountain Medium and another the Sky Medium; start the battle. Dean will more than likely start off so get him into the water leypoint.

If and when Chaugnar kills your ‘Mountain’, revive them immediately and block. Once Chaugnar is in the leypoint next to your party then get your Mountain user to cast Shut Out on Chaugnar then use the Jump ability to get to the wind leypoint. Immediately have your Sky Medium holder cast Extend on Chaugnar and every round after that thereby binding Chaugnar to a hex and ultimately, a grave.

Only have Dean attack Chaugnar with Heavy Crush until he bows out, leave your Sky Medium holder on hand to cast Extend and MP Charge. Also, have your Mountain Medium user cast Reinforce when it expires and use Turn Shift every round; the former will help out majorly especially when you need to use MP Charge. You can occasionally summon Equites to deal further lethal damage.

Equip Sea Mediums on two characters then head on over to Area 3 in the Decrepit Path, crack Ape Man Junma’s crystal and challenge him to mortal combat. Get Dean to the fire leypoint and shower Ape Man with fire blasts exploiting his weakness to fire until he dies, use the other two characters to heal and revive as needed.

Ape Man Junma will more than likely kill your two healers, use Dean’s Intrude ability to get him into a leypoint far away from Ape Man Junma and use a Revive Fruit to bring the healers back; use one healer to revive the other if only one of them got killed and have the two healers block. Abuse the Intrude ability to compound the damage you’re doing to Ape Man so he’ll bow out quicker; use an Ambrosia to restore Dean’s magic points so can continue destroying Ape Man Junma.

Ape Man Junma will also target Dean and kill him, have a healer bring him back then get him right back into the fire leypoint to continue the fiery onslaught. The point of this is to keep Ape Man Junma away from your healers so he’ll concentrate on Dean only. Do not summon Equites at all, you’re going to need your force points.

Head to Mithysmere and synthesize a 100% Orange badge then head to the Laila Belle, go to the Black Market, choose three characters’ levels and buy duplicators until you have 11 of them; use the LvL apples you have on the two characters. The best way to go about keeping the levels even while buying the duplicators is to drain the levels by 3 then pick one other character that is not Dean to take 1 level from to complete the transaction.

Synthesize a Dual Cast badge for your Sky Medium holder because it will be needed. Next, head on over to the Abyss dungeon which lies to the southeast of the Wayward Path (S). Take a healer and a sky medium holder. You have nothing to fear from the enemies in the Abyss area, they’re no more dangerous than a wet firecracker but exercising a little caution is still advised. When you face the Sol Niger bosses, get everyone into one hex and block.

Abyss Dungeon Area

I. Let the Sol Nigers attack until your force meter is full then unleash Equites or Solais Emsu, they are the only things that will lethally damage the Sol Nigers; heal as needed. Navigating the Abyss dungeon and finding the items are a cinch. Use your map to explore every room, and use the Detector to find the items. There are 7 items in the main areas and the key to exploring this place lies in the colored crystals.

II. The red orange crystals move you up 9 floors from the present one you’re on. The blue crystals move you down 9 floors from the present one you’re on and the purple crystals move you over 1-3 floors left or right. Again, use your map and in game compass to navigate. After you find the three Neutrino Medals, the 7 items and purified the Sol Niger, you’ll be ready to take on Ragu O Ragla.

III. To get to him, go west in Area 3, take the red orange crystal in area 2, take the red orange crystal in area 11, go north in area 20, take the blue crystal in area 23, go south in area 14, take the red orange crystal topside in area 11, and go east in area 20. Finally, go north and take the purple crystal to area 24. Open the duplicator chest to the left then place the 4 items on the altars. Take the red orange crystal up and open the last two chests. Equip the 100% Orange Badge on your healer before cracking Ragu’s crystal seal.

IV. When you face Ragu O Ragla, summon Equites and Solais Emsu during the battle because they are excellent damage dealers in the fight. Abuse Heavy Cush and Hi Blast from any elemental leypoint; the battle isn’t hard just time consuming.

Mt. Chug Chug, the Return

I. Head back to Mt. Chug-Chug and head to area 15 via elevator in area 2. The Que Sera Sera 3 are your next opponents. Bring Rebecca as a healer to the soirée. Make sure Rebecca has the 100% Orange Badge equipped, it’ll be needed. At the start of the battle, use Ley Change to make the Earth leypoint more accessible then get to it and start dealing damage.

II. Your Sky Medium holder should abuse Widespread and Dean should abuse Intrude since Rebecca is practically indestructible thanks to 100% Orange which also means that healing isn’t a big priority in this fight. Fun fact, these idiots are allergic to Water as well.

Now it’s time to take care of the rest of the overworld sealed crystal bosses. Do it! Don’t go after Furfur until you’ve cleared the last 3 hidden dungeons consisting of Tartarus, Cocytus and Inferno. Go after the rest!

The Oil Spirit(s) can be beaten without Asgard, it is simple as exploiting their weakness to Earth. Also, bringing in Solais Emsu and Equites will hasten their demise. Try to Ley Change at some point during the battle to make an easily accessible Earth leypoint or you can wait until the Oil Spirit(s) use Ley Change which they will.

Head to Harmonde and take care the Adult Mag boss(es). Bring Greg with his Sky Medium and make Chuck the healer, 100% Orange is not needed for this battle. These idiots are allergic to Fire and Wind so exploit both weaknesses and summon Lucadia when 2 of your characters get killed; equipping the Chick Badge on your healer is immensely advised.

Now, go to Laila Belle and use your characters’ levels to buy child costumes. Use everyone’s levels, your people should be at Lv. 70 and 3 duplicators. Equip everyone with Hen Badges and put an Elder Record badge on your healer. For Dean, equip him with the Hen, The Omega, Elder Record and Dual Cast badges.

Don’t worry if you can’t equip Dean with a Laurel Crown badge because thanks to the Sea Medium’s Double Healing ability, the healer can use Hi-Heal on Dean and still retain MP hence the Elder Record badge. Take this time and return to the Hillside Ruins. Go to area 18 and take care of Prime Vals.

Prime Vals is allergic to fire so Heavy Crush and Hi Blast will seal his fate, it’s ideal to have a healer along for the ride if for nothing else, situational merit.
Fun fact: after using the child costumes to open the doors to Prime Vals’ chamber, you can change back into your Gold Angel armors.

Head to Mithysmere Canyon and take care of Hresvelgr, talk to Pastel before heading into the canyon and you’ll know what to do. A healer is not needed for this battle.

Head to Harmonde and talk to Anastasia a.k.a Charity girl to donate funds until she says she no longer needs the funds.


Inferno is your next stop.
I. The Einherjar enemies have a bad habit of blocking attacks both physical and elemental, but Dean with the Omega badge they cannot block and combo arts. Another strategy for dealing with the Einherjars is having your Sky medium holder on the water leypoint using Hi Blast while Dean is using regular attacks; they’ll block one but can’t block both. Don’t forget that the Lightning Fang combo art comes in handy when dealing with Golem enemies so abuse it; don’t call Equites unless it’s necessary to do so.

II. When you face Mict’, have your healer on the ready to cast Widespread because it’ll open the battle with its Candle in the Wind attack. Keep your healer in a hex far away from Mict’. Mict is allergic to fire so get to the fire leypoint and let him have it.

Go to Laila Belle and pick three characters to buy 3 duplicators from the black market, preferably characters you’re not taking to Tartarus. Head to Tartarus thereafter.


I. When you find the Violator Badge, give it to your healer which should be Rebecca so she can make full use of her special ability and make sure that she has the Full Carrot badge too because that too is important. Also, abuse Solais Emsu and Equites on the enemies here; it’ll help make battles easier.

II. You can get the two chests in area 8 by taking the northeast crystal in area 9 which will take you to room 5. Take the west crystal to area 4, take the center crystal to area 8. Shoot the orb with a regular bullet to get the platforms to change so you can reach the chests.

When you take on the King of Anglomois, stay on the Earth leypoint and abuse Heavy Crush and Hi-Blast; King won’t stray far from the Wind leypoint so he’ll take considerable damage from your earthly attacks.

At this point, Cocytus is the only fortress area left. Seeing as how you cleaned out Inferno, Abyss and Tartarus, you’ve no doubt gained a great many badge. Head to Mithysmere and synthesize Dean another Sheriff Star synthesizing whatever badge needed to complete the ritual which should be a Frog Badge.

After that, you should take whatever badges are left and see about creating a Fish Badge and other A level badges. This goes without saying but don’t sell any badges ever, they will have their role in creating new, more powerful badges.

Head to Mirapulse and take care of the sidequest involving swordswoman with a ribbon and good looking guy from the neck up.

After that, go and take care of Furfur whose sealed crystal is in the northwest region. You can get there by Southeast Region Stonehenge. Before that, go back to Capo B. and see Tony. Outfit Asgard with as many of his elemental and non-elemental programs as possible including Recovery Program. Make sure your healer has 100% Orange equipped in the likely event that Asgard falls.

I want it to go on the record that you don’t have to get your characters to level 100, you can unequip the Hen Badges when they reach level 90. The reason being is that the Lv.100 skill is practically worthless so it’s not necessary to wear the Hen Badges beyond Lv. 90.

In fact, if you’re Lv.96 or higher then go to Laila Belle’s black market and buy a badge that’ll reduce those levels like a Gunstar Sign, but then you can proceed onto getting a Punching Glove badge created in the process; ultimately, its up to you.

As you’re obtaining your Golden Angel armors, trying wearing them in different areas even as you’re fighting battles, you may find that wearing one all the time is not the way to make battles easier. Both have bonuses that go toward strengthening attack and magic powers, it’s advised that you experiment.

Head to Cocytus to the northwest of the Hillside Ruins.
When you take on the Lycanthropes, get everyone onto the Wind leypoint and let them have it. Casting Hyper will hasten their demise, but it isn’t required but bringing 100% Orange to the battle is; if and when the opportunity to summon Equites and Solais Emsu arise, don’t not take advantage of it.

With all 4 fortress areas done, it’s time purify the last 4 Sol Nigers. Start with the one in the Northwest which is located to the south of the Orsaeos station.

Head back to Capo Bronco and save then head to the Sol Niger near Puzzle Box 12. Bring a Sword Medium and a Sky Medium holder and a healer to the battle, 100% Orange isn’t needed for the battle. Sky Medium’s Sacrifice ability does moderate damage to the Sol Niger.

Keep the Sol Niger out of the elemental leypoint because they will heal completely, put a character in each of the elemental leypoint so they cannot heal.

Head to Mithysmere and save your game after the battle then head northeast of Laila Belle. Bring in Chuck and Avril, put your characters in the elemental leypoint so the Sol Nigers can’t get into them and heal.

Don’t come to this battle without 2 Fish Badges or it’s going to be a short battle; Dean’s covered because he has the Sheriff Star. If your character isn’t attacking a Sol Niger directly then focus their energies into healing themselves and their teammates with berries.

Head to the save point near the gateway (where Asgard destroyed the rock formation to open the way to Tower G), teleport to Puzzle Box 4 then make your way to the area where Tower G is to tackle the last Sol Niger.

Place each character in an elemental leypoint so the Sol Niger near them will concentrate on them only. Dean will more than likely kill his Sol Niger first so leave him where he is and have him heal the other two as they’re attacking their Sol Nigers, you can have Dean help the other two destroy their Sol Nigers if you want but it’s up to you.

Head to Twelbit, but don’t go into the town. Instead, go behind the town until you discover the Black Box. Bring a healer with 100% Orange, a Sky and Sword Medium holder. Ley Change to get a water leypoint then lay waste to this inconvenience. You can save your game near the exit to the Isolated Path.

Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect

If you see an off yellow arrow on any weapons you select, press the Up button on the directional pad to access the weapon’s special ability.

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

After you find the magic bolt ability, keep it; never get rid of it. Do the same for the treasure seeker ability when you get it. Make sure both of the aforementioned abilities get a permanent slot.

Upon killing a boss, pick the extra slot option when the goddesses give you the choice after you free them. You’ll want to; there’s nothing to be gained getting a kiss from them.

Spawn: Armageddon

Use your necroplasm powers as you’re journeying throughout the level; you’ll get a necroplasm refill at the end and you’ll enjoying sizing up your enemies with said powers, I know I did.

Focus on putting your end level souls into your life and necroplasm meter.

You’ll want to use your guns to thin the herds of enemies on Stage 13; level up your guns beforehand.

Jak II

Switch off gun mods after every 12-14 battles. For example, using the blaster to kill some enemies then switching to the Scatter Gun etc.

Abuse Dark Jak’s powers, you’ll need to in order to survive and you’ll see what works and doesn’t work on enemies.

You’ll get to a point in the game where you’ll have bought all of Dark Jak’s powers from the Oracle and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to buy his Giant Jak form after you get the Skull Gems to do so inside Kor’s lair but don’t do it.

Instead, wait until after you beat Kor. Really, you don’t have to feel obligated to buy it if you don’t want to; you won’t really use it anyway.


Abuse both your light and dark Jak powers because they’re for your enemy killing pleasure like slowing down time in the area filled with enemies so you can pick them off one by one. Also, make it a point to switch out gun mods every 8-11 enemies killed, it’ll help you get more into the game.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

You’d do well to get an abundance of the color eco you’re using so you can increase the amount of time that you have to use it.

Psi-Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy

Use your psi powers over your guns, its good to have a firearm but your psi powers make you the ultimate weapon.

On Stage 3, use the Sniper Rifle you find while barely ducking from behind the storage crate in front of you to kill the two guards on the distant guardtower.

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

Guard using your shield by press and holding R2

Use your Tracer move with the Sea Diskarmor to destroy Cestus, it takes the guesswork out of trying to kill him with another diskarmor.

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Use your Strafe Critical on all enemies. You can do it by press and holding R1 to lock onto the nearest enemy and move left or right to dodge as the attack is about to connect then press Square.

The Deflect Critical is a little easier to do, block an enemy’s attack just as it connects and you’ll see a white ring. Press Square to execute.

The upfront Critical move is done by pressing Square just as an enemy’s attack is about to hit you; I mean, the enemy’s has to be within a nose’s length of you.

Dirge of Cerberus

Go the Power route when upgrading your guns. But, don’t upgrade your Hydra to its last form on the Power route; it’ll be severely weakened and useless.

Resident Evil 4

Reload when you’re down to your last 3 bullets so you don’t lose momentum when you’re gunning down your enemies.

Shoot enemies in the head so as to score an instant kill and deal lethal damage. Headshots with the Shotgun will also kill several other enemies clustered together.

Max Payne

Abuse your Bullet Time (R1) and your Shootdodge (L1), they’re great weapons when you’re killing your enemies in style.

When you get the M-79 and the Jackhammer, use them; they’re not meant to decorate your gun collection.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Abuse the Kalashinkov shortly after getting ammo for it. Do the same for the M4 Carbine.

On Level 3-8, use your Bullet Time to help destroy the supports on Vlad’s platform throughout the battle.

Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King

Search the region you’re in to find treasure chests; doing this will help you gain levels needed to prepare you for whatever lies ahead. Search every inch of that region; stop when you reach the exit to that region. For example, search the Alexandrian Region for chests; stop when you get to the entrance of Port Prospect.

When you first get the alchemy pot, use it to create new weapons, armors and accessories upon docking in Peregrin Quay.

Let the infamous monster Brickman wait until after you get Angelo. Oh and sell all infamous monster medallions; they’re useless in your possession.

If you ever decide to go to the Dragovian Path post endgame, stock up on magic refilling elixirs. Hero and Angelo should stick to using Miracle Slash, it’ll increase their chances of staying alive.


Drop Kick the torpedoes from both the submarine on Stage 9 and the aircraft carriers on Stage 1. Also, play the game on Easy mode; you’ll beat it versus the game beating you.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Don’t max out your aliens’ attributes because they’ll be doing everything at hypersonic speed and you don’t want that. From experience.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

It is imperative that you get every clue bottle and open every safe; you’ll need the knowledge on those pages to complete the game.

Astro Boy the Video Game

Find every upgrade on every level, they’ll get you to levels of power not seen for some time.

Use your Absorb ability to absorb all energy attacks; the bonus is that you’ll get life back as a result.

Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando

When you get out to the desert on Planet Tabora, police it of all 100 desert crystals; some are in the possession of the dune monsters that are beneath the sand. Kill all of the dune monsters but more importantly, don’t leave that desert without all 100 crystals. Remember this when you get to the Grelbin Ice Field as well.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Use your map markers to keep tabs on where you need to return to after you obtain the Wolf’s Foot.

Perfect Guard every attack because only then will you be able to refill your magic meter quickly, block as the attack is about to connect.

Make sure you get the Invincible Jar from the Mirage Skeletons and get the Crystal Skull from the Phantom Skeletons; both you get from killing said enemies until they drop said items.

On the Skull Chute rides, memorize where the coins are on both rides because you’ll know where to run to get all of the coins on each side and when.

When you take on Joachim, make sure you have the Yellow Orb and Axe combo beforehand. After you make Joachim vulnerable upon destroying the 3 blue energy orbs situated around the room, activate the axe and use your whip combos to drain his life while getting a high combo count so you can end him in one go.

Maximo vs. Army of Zin

Save up for the treasure seeker boxers then revisit previous stages where you were forced to leave treasure unearthed.

When it comes to choosing whether to buy the magic pow boxers and the boxers of burning vigor, there is no need to buy both. Pick one, buy it and move on.

Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal

Use the Infector on small enemies until it reaches Lv.3 then start using it on bigger enemies.

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

When you’re buying eco powers, spend half of your dark eco on the eco powers you want then start saving up for the eco powers you want to buy next.

Devil May Cry 2

Use Dante’s Twosome Time move and Devil Trigger form to combo enemies.

You’ll utilize 3 different swords in the game; the Merciless which you’ll want to use on lightweight enemies like the Msira enemies. The Vendetta, this baby will keep all of those big and bulky enemies like the Blood Goats in check. The Rebellion is ideal to use on the Agonofini enemies.

Abuse your amulet powers and don’t grind for red orbs; the logic, there’s a lot of enemies in the game to kill for red orbs hence making the grind unnecessary.

Ghost Rider

Use your Fireball on the projectile throwing enemies and those with Rocket Launchers.

Drakan: The Ancients’ Gate

Use the invincibility code (X, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Square, Left) in the Stratos sky zone as you’re making your way to different places. The logic, you’ll need to in order to survive because you’ll be dogfighting a lot of skyward enemies.

Get all of your magic powers Lv. 3 except your Fireball spell; it’s good at Lv.2


Press and Hold R1 to lock onto the enemy nearest you and press X button to zip behind your opponent quickly. This is handy for the attack dogs on Stage 3.

Devil May Cry 3

Combo your enemies using Million Stab and the Cerberus, you’ll be able to rack up mad style points and ultimately a huge amount of red orbs.

Change weapons with R2 button, change guns with L2.

Devil May Cry

Save up and buy the Stinger and Air Raid moves for Alastor, they’ll help you get to inaccessible Blue Orb Fragments.

You can switch between the Alastor and Ifrit by pressing R3 in.

Spyro 5: A Hero Tail

Stockpile Hunter’s Fire Arrows; the grey wall spiders don’t like them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

You’ll see 3 bringers when you face The First. Kill two of them preferably the ones on the pentagrams that lie away from The First which should be the one at the rear left and center.

Leave the last bringer alive and just hit him once, he’ll run after you. Run up to The First and slap him with Hope’s Dagger; the objective here is to not destroy the last bringer but just hit him once to get him to chase after you thereby lowering The First’s guard so he’ll be vulnerable so he can be damaged.

Now note that the bringer will go back to his pentagram each time you damage The First so you’ll have to hit the bringer once each time to get him to chase after you. Finally, dodge The Firsts’ energy blast/shockwave the best you can; if you’re knocked down then get back up immediately.

God of War

Save your Rage of the Gods for the Cerberus Breeders in the Challenge of Poseidon, empty the meter then use Poseidon’s Rage to end the rest of the herd.

Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim

Abuse your Emelas swords’ special abilities, lethal damage and death await monsters that get pierced by those special abilities like using Ericcil’s special ability on the Bee Boss.

When you take on Mr. Plant, hide behind one of the braziers situated on either side of the room; keep the brazier between you and Mr. Plant then abuse the Blirante’s first special ability which you press and hold down the Square button.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Before you leave an area, make sure you police it thoroughly because you may end up leaving a Holocron behind; move everything using Force Push and/or Force Repulse.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Your aliens are the key to destroying your enemies with ease. For example, Heatblast is the go to alien for destroying plant and beast enemies. Fourarms is the alien you want to use when you’re facing mechanical enemies, Wildvine has his eyes on enemies with alien DNA, feed them to him.

XLR8 should be used when you’re fighting humanoid enemies like the Forever Knights. Cannonbolt + Big enemies i.e. Crystal Claws and Detrovites = A lot of pain for said enemies and health preservation for you.

God of War II

Use your Rage of the Titans on Cyclops enemies, use your Typhon’s Bane on archers, use your Cronos’ Rage on the Beast Lords, Sirens and Gorgons. Use your Head of Euryale on Harpies and bats; use the Atlas Quake on the Cerberus Breeders.

Reflect the Gorgon beam back at the Gorgons after getting the Golden Fleece then use the Barbarian Hammer to destroy them.

Sirens are no match for the Spear of Destiny, use it on and destroy them.

When dealing with Hades’ Fiends, use the Cronos’ Rage twice then press Circle to end them if you have it at level 2; use it once if you have it at level 3 and do the same.

Outside of the Palace of Fates, you’ll face two Cyclopses that are summoned by two Beast Lords. Pick a Cyclops then dethrone and destroy the Beast Lord rider. Next, destroy any Beast Lords that materializes; use the Circle button move to kill them. Destroy the Cyclops thereafter.

Next, turn your attention to the Hades Fiends and use the Head of Euryale to stone then shatter them until they stop giving you red orbs. Finally, dethrone and destroy the Beast Lord rider then destroy any Beast Lord that materializes. Destroy the Cyclops thereafter.

Van Helsing

Stock up on speed items before you do the Defend the Ring challenge. When you start the challenge, use a speed item and use your Crossbow on the owls until time is up. If your speed item expires before time is up then use another one. The objective here is to keep your speed up until the challenge ends. If you get knocked out of the ring then restart immediately, you’ll have a full refill and you’ll be able to do this as many times as you want.


Use your Protection spell when you’re about to take on the Behemoth; that way you can use the Dragon Breath on him without taking unnecessary damage.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

Check Thiefnet and see what the total is for all of the available gadgets, get the money for the gadgets as you make your way through the jobs by stealing from the enemies.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

There are two hidden Plumber Badges on Encephalonus IV. The first is behind the left hand door in the first cube room; you’ll need Humungousaur to move the cube to deflect the laser around the room so it opens the left hand door.

The second Plumber Badge lie in the last area (filled with boulders) where you need Spidermonkey to web to the web points. Web off to the left side until you reach the web point behind the boulder where you’ll find the second hidden badge. (On Encephalonus IV)

On Morotesi, you’ll come to the mine cart area. Step off of the first ledge ahead of you and you’ll discover a hidden Plumber Badge.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Get all clue bottles in every level, this is necessary so you’ll have as less of a problem getting through the game as possible.

Seek out and get back to the hideout as much loot as you can find but don’t sell it right away; sell some pieces of loot as you need to in order to make up the difference when buying an item.

Pickpocket as many enemies as possible because those gadgets won’t buy themselves. Plus, having gadgets and abilities for every battle situation will make you stronger as a whole.

Ben 10 Alien Force

Pay attention to Kevin’s clues to secret areas, you’ll know which alien to use.

Final Fantasy X

Get all 26 Al Bhed Primers and don’t forget about the one in the Bevelle Underground when doing the Cloister of Trials which is right when you go downstairs.

Save you game in more than one data save spot, it’ll be easy to go back to a previous area or a part in that area if you miss something; use all 99 save spots.

007: Everything or Nothing

Always take cover when you’re gunning down your enemies.

Abuse Bond Sense, it’s your ticket to getting Bond Moments at least while you’re running around in the level.

If this game gets to be too tough at times on Normal then switch the difficulty to Easy.

Anytime you come across a Rocket Launcher on the level, take it and use it.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Abuse your Adrenaline Dodge and Headshot anytime you’re presented with an opportunity to use it, it doesn’t say not to.

Search every inch of every level for hidden treasures, don’t worry if you don’t find them all.

Do Croft Manor before starting your adventure; you’ll appreciate the exercise.

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Listen to the clues that Anakin give when you’re near a secret; when you hear him say ‘I sense something’, you’re definitely on top of a secret.

In some levels, enemies will practically spawn over and over; kill each and every enemy until they stop coming. For example, the buzz droids on Stage Two and the Jedi(s) in the hangar on the last part of Stage 11.

Slash everything on the level to find secret life and force upgrades.

In the second half of the fight with Count Dooku, he’ll be accompanied by two Battle Droids. Slash one of the droids until you push them off of the walkway which will reveal a secret.

*Put my video of force point distribution here*


Shoot your enemies in the head for instant kills

Go the light route when you’re given a choice of which path to take. The powers you get are definitely worth it.

Tomb Raider: Legend

Switch off using your secondary gun and your pistols.

Abuse your Grappling Hook because it can be useful in getting to places where treasure hide. Also, fleece Croft Manor and do a complete sweep which means open all hidden passageways.

Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick

Use your chainsaw spin to deal damage to the deadites; there’s a 1 in 5 chance that they’ll drop ammo upon death.

Tomb Raider Underworld

You’ll get to use Thor’s Hammer, Mljnor. Abuse its power, its not every day you get to use a god’s weapon.

Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex

You don’t have to do the levels in order; you can go out of order if you desire to do so. For example, in the first warp room you can start with Stage 3 then move around to Stage 5 or you can do Stage 1 after that etc.


Super Mario Bros 3

Anytime you get a new suit i.e. Tanooki and/or Hammer Bros suit; use them on levels like using the Tanooki Suit on level 5-6 and 5-7 then using the Hammer Bros suit on level 7-8.

Underwater levels provide their own danger so anytime you have a Frog Suit on retainer, use it! Save any and all Frog Suits you get because they definitely come in handy especially when you’re navigating through levels like 4-4 and 7-4; it doesn’t hurt to have one for level 6-9 as well if you wanted to go that route.

Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom

It is imperative that you find the sword upgrade on all levels, it makes slicing and dicing your enemies at a distance a breeze and it some cases, necessary!


Before you get good and out the starting gate, always input the “lives” code i.e the 30 lives code by simply putting the golden falcon by either the one or two player on the title screen then pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. You’ll know if it worked if you start the game and see 4 medals/lives instead 2.

Super C

Starting the game with the 10 lives code is definitely a must and you can by pressing Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, Start at the title screen. This code is a lifesaver, don’t run the gauntlet without it if you don’t have to.

Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse

Take Sypha and Alucard down their respective paths; with Grant, you can choose to take him down either Alucard’s or Sypha’s path. I’d take him down Sypha’s path.


Use the Stopwatch subweapon in the clock tower room so you can make your way to Dracula’s chambers with ease.

Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones

Abuse the aerial Spinning Kick (B+A) preferably after enemies have attacked.

Legend of Zelda

Buy the Blue Candle and start burning bushes looking for hidden areas in the area you’re in.

Also, keep your life full so you can fully utilize your sword’s beam attack; buying the big shield early helps tremendously.

Turtles II: The Arcade Game

Kill enemies using the one shot kill move B+A simultaneously.

Turtles III: The Manhattan Project

Press Down on the directional pad + B to do the one shot kill move.

Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II

Abuse your psychic attacks, don’t rely on your weapon alone

Zelda II: The Adventures of Link

Experiment with your spells especially on bosses and in different battle situations; spells should not be limited to just bosses or tough enemies.

Low G Man

Use you spear on slow enemies, and your projectile weapons on fast and out of range enemies.

Shadow of the Ninja

Get and keep getting the sword upgrades until you max out its long range wave attack; don’t touch another weapon other than the sword.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Don’t be afraid to let your ninja clones do some of the “heavy lifting” i.e. attacking enemies and slashing at the red glowing orbs to get items for Ryu so he doesn’t always have to do the extra work.

Super Mario Bros

Get and stay fiery especially in World 8; stages 8-2 & 8-3 are difficult to do if you’re not.

Kirby’s Adventure

If you complete a stage but there are no wooden planks on the door when you exit, you’re missing something. Hidden areas are usually found in out of the way places.

Battletoads & Double Dragon

Use the toads when you play the game; Billy and Jimmy don’t have the toads’ power moves and their strength pale in comparison to the toads.

When you take on Abobo at the end of level one, you can beat him instantly by positioning him in front of the slide to the right of his hole then headbutt him then kick him then you’ll have him knelt then kick him again to finish him.

Vice: Project Doom

If you’re trying to cross a chasm to get to a platform that’s nearby via ladder, just jump from the ladder to the platform.

Press select button to pick the weapon you want to use.


You can access your secondary weapon by pressing the Select button. You can access medicine and other magic items by pausing the game using the Start button then pressing down on the d-pad.


Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Take the time to learn Alucard’s first 4 spells at the first save point in the Castle Entrance before heading to the Alchemy Laboratory i.e. Dark Metamorphosis, Hellfire, Summon Spirit and Tetra Spirit. Learn the Soul Steal after you make your way back to the first save point in the Castle Entrance via Marble Gallery lower levels.

Don’t pick up more than one of any weapon or armor because you won’t be able to sell it to the Librarian.

Blade, the Video Game

Find every glyph in the game and here’s where you can find them all.
Ashe – waterfront level, behind boarded up door in the same room as 1st save point of the level.

On the waterfront level, you’ll get to a part of the level where you’ll encounter 3 vamps with crowbars, a stairwell and flammable signs as well as a save point. Go into the right hand corner to a boarded up door and break it down to discover a path to a very powerful weapon

After the conversation with the two guys talking about bad vibes in a box, take the right path through the upper right doors to the ship area where you’ll also find the Cianteto Glyph

Faustinas-Docks Area, take left path in the garage area past the controls on the wall after killing the single cop. Left path, past the death ninja; look for a hole in the floor.

Kobejitsu Glyph-Chinatown, behind red door next to semi-truck, look for hole in the floor with wandering zombies.

Lemure Glyph-Chinatown, Dragonetti safehouse, right path; last door, break vase.

Sewers-take the “to Subway” exit, Ligaroo Glyph in subway area; look for boarded up door.

Pallintine boiler room-Frost Glyph, behind weak wall. Don’t take boarded up elevator where you kill the 3 zombies down, get glyph first.

Dungeon area-Lobishomen Glyph, behind weak wall with hulking vampire.

Pallintine Glyph-Pallintine building in plain sight.

Upier glyph-Faustinas Ritual area, back of blood pool.

Von Esper glyph-museum, down the employees only area in hallway, past the emergency terminal room; go into the open door into the zombie filled corridor. Follow it to the glyph.

Museum Basement-Dragonetti glyph, filing cabinet room.

Nightbeast arena-Ultima Glyph, it’s where Whistler is.

Erebus Glyph-City Limits (Day), to obtain this one; don’t get two of the UV Cannon parts as you adventure.

Don’t bother using your sword on the ninjas, use your fists; they’re way more effective and deal the ninjas more damage.

Final Fantasy IX

Start the Chocobo Hot and Cold on Disk 1 as soon as you’re able which should be as Zidane and Co are heading over to Gizamaluke’s Grotto.

Learn the Ability Up support skill from the item that bestows it as soon as possible, it’s going to make learning abilities easier especially when you’re ready to learn Auto-Haste.

Final Fantasy VII

Get and keep all double growth Materia weapons and armor until you get the triple Materia growth weapons and armors.

Don’t be afraid to use your Materia, it’s meant to be abused for the purpose of killing enemies especially if you’re exploiting their weakness to a certain element.

Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles

You can choose your combo attack for the next level if you scored a combo bonus at the end of the previous level, press down or up on the d-pad.

Finish level 2, Swamps of Naboo with an end level score of 21,000 and finish level 5, Tatooine with an end level score of 34,000 to gain new force power abilities; this isn’t really important on any other level but strive to at least get a combo bonus on most of the stages.

On Level 9, Palace Cliffs; you’ll have to save 6 test pilots, its okay if you want to save the minimum number of them which is 5 but do try to save all 6. Ultimately, using your force powers and secondary weapons like detonators to destroy the opposition; you’re on a time limit so saving all 6 test pilots will require that you use everything in your arsenal.

Castlevania Chronicles

Play the game on Arrange Mode, Simon takes less damage and you’ll get the really for real awesome Stage 6 music when you get there.

Chrono Cross

Only equip party members with all of the elements and gear that you plan to take with you then swap them out. For example, if you took Miki and Radius with you to Water Dragon Isle for your showdown with the Blue Dragon then switch them out for Karsh and Fargo; give Karsh and Fargo the elements and gear before you head out or make like 2 sets of armors and helmets which are universal items. All you may have to do is just make them their respective weapon made of whatever material you have.


Always keep the sword charged after you get it so you’ll be ready to destroy any enemy that comes your way upon release.

After you win all 3 Life Upgrades and Gilded Falcons from the Riverside Bar Casino games, save your game to a separate memory card so you’ll never have to play that part of the game again. In the future when you play the game up to that point, load the aftermath of Riverside Bar Casino data and just play the game from the point.

Akuji: The Heartless

Anytime you see explosive crates, don’t hesitate to use your powers to detonate it; this is handy when you face the skull wand carrying minotaurs.

Retrieve all of the ancestors. When you’re looking for them in stages, pay attention to certain objects above as well as below you; hidden hideaways are everywhere!

Spyro the Dragon

Dodge around the spiders in the Spider Cavern to get to a fairy that’ll grant you fire breath strong enough to destroy the spiders.

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

When you do the Speedway levels and you’ll see the objects that you have to destroy i.e. cars, trains; go backwards. For example, you see some race cars coming out of a nearby tunnel, go backwards like hitting the cars from the front.

Spyro 3: The Year of the Dragon

When running the 17,000 gem gauntlet, use the rockets and your flame breath on the Sasquatch Six to slow them down so you can get to first place easily. Abuse the turbo boost when you get it, you’ll need it to get and stay ahead!

Upon arriving to a new world, save the “helping hand” animal of that world then do their level so they’ll be ready to help you when their help is needed on a specific stage. For example, after you rescue Bentley, do his stage, Bentley’s Outpost so he’ll be ready when you need him after you complete it.

Super Nintendo

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros All Stars)

Play as Luigi always, he makes navigating the Lost Levels a breeze; the Lost Levels is a realm Mario was never meant to be in.

Save your game after each level you complete. Avoid all warp zones; they’re poison in this game. Don’t take a single one. However, if you were looking to skip Level 9 then find the warp zone on level 3-1 which’ll send you back to stage 1-1; it’s up to you though.

Kirby Super Star

Always, always do the Great Cave Offensive first; biggest 60 item pain in the butt there was ever.

Legend of Zelda III: A Link to the Past

Keep your life full so you can take advantage of the Master Sword’s projectile attack; try your best anyway because it’s not always easy.

When you get to the Waterfall area in the Light World, go inside the waterfall and throw your shield and boomerang inside the fairy pond to get a new shield and a new boomerang; easily missable.

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: The Video Game

Learn how to use your necroplasm powers and apply them in different battle situations. However, don’t abuse them fully unless you face a powerful enemy. Here’s a list of all of the powers that you can use in the game.

Teleportation – Hold down the R button, press Up while rolling the d-pad counterclockwise circle back up to Up and Y or A button

Heal – Hold down the R button then press Up then Down and let go of R button instantaneously.

Searing Fire Blast – Hold down the R button, press Right, Right-Up, Up, Left-Up, Left and L button or X.

Fire Blast – Hold R button then press Down, Down-Right, Right and L button or X

Fire Storm – Hold down R button then press Left, Down-Left, Down, Down, Right, Right and Y or A button

Burning Fist – Hold down R button then press Left, Right and Y or A button

Full Force Blast – Hold down R button then press Down, Down-Left, Left and Y or A button

Tinkerbell – Hold Down then press R button and either L or X

Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Use a combo of weapon swipes, throws and slams to subdue your enemies; there’s no reason to use your one one shot kill move unless you have or want to. Use it to finish a boss that’s literally on their last leg of health.

Chrono Trigger

Press the Attack button twice to attempt/score a critical hit; chances are 1 in 13 that it works but it does add anticipation to the gameplay.

Use Robo while traversing Magus’ Castle if Marle learned Cure and Lucca learned Napalm.

Don’t leave Mt. Woe until the following characters have learned the following techs; Marle – Ice2, Frog – Water2, Lucca – Fire2, Robo – Uzzi Punch, Ayla – Tail Spin

Always choose the Swallow Sword when you use Marle’s pendant to open the blue pyramid in the Forest Ruins in the year 1000AD. You can get a Safe Helm by charming a Lavos Spawn’s shell onboard the Black Omen later on. The Swallow Sword is one of a kind plus it’s easy to score a critical hit with it.

Bring Ayla, Robo and Crono to your battle with Giga Gaia. Robo & Ayla’s Double Tech, Beast Toss is a great tech to use on Giga Gaia’s hands as is Crono and Ayla’s Double Tech, Falcon Hit.

When you’re aboard the Blackbird, take out one turret at a time so you can get the 100 tech points. Also, put Ayla into the party before you’re captured by Dalton; you’ll learn the reason why after you’re captured.

Super Mario World

Always keep a Feather and a Fire Tulip handy; the mushroom is only an option if you die and don’t have access to either.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Make a point to shoot upward as you’re venturing throughout the levels because you never know what you’re going to find.

Super Mario RPG

Practice Mario’s Jump ability on every enemy and boss because the prize you get later on will depend on it; the item reward will make Mario invincible.

Use your party’s elemental powers on enemies and bosses; take Mallow’s Snowy move, use that on the Dragon boss in the volcano.

When you use Mallow’s Thunderbolt, press Y at the time the attack connects to deal critical damage. Do the same with the Geno Whirl just before it ends to deal 10k worth of damage. Do the same with all of Mallow’s powers.

Castlevania Dracula X

You can do a backflip by pressing the jump button twice.

On Stage 3, you’ll come to a part of the level where you’ll have to destroy pillars of Skull Dragons. Use the watch and item crash it so you can activate its special ability.

Anytime you find a key on a level, hold onto it until you get to the door it opens which is usually on the level you find it.


Destroy all monster lairs first! They’re a monumental pain in the ass and must be dealt with quickly.

Use your magic powers as you battle, search far and wide for magic scrolls, they come in handy when you’re in a pinch.

As you’re commanding your people to rebuild and whatnot, make sure you cover critical areas like by rivers and lakes; a few of your subordinates have power to bestow upon one so thorough.

Final Fantasy III/VI

Don’t rush to get thru the game, take your time.

Learn and practice all of Sabin’s blitz moves; the payoff will be huge if you can use the right moves at the right time. Here’s a list of Sabin’s moves.

– Left, Right and Left

Aura Bolt
– Down x 2 and Left


SNES – X, Y, Down and Up

PS1 – Triangle, Square, Down and Up

Fire Dance – Left x 2, Down, Right x 2


SNES – R Button, L Button, R Button, L Button, X, Y

PS1 – R1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle and Square

Air Blade – Up x 2, Right x 2, Down x 2 and Left


SNES – R button, L button, X, Y, Right and Left

PS1 – R1, L1, Triangle, Square, Right and Left

Bum Rush – Left x 2, Up x 2, Right x 2, Down x 2 and Left

Do not equip Terra or Celes with Espers surrounding their magic powers/magic learned at levels; the only magic power where that’s necessary is Ultima which is for just Terra only.

This probably goes without saying but buy all of Edgar’s power/battle tools; you’ll need to if you’re going to use him throughout the game.

Abuse Terra’s Esper Form in boss battles and regular battles with tough enemies, this’ll give you a chance to really get to know Terra and the full extent of her powers.

Strago is your Blue Mage, and learning Lores is the key to his great power. Don’t make the mistake of constantly running back to the Veldt to encounter enemies for their Lores, its time-consuming and irritating. Yeah, that’s all you need, keep fighting the same enemies for hours and dicking around while waiting on the enemies you actually need to show up that never do; screw that! Learn the Lores as you go along, don’t waste your time on the Veldt and that goes for when you make the choice to use Gau as well.

Make sure that everyone who doesn’t learn cure magic or a cure spell innately learn one via Esper which would be Edgar, Locke, Setzer and Relm.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

Each of the X-Men have different moves for every situation. Learn those moves and own the enemies; here’s a list of all of the X-Men moves


Punch – Y button

Crescent Kick – Up and Y button together

Slide Kick – Right x 2 and Y button

Standing Optic Blast – Down, Down-Right, Right and press Y button

Jumping Optic Blast – In midair press Down, Down-Right, Right and press Y

Crouching Optic Blast – Press Right, Down-Right, Right and press Y


Elbow Jab – Y button

Flip Kick – Up and Y button

Spin Kick – Down and Y button

Psychic Knife – Down, Down-Right, Right and Y button

Flying Knee – Right, Down, Right-Down, and Y button

Quick Slide – Right x 2 and Y button

Neck Cracker – Down and Y button as you’re landing on your enemy’s head


Staff Attack – Y button

Low Staff Attack – Down and Y button

Jumping Staff Attack – Jump and press Y button

Double Kick – Up and Y button

Single Card – Right x 2 and Y button

Triple Card – Down, Down-Right, Right and Y button

High Card – Up x 2 and Y button


Slash – Y button

Uppercut – Up and Y button

Running Claw – Right x 2 and Y button

Jumping Slash – Jump and press Y button

Berserker – Press Down, Down-Right, Right and press Y button

Flying Berserker – Down and Y button in the air

Wall Climb – Jump to a wall then press Y button


Punch – Y button

Beast Charge – Right x 2 and Y button

Somersault Kick – Up and Y button

Crouching Kick – Down and Y button

Ceiling Walk – Jump up to a ceiling and press Up button

Beast Bounce – Down and Y button as you’re landing on your enemy’s head


Search the levels for spells and other power-ups; don’t get caught with your pants down, use your spells

Death and Return of Superman

Press the X button to activate your special move but don’t use it unless you’re unbelievably surrounded or need to level the playing field.

Super Return of the Jedi

When you’re using Luke, don’t make Heal your go to Force Power. Learn to use other Force Powers for different battle situations.

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

Since you can move in all eight directions, use this to dodge the strikes of your enemies.

As you’re beating up your enemies, don’t hesitate to use your boot kick finisher after you knock your enemies to the ground, this lessens the amount of enemies that’ll be around to harass you.

Contra III: Alien Wars

Before you start the game, go to option menu and adjust the player lives to 7 and you can even adjust the difficulty of the game to Easy if you’re having trouble playing the game on Normal.

When you get to Stage 3, make sure you have at least the Flamethrower or the Spread Shot because the giant mosquito enemies will overwhelm you if you don’t; having both shots will keep the virulent pests away.

Demon’s Crest

A few things; headbutt everything you see with the A button.

If you see a “pit” of sorts and a wall leading downward, scale the wall going down because you never know what you might find.

Some levels have alternate paths that require another gargoyle power, seek the power then return to said level after getting said power.

There is a password option to this game, don’t hesitate to use it because it’ll come in handy especially after you start getting your alternate forms and gargoyle powers.

When you get to the world map screen where you can make Firebrand fly to different locales, check out the single houses first then move onto the different areas. Y button make him land. Also, there are 3 stages that you can go do right now on the map screen, you’ll be able to pick and choose which one you want to do. All of them aren’t that hard, just requires a little patience to pass.


You’ll eventually come across an enemy called Starmen Supers and among them is a gold one. This one has the fabled Sword of Kings, destroy it and get that sword!

Illusion of Gaia

Search everywhere for the red jewels, behind bell towers, search rooms and completely do a huge sweep of every area you go to. Red Jewel #10 – leave the room without talking to anyone, talk to Seth out on the deck.

Red Jewel #3 – Search the fisherman’s jar, but do it before Will goes home to complete the day. If you don’t see the fisherman before Will goes home then keep entering and leaving your hangout until he appears; it could take a while, but don’t leave those docks without that jewel.

Mickey Mania

Be careful how many marbles you burn through when you first start a level, you don’t want to leave yourself defenseless until you find more.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

You’ll face putty soldiers with knives. Drop Kick them by using B+Y buttons.

After you morph into your Power Ranger form, you can ignite your bomb blast by pressing X button

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Search high and low for various items like extra lives

You don’t have to work hard to destroy your enemies, just whip them where they are

Take your time, this game can rush you and in the direction you’re going no less.

A button will use the whip without the projectile and Y button will allow you to throw a projectile. X button is for your boomerang.

You can shoot your projectile upward by pressing Up on the d-pad. If you hold Y button for a few seconds, you’ll charge your projectile and fire it at lightspeed which can be used to destroy your enemies.

R Button allows you to fire your explosive stones.

Secret of Evermore

When you start getting ingredients for your alchemy formulas, use them as much as possible but make sure you keep a good supply of the ingredients as well.

Anytime you enter a new village or town, fleece it for its alchemy and whatever other items you can find because they’ll go far in the use of alchemy.

Weapons in this game have a 100% strike meter so striking when the meter is at 100% deal the most damage. Your dog has the same meter so he operates the same way as your weapon.

Secret of Mana

If you’re looking to do the most damage with your weapons then strike when your meter is at 100%.

The Mana Sword is the only weapon that can cut the grass in the area and that includes plants that block your way.


No matter how much magic power you have, don’t let that deter you from using your various powers; there are refills in every stage and bosses have them when you destroy their henchmen.

Soul Blazer

Abuse your magic; the spells you get will only get more powerful as you progress. You can guide your spells by pressing the direction you want your spell to fire in.

If you hold down the R or the L button, you’ll hold your sword in front of you and enemies will take damage; it’s like you don’t have to strike them down.

Super Castlevania IV

Practice swinging your whip in the 8 directions that you can because it is going to come in handy when you battle.

It’s okay if you want to pick one weapon and 3 shot it, you don’t have to stick to using different weapons. For example, I usually go with the Ax/Axes and 3 shot it.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Strive to get a 100% in every level; that means get every red coin, practically taking no damage etc.

Super Metroid

Explore every inch of an area as you gain access

Don’t rush thru a level, take your time.

After you find the X-ray Scope, make it your go to when you enter any area or are revisiting the ones you’ve been to.

Super Valis IV

Use and experiment with every sword power up you get; you will find one that’ll serve you well in many battle situations.

The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse

Don’t hesitate to do a form change as you’re exploring the various levels, it pays to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your forms.


Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

Abuse your Mace attack; it’s a great ability to use for crowd control

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Abuse your light and shadow powers; that’s why they are there to begin with.

Practice and use your various combos in battle, it’s not about finding the perfect combo just remembering how to do each one.

Use your Divine Shield (Holy Water + Light Magic) to buy yourself time while you strike your enemies to recover.

Shadow Flames is an attack that’s heavily damaging and cannot be blocked, abuse it!

Always explore all paths on a level when finding the light, shadow and life gems.

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus

Use the Nightmare Box throughout the fight with Neftin; use your Winterizer/Blizz-o-matic on the thugs that come and help Neftin so they’re less of a nuisance. Use the Nightmare Box/Terrorizer on the Prog Bot.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma I

Use your weapons on every enemy to see which ones work on which enemies

Search every corner of every area to find items for they hide everywhere.

When you’re trying to use the Flying Swallow move, jump and press Triangle.

Ninja Gaiden 3

Start a combo using your Slide move (L1). This also trips up enemies and distracts them long enough for you to carve them up.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma II

When you use your black hole ninjitsu, make sure enemies are in a straight line which will make it easy for you to kill them.

Guillotine Throw all Black Spider Ninjas with Claws, they’re exhausting to kill any other way not to mention time-consuming.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate

Keep an eye on your map because you’ll see yellow question marks which signify secrets. The thing is, there are other secrets in that area as well.

Abuse Alucard’s Mist Form if and when you need a pick-me-up; not even Dracula is immune to its effects.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II

Don’t do the trials; the last 10 lightsaber crystals are not worth it!

Search every corner of the immediate area to find every Holocron

Equip and experiment with every new lightsaber crystal you find; tons of combos, more ways to kill your enemies.

Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time

When you’re searching for the clue bottles, start getting the bottles that are high up like on top of structures then mid-level like on top of rooftops then low like on the ground.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Use Thera’s Bane to boost your attack power when you’re fighting enemies and bosses alike; it helps if it’s at least Lv.3 so it’ll do residual damage on top of regular combo damage.

Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

Explore and keep on the lookout for hidden hideaways; they have hidden Sarcophagi in them that have points that go toward strengthening you.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Get every hidden Holocron on every level; don’t journey too far from an area unless you’re sure you got them all in the present area you’re in.

Abuse your Force Lightning and Lightning Shield especially when you fight Maris’ Bull Rancor; it takes a lot of damage from both.

Max out your Defense Mastery first, you’ll need to if you expect blaster fire to bounce off of you.

Devil May Cry 4

Concentrate on buying the Blue Orbs from the divinity statue and later the Purple Orbs. Don’t worry about buying any healing item from the shop unless you can really afford to.

Press L2 after you finish a combo to activate your Exceed then use your Streak combo to take advantage of the blade “fire”.

This hardly needs to be said but return to previous stages and complete them after you get the Rusalka Corpse which give your Devil Bringer the Auto Search ability. Start from Mission 1 and work your way back to the present stage.

You can beat Secret Mission 2 by using your Snatch Lv.2; use your Buster ability then press Circle button quickly.

God of War: Ascension

After you get your Blades of Chaos to Lv.2, abuse Spartan’s Revenge – R1 + X; you’ll be able to deflect your enemies’ attack and projectiles.

You’ll eventually acquire the Amulet of Uroborus, abuse its powers especially on fast enemies that’s hard to land a hit on. Don’t hesitate to use it when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

DMC Devil May Cry

Use the Arbiter’s Flush move to destroy the objects far away in the secret mission, Hasty Acquisition

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Use Helios’ Light of Dawn powers after you acquire it. The power has multiple uses and can destroy enemies the stronger it becomes.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

As you’re venturing from sector to sector, explore the various moons; you’ll get rewards that’ll really make Ratchet and his ship shine.

Rise of the Argonauts

God powers are accessible thru the Aspects option; you have to appease a particular God before you’re imparted their powers.

007 Blood Stone

Always aim to shoot your enemies in the head for instant death.

You can draw your enemies’ attention by shooting at them then when they come to your locale then you can do a takedown.

Switch out weapons and don’t lean on one to do everything because even though you’ll get ammo for said gun, it doesn’t mean that you should abuse the one you have.

If you run into enemies that are being elusive while they’re attempting to gun you down, shoot a nearby explosive object like a car thereby detonating it and killing them.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Take your time exploring every part of the castle you’re in; be thorough.

Keep a good supply of Dungeon Keys, you’ll be happy you do when you’re not having to run back to the chupacabra’s shop for more.

Despite whatever magic reserve you have, don’t let that stop you from using your Void Sword and Chaos Claws freely; use your elemental powers as and when you see fit.

Golden Axe Beast Rider

Use your fireball magic to target enemies far away from you.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Anytime you’re low on life energy or nanotech, go to a weapon vendor to get an instant life refill; it helps if you get an ammo refill on a weapon.


Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to give gamers a guide or at least a hint about how to get and keep that leg up in the game. Also, stating that the hint/tip/strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Over the years that I’ve been playing video games, I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes the only way to destroy a complicated enemy is to use the simplest strategy whether it is a few extra lives or a difficulty change.

Also, I want to personally tell every gamer out there that to never stop gaming; gaming is life and everything else is just details.


Closing Remarks

Video games, to some a hobby, to others, a way of life. To each soul that makes the choice to pick up that controller is put into the driving seat of one of the greatest hobbies that’s been around since the 1980s. Incidentally, video games breed pros, gaming genius and in some cases, monsters. However, make no mistake video games are and will always be the greatest thing to happen to civilization since the invention of the internet.

So, whether you work 6 hour or a 12 hour day at work or are a family man that can only play after the kids are asleep, I urge you to always make time for your games because they’re among the most precious treasures you’ll ever own.



R.J’s Video Game Life Hacks has one simple purpose and that is to help and remind gamers about the certain aspects of gaming that can make or break their game. Video games make breed all kinds of people/gamers but one thing is for sure is that it is a hobby and an enjoyable one.

So what are your questions, do you have any problems with the focal point of my project here or does something stick out to you; if you have any questions then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank and Happy gaming.





  1. Jay Jay

    When I play video games I hardly make use of cheats because I feel it is just removing the fun from the game. The satisfaction that comes from beating a difficult stage or boss is just so amazing. A game that comes to mind is God of War. When playing the most difficult mode there are just some scenes or bosses that are very difficult to beat and this leaves me playing a particular scene for hours. Been able to finally beat that scene gives me a lot of gratification than when I make use of a cheat to pass it. That makes the make to be less challenging.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      That’s cool, I’m glad that my info helped you realize that.

  2. Divican Divican

    I personally like games but i normally download most of them from playstore which means i have to install them on handset which is a disadvantage to me,  i can’t install even 5 games on my phone due to storage capacity and mostly these games are being sold and if you can’t pay for them they have a lot of annoying ads. Do you know games i can play using my desktop without installing them?

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I can’t say for sure, I’m all console games.

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    Wow, you have so much information here the mind boggles. I have a few of the games you mentioned here and no doubt will acquire some more. I can tell you are an expert because of the knowledge you have on the games I Play. I’ve’ never really followed any of the guidelines but you make it so obvious if you want to win and win quickly you need to use all the tactics.

    This has been awesome read I’m off to win some battles that I have lost so many times before

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Game on Paul and I’m glad that my info can help you get ahead in whatever games you’re playing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need additional help.

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    Hello, I must commend you for the effort in documenting thus guide to help gamers. I actually love gaming, however my console got damaged, so I’m saving up to get a new one. This list is comprehensive, and I can’t wait to try out some of the tips you’ve put here. I hope you will constantly update this blog in future.

    Truly, gaming is life! Happy gaming

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Absolutely Louis, I definitely will update regularly or when something new comes across my desk gaming-wise. Gaming is life and it is a vital part of life and make it worth living. Game on dude.

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    Thanks for writing this article on Video Games Info and thanks for sharing your experience on different types of strategy you have use to beat some game with cheat and the rest. It makes me remember when I have all the time  to play video unlike now that I only play it twice a week.R.J’s Video Game Life Hacks really sound good to me and interesting if everyone can make use of it

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      Thanks for your feedback ajibola, I hope my info can and will benefit you no matter what game you play.

  6. Vapz Vapz

    Wow, who cannot do with a little life hack even for video games. This is so nice of you to use your  30 years of  experience to make gaming fun and even easier.  I like the way you have outlined a lotbof them with their hacks, so that no matter which one the gamer has, he or she has a hack suggestion. I would probably have to take note of the ones mynboys play and teach them the hacks for those as they are too young.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Awesome Vapz, I did this so kids like your boys can really get something out of it especially if they’re playing console games from our youth like Final Fantasy III and Super Mario World etc.

  7. Dave Sweney Dave Sweney

    Wow, this was quite the paydown of the many video games that are available in the market and you took the time to add in a good set of tips for each. I know that this was a major project for you, but that is a real benefit to us readers who now have a single spot to come to get the low down on many games prior to buying them.

    Since you obviously are a gamer aficionado and the name you gave your project (R.J.’s Video Game Life hacks) is a fitting one and we surely will benefit from bookmarking this post and referring to it as we enter in any of the games you have covered.

    Thirty years is a long time to have when trying to learn all the best ways to beat or win these games. This is way beyond the level that I have dived in over the years, but I have to admit, I still enjoy spending an afternoon or an entire evening sometimes immersed in my games from yesteryear or the ones that are more recent. It is a great hobby to have.

    It is helpful that you have organized the content by console as this makes sense to those of us who only have one, two or more that are out there (or have been). In my case, I have some old ones that are still working, and a couple of new ones too. I guess you can tell already that my interest in gaming is a bit more than a casual thing!

    Thanks again for all your hard work on this. I am sure I will be here quite a few times going forward!


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Dave for your feedback, I worked hard on this project and I wanted to give you and other gamers a one stop shop for all of your video game tips and strategies. Visit the page as often as you like because I guarantee you that you’re going to find something on there you can use.

  8. To be honest, I’m not much of a gamer. I don’t have much time. When I used to play these game time would go so fast. I’m into sports game basketball and football. I like to play the NBA and the NFL. That’s the kind of gamer I am. I played games back when we had Atari. Anyway, it’s great how you breakdown the strategies of each of the games. You took time to that and that took lots of effort. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Roger for the feedback, your insight is always welcomed and appreciated.

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