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Published June 29, 2019

Video game hints are often needed to steer many gamers in the right direction but as you play Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, you’ll find that some of them are not as concise as they appear. However, you’ll find that sometimes some video game hints are just enough to get you through an area. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night consists of many areas that wind, twist and in some cases, turn.

In my experience of late playing through certain areas of the game, I found routes that lead to the back area of levels that I’ve gone through and completed. I’m not sure where some of you are in the game right now but I’m sure you’re aware that there are different paths leading to different areas in the game.

There are hints available, hints that you wouldn’t think of because you’re so into the progression of the game but I warn you that doing something as simple as checking in with Dominique, where to go next via process of elimination even drawing a connection to the blood fountain and the forbidden underground waterway can go over your heads.

Zangetsu is a powerful mini-boss that you should wait until you’re strong enough to take on no problem but I’ll talk about that along with the different paths, top 3 hints, drawing conclusions about the Forbidden Underground Waterway and Blood Fountain. So having said all of that, let’s explore the……

Different Paths

As I previously mentioned, there are many paths in the game that’ll take you to different areas in the game. However, finding the right path can be a little frustrating and leave you walking around for hours. Once upon a time, this was me but I found that there are ways of “documenting” where you’ve been. For one, you can use the Circle button to leave a little “mark” of sorts of where you are on the map so you can go back to that locale later which I recommend.

In the beginning, you’ll find that your “spatial” movement is limited because unless you can proceed past Zangetsu, you won’t be going any further. The benefit to this is that you’ll be able to fully explore whatever area(s) you’re in which is great because you’ll be able to find a great many item and satisfy a great many quests from Lindsay.

One thing that I have to warn you about while you’re venturing around the areas in the castle, you’ll come across some hidden routes that’ll lead you to different areas as well as back roads into areas you’ve been to, if this happens to you then don’t be afraid to explore it because you’ll turn up a great many things.

My top 3 pieces of advice

As I previously mentioned, video game hints or certain hints can lead you in the right direction or at the very least, point you in the direction you’re supposed to be going. Now, where I am at present versus where I’m going, I have some advice for all of you playing this game.

I. Check in with Dominique often, I did this after I completed an area or after I destroyed a boss of an area. Dominique may not look like a fountain of knowledge but she’s smarter than she appears so check in with her often. The payoff is huge I assure you.

II. Transmute Food for yourself, as you’re doing Susie’s little sidequest, you may find yourself getting hungry or trying to survive on potions. Don’t do it, make food for yourself so you can eat it on a moment’s notice if and when you’re down to your last little bit of life. Here’s a hint, buy one of every food ingredient that Dominique sells.

III. Arvantville, Entrance, and Dian Cecht Cathedral. What’s the connection, these are the available areas to explore and get your feet wet not to mention put a manipulate shard in your pocket. The Garden of Silence is where you’ll find Zangetsu, but you’re free to explore the Garden of Silence too. Mind my advice and you’ll never lose your way as you’re exploring.

The relationship between the Forbidden Underground Waterway and the Blood Fountain in the Entrance Area

Using my own video game hints, I was trying to find a way to navigate certain places and objects that were a little out of the ordinary. The Blood Fountain and the Forbidden Underground Waterway, the connection lies in you; you lack the ability to explore underwater and the underbelly area of the Blood Fountain in the Entrance area.

I believe that your ability to swim or the item that grants you said ability lies further on in the game somewhere. Again, I’m not sure where most of you are in this game or you’re following a guide of some kind but there lies, in the Garden of Silence, a hidden route to the backdoor area of the Forbidden Underground Waterway; it’s down a broken well sitting on its lonesome.

As far as your ability to swim or be able to navigate both areas, getting the ability to explore underwater is the key to taking both of these areas by storm. Now, trying to explore the Forbidden Underground Waterway via front entrance is a no go so consider yourself warned. Remember the Blood Fountain for later because I believe it holds a clue to what lies beneath it, so just mind it for later.

Avoid Zangetsu until you’re about a Lv. 14 – 16 and have 10 potions

You’ll run across Zangetsu in the Garden of Silence. If you have fought him then you’re aware of how tough he can be unless you’re adequately prepared for the encounter. Use whatever video game hints you can come up with that’ll beat him, but I can assure you that staying away from him until you’re at least level 15+ and have 10 potions on hand will give you an advantage and keep you alive.

Zangetsu isn’t very hard but given your Hit Point level at the time of your first encounter with him, you may feel under leveled, I was. Make no mistake, I explored more of the areas I had access to and I even crafted a weapon or two which gave me a monumental advantage.

Basically, to beat Zangetsu, just watch his strikes and dodge when he zip lines up to the ceiling because when he comes down, he’s open to attack especially if you effectively dodge his attacks. Zangetsu isn’t particularly hard as his strikes deal moderate to lethal damage.

So having the above prerequisites is going to ensure that you’re ready for him but if you still feel like you should avoid him for the time being then do so; there’s no shame in avoiding him if you’re not feeling confident about the encounter.


There are tons of video game hints regarding how to navigate Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night but for many of us gamers who are doing it ourselves then minding the aforementioned tips can and will save our lives like stopping in to see Dominique often, making food for yourself if you need that extra pick-me-up. Explore the areas Arvantville, Entrance and Dian Cecht Cathedral to get started.

Explore the Forbidden Underground Waterway and Blood Fountain in the Entrance area after you gain the ability to swim and don’t worry about Zangetsu until you’re ready. So what do you think about my tips, do you find them helpful or is there something extra you need help with? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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R.J’s Last Minute Tips:

Eventually, you’re going to come across two doors that’ll lead to two areas in the Garden of Silence, the Bridge of Evil and the Tower of the Twin Dragons. Do the Tower of the Twin Dragons because you’ll come across a door leading to an area called Livre Ex Machina, you’ll gain the very useful Double Jump ability after destroying the boss which can be used to find and destroy the Twin Dragon boss(es) at the Tower of Twin Dragons.


After you’ve cleared Livre Ex Machina and have met O.D. in the Library; head to the Garden of Silence’s secondary entrance which will take you to the Bridge of Evil. You’ll run right into a gate that you’ll need a passplate to board, go back to O.D. and he’ll give you his.

Remember, you have to have gotten the Silver Bromide in the Tower of Twin Dragons which you only do after you’ve destroyed the Twin Dragons and have gotten the Silver Bromide back to Dominique.



  1. Pentrental Pentrental

    I must admit I have used video game hints from time to time. I’ve definitely used them in old games such as Super Mario Bros and Contra. Documenting sounds like it can really be helpful in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. It reminds me of leaving things like candies on a remote hiking trail so you can find your way back. I like games like these where there are mazes and strategies to employ. You’ve provided three solid hints in checking in with Dominique, transmuting food and exploring the entrance area. You’ve really intrigued me with this post and I’m looking forward to checking out Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night further through your link here, well done!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Awesome. I’m glad I could help. You should definitely check out the game, it is awesome. I’ve been working on it for the last 5 or 6 days or so but I assure, the game kick ass! If you’ve played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you’ll breeze through some of the game if not most or all. Reach out to me if you have any issues in the game.

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