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Published June 7, 2019

Well, I can say beyond reasonable doubt that not every video game female character can have power that is on par with your run-of-the-mill superhero. Miriam, the star heroine from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is such a video game female character. I can remember when Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon came out, Miriam was my go to for doing everything from jumping over the smallest hole or gap to dealing damage to bosses at a distance.

Everything that Miriam is revolves around the powers that she get throughout the game and from what I can tell, it’s going to be quite a lot. Normally, some video game female characters have unique individual power like Lailah from Tales of Zestiria, who harnesses the power of fire or how about Fury from Darksiders 3 who harnessed the power of the hollows.

My point is that powers become weapons which make the lead character a threat to her enemies of the best kind, it cannot be argued that Miriam’s power will rival that of Zangetsu’s demon form in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon which will be interesting to see to say the least.

However, more on this along with more about Miriam, the game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, powers, weapons etc. So without further ado, let’s talk about……


Miriam, the lead video game female character of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, is definitely going to be surpassing a lot of expectations of many gamers including myself. I used to think that Miriam could use the same power in Curse of the Moon as she’ll have access to in Ritual of the Night but make no mistake, she’s going to have plenty of power and plenty of enemies to use it on.

From what I’ve noticed from the trailer and videos, she’ll be facing off against foes that make an appearance from Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. I want it to go on the record that many of these enemies are among the strongest in the game but I know that with everything that Miriam will have at her disposal, she’ll be able to stand with her enemies.

Especially since her power in the game will rival that of her counterpart in the past game. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game because I’m dying to play with Miriam and see exactly how she stacks up against everything in the game. I want to go on record as saying that if Miriam in the upcoming game is anything like her counterpart in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon then we’re in for a good time and a hell of a game.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Yes, I’ve waited so long for this game to get a release date and with it on the brink of coming out, it gives me a lot to look forward to especially playing with the video game female character in the game, Miriam, who is capable of great things. When I first thought this game was going to come out before back in ’17, I was really excited especially since we get to explore all of the different aspects of Miriam.

However, when they came out with Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, I thought that game was going to be as close to Ritual of the Night as I was ever going to get and I was ready to settle for that. Ultimately, when this game was announced, it really took me by surprise because I thought it would be a kickstarter project forever.

From what I can tell, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is going to be a lengthy game which I personally like because I wouldn’t want the game to end too quickly; I mean, if I’m going to be spending money on a game then I at least want to get my money’s worth. So since the game shapes up like Symphony of the Night then we’re in for some fast times at Bloodstained High; see what I did there.


Now, as anyone whose ever played with a video game female character, you know that some of them pack some major power and Miriam is no different. Miriam will be able to command the four elements along with using other power. Many of her powers will come from the crystal shards that she absorbs, I think this is very creative because what video game character do you know get their powers from getting stuck with a crystal.

Ever since I got a little sneak peek at Miriam’s powers, I was excited. Incidentally, with all of the power at her disposal, there’s nothing that she won’t be able to do; it’ll almost be like she’s a god among her enemies but that’s not totally the case. I can’t wait to see more of Miriam’s powers, it would be cool if she could make tornadoes appear out of thin air or create a blizzard.

Ultimately, Miriam’s powers will make her very powerful like the product of a Jedi Knight and a Master Magician. I would imagine this is the type of thing us gamers hunger for because destroying your enemies in creative ways using powers, even elemental powers, make them that much more sought after at least in my opinion.


A gamer could ask or even wonder, what kind of weapons would a video game female character use to defend herself; a question with many answers I’d imagine. However, in Miriam’s case, she’s going to have tons of weapons at her disposal. Some of the weapons she’ll find will be chests and others she’ll gain throughout the game.

Not to ruin anybody’s expectations but I saw Miriam using a gun in one of the videos which will be handy on enemies that you don’t want to get close to like the twin dragon boss in the game which from what I could tell, you’ll want to anyway because keeping your distance from them and avoiding damage is everything.

What about Miriam’s other weapons, one of which will be her trademark whip from Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon; she’ll even be able to use a spear which is good because spears have the kind of reach that is needed to stay out of your enemy’s range. Swords are good weapons but we’ll get a chance to see it all, but if we gamers use our imagination then it won’t be hard to imagine what other weapons Miriam will have access to.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s very own video game female character has a lot of surprises in store for us all not to mention her powers, weapons even background story. We’ll learn a lot about Miriam and in turn use her great powers to destroy her enemies. Let it be known that this awesome game will be out on PS4 on June 18th 2019.

If you have any questions regarding my post then please send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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