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Published November 22, 2019

Video Game Emulator Consoles have been around for a little while and while it cannot be argued that they exist for the sole purpose of retro gaming, they have become a necessary piece of gaming equipment. When I first heard and read about the emulator consoles, I was a little skeptical but was eventually on board once I got my Retro Game Station which has just about every retro game known to man.

I remember the cartridges and how excited I was whenever I put a cartridge inside of a gaming console, but the feeling of playing my favorite games were indescribable. I mean, there was Super Mario Bros 3, Super C, Castlevania III, Little Nemo Dream Master, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Arcade Mode and many more. Incidentally, I used to think that there were nothing that could ever replace the cartridges but eventually ‘something’ did which turned into CDs and game downloads.

Ultimately, preserving the game cartridges were everything to us gamers but there wasn’t a time when I felt what more was there beyond the horizon if retro games were done with which raised a question for me, are video game emulator consoles better than the original cartridges, a question I’ll answer in this post.

Video Game Emulator Necessity

As a hardcore gamer, I’m well versed in everything video game and that includes emulators. Video Game Emulator Consoles are necessary and their necessity has never been more apparent. As you well know, old video game cartridges eventually die off and don’t play as well as they used to in their prime which leads to a big problem for gamers who are looking to preserve their ‘childhood games’. Now the question, would you buy a gaming emulator if your old games still worked?

My answer to that, an emphatic yes and here’s why. Cartridge life can be extended somewhat if you manage to find the game elsewhere like Disk Replay etc. However, you might find that having a gaming emulator will give you options including access to every game your heart desires. Video games products don’t last forever as we gamers well know and most times, getting an upgrade becomes necessary.

Video game emulator consoles are exactly what gamers need if they’re to preserve their gaming past especially if they have intentions to turn their kids onto them. There’s also the concept that game cartridges can get lost or destroyed. I remember my Shining Force II game cartridge got lost a couple years after I went away to college; it broke my heart. It wasn’t until I was on Facebook one day sometime later that I found a gaming emulator that had that game on it and then some. Lucky, huh?

Original Cartridges’ Age

Original Cartridges age to the point of being unplayable, where it takes longer than usual to get them working than it normally would, this leads to frustration and just forgetting about the game as a whole or spending hundreds of dollars on trying to find another copy. You see, one of the hardest feelings in the world is letting go of cherished possessions if they no longer work the way they should. Sadly, this is an inevitability that we must eventually face as gamers but make no mistake, there is hope in the form of video game emulator console.

If you can get your original cartridges to work inside your game system then great, the original Nintendo was always the hardest to get games to work for hence providing a real challenge to get the game working. Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, not so much. Personally, I’ve played every game console and the games for them and the original cartridges have become all but extinct.

I can say for sure that there are some gamers out there who still have the original cartridges to their games and for those of you out there that do, bravo; you have my respect!

My personal opinion

Personally, I like the video game emulator console better than the original cartridge games, the emulator consoles don’t seem as likely to be problematic with getting a game started unless you purposely deleted data that the emulator needs to function. Cartridges games are always going to be number one on the “poster board” category i.e. memories but this is why video game emulator consoles exist, so you can play your favorite games from now until the end of eternity.

With a video game emulator console, this bundle isn’t needed!

Who doesn’t want to run through the Volcanic Level to face Flame Stag in Mega Man X2 or even chill with Wire Sponge on his level with his awesome music, all those are is memories; memories wrapped up in a nice neat little package and ready for you to play at your convenience. I remember when I fought Zio in Phantasy Star 4, I still remember trying to pull off the Silent Wave combo with Chaz and Demi; (Airslash + Phonomezer); hard as hell to pull off.

I got the Retro Game Station when it came out and I fell in love, but if you’re looking for a good emulator console then check out the Retro Arcade Store where you can create your own game emulator console with as little or many games as you want. Max 26,000.


The old game cartridges and the video game emulator console have one thing in common, preservation, or preservation of the old games which is something that many of us gamers want. Yeah, we have Call of Duty, Halo, Assassin’s Creed and even Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order on PS4 and Xbox consoles but nothing, and I mean nothing can phase out the classics like Illusion of Gaia, Chrono Trigger, Ninja Gaiden 3 on NES, Castlevania Bloodlines and many more. As I previously mentioned in a past post, I went back to playing retro games because I wanted to feature and create content around that as I have with games in the present day.

Shining Force 1, I was playing that game and giving it a go even though I swore I never would again but it was something about it that made me want to pick it up and play it again, but the preservation concept of the video game emulator console is absolute. I want it to go on the record that new games cannot exist without the old, facts.

Also, I swore that I’d play my retro games after I beat all of my PS4 games. That way, I can pour my entire focus into that retro game or games. Overall, between the video game emulator and the old cartridges, the video game emulator console is the winner in my book and for all of the obvious reasons I mentioned.


Old game cartridges have made us gamers reliant and obsessed with preserving our gaming past which we can still have with video game emulator consoles, a great many of us possess, myself included. Cartridges do age but video game emulator consoles exist to compact those games into a unit that’ll make those game accessible on a moment’s notice.

So what do you think of my post, what are your thoughts about video game emulator consoles vs. cartridge games? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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