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Published February 18, 2019

Uncharted 2 walkthrough PS3 has covered many things throughout it and one of the things that it also covers is how to strategically get past all kinds of booby traps, it also has all the bad guys’ names etc. However, as you’re playing the game, do you ever sometimes wonder which gun to actively use to take care of your business or take care of your enemies; is there such a gun, a preferred method of which gun to use to actively slay the masses?

Over the time that I’ve been playing the game, I’ve fallen in love with many of the guns, some of them not so much and some that never really had it in the first place. Guns are the bread and butter behind the success in this game, if you are to survive then you’ll need to pick up that gun and light up the night sky.

Such brutality, such power, such is the might of the M-32 Hammer

But, in playing the game, do you feel like you have a favorite gun or that favorite go to gun that you use to flatten your enemies; do you have a secondary favorite. I’ll discuss guns along with favorites in the game, guns from best to worst, why Grenade and Rocket Launchers are the exception to the rule and guns you shouldn’t use.

What’s your go to gun?

Ten times out of ten, playing Uncharted 2, I always get my hands on an assault rifle; assault rifles are my go to gun because of the sheer power of them and it doesn’t take a lot of ‘muscle’ to get headshots using an assault rifle. What’s your go to gun, the M-32 Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle or is it the all-powerful RPG-7; so many great guns, how can one choose a favorite?

Another rifle that’s a favorite of mine is the M4, its power is unmatched by none other than the guns that I deemed the heavy hitters like the M-32 Grenade Launcher or the RPG-7. Another weapon that has gained my enormous favor is the FAL assault rifle; I love that you can target your enemies for headshots and just to be able to kill them at a distance is why this gun is one of favorites.

I love the Desert Eagle too because it is a gun that is all power and no push, it’s like if I had a choice between the 9mm and the Desert Eagle; I’d go with the D’Eagle in a flash because I love how it doesn’t take too many bullets to kill your enemies.

Guns from best to worst

All guns have a certain grade as it were, some that I deemed have earned the best rating and some that have gotten have fallen under the worst category just because they’re not up to snuff or not that powerful or useful in a fire fight. So starting from the top.


M32 Hammer, RPG 7, FAL Assault Rifle, AK-47 Assault Rifle, Dragon Sniper, M4 Assault Rifle, MP40 Assault Rifle, Desert Eagle and Crossbow


GAU-19, SAS 12 Shotgun, Moss 12 Shotgun, 45 Defender, P08 9mm, Wes 44 Revolver, Micro 9mm and the Pistole Shotgun Pistol.

Now this is my gun list from best to worst, yours might be different and/or you might not have a favorite gun or gun list but I will say that no matter what happens from my best list of guns, those will be the ones I go with when I need to come out of a gun fight with as little damage as possible.

The M32 Hammer is a Grenade Launcher that’s an instant knockout which is handy when you’re looking to subdue a million of Zoran’s men at once. The Crossbow is useful for dealing with those scarecrows in Shambhala; it seems as if their own weapons are the key to their demise; keep that in mind.

Guns that you shouldn’t use

Now as you’re playing or have played the game, you’ll come across some guns that are powerful to the touch and can clear out the house but that doesn’t make the weapon useful or that you should use it because of its power; one particular weapon that I do not like using is the GAU-19, the Gatling gun.

The loading time for the gun to boot up and start spraying enemies takes way too long; I usually just pass it by when I see it because it leaves me too open to extraneous damage. The Pistole Shotgun Pistol, it would’ve made the ideal weapon cut but its low ammo count make it a weapon to only use if you don’t have access to others.

Every shotgun is another type of gun that shouldn’t be used because of its narrow range and if you are going to use it then use it on the scarecrows but if not then I would leave it alone altogether.

Rocket and Grenade Launchers are exceptions to the rule

Naturally, Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers are an exception to every rule because they’re all powerful for one. Secondly, since they’re limited on ammo it is wise to use them to clear out as many as possible; don’t hold anything back, if you’re going to get more ammo for it then you will otherwise just use it as you’re going to then move onto another weapon.

With the Rocket and Grenade Launchers, their ammo is limited so it is worth using them to destroy a crowd of enemies before their ammo runs out so make every shot count. I especially say this when it comes to the level – Broken Paradise, you’ll face a lot Lazarevic’s men especially one that is barelling down on you with an M-32 Hammer.

After you kill him and take it, you’ll need to use it to destroy every other enemy guard you see as you’re making your way to the Tree of Life; you can excuse the fact that the Rocket and Grenade Launchers are ammo-limited but they make up for it with their massive explosive damage per hit.


Uncharted 2 Walkthrough PS3 is a well implemented guide that’ll pinpoint everything you need to know and some things you don’t. While its okay to have a go to gun, keep in mind that there are so guns that are better fitted for a situation such as using the M4 or any assault rifle to kill then using guns from best to worst while remembering what guns to not use.

Also, keeping in mind too that the Rocket and Grenade Launcher are exceptions to the rule because of their firepower and because they’re so limited on their ammo, it is worth making every shot count. If you have any questions about my post then feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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