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Published August 30, 2018

A retro gaming console that has a lot of games is the stuff of gaming collectors and although said machines are pricey, it is not without question that they are worth their weight in gold especially since they have the games that every gamer wants which first brought me before the Retro Game Station company.

A real retro gaming console that’s worth the money

I bought their $260.00, 4000+ retro game console machine and was amazed at the amount of games available, I later wanted to play the games that were not on there; games like Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, X-Men: Children of the Atom and many more. This rash and unsatisfied angst led me to the website TodayzTrendz where I purchased their Retro Mini King retro gaming console.

The console itself was intact but there were several things that really made me grow to dislike the company along with product; the rude liaison, absent tech support, complicated controller programming even the HDMI cord hookup was an issue. I can say that the unit I ordered did have a lot of games on it which I definitely got, but there are some things that you can excuse and things you can’t.

In this review I will cover many of the aforementioned topics such as the liaison, tech support and the like; I cannot express how displeased I was with everything I dealt with regarding this which prompted this review. So without further ado, here’s my review on company, the Retro Mini King and other aspects.

Retro Mini King

The Retro Mini King is a work of art as far as retro gaming consoles go, I was so excited when it finally came. I was up til 4a in the morning figuring mine out and it was great having it for several reasons; the first, I got a huge selection of games which was around 14,000 since I ordered the Ultimate edition.

The pros, every game known to the retro gaming world was on there including common favorites such as Super Mario Bros Lost Levels and the Gamecube version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Arcade Mode; it was awesome. There were rare games on there such as X-Men: Children of the Atom and the Simpsons Arcade Game.

This was worth it!

Really, what did it for me was the fact that the Retro Mini King captured the epicenter of my childhood, a retro gaming console in the form of a regular Nintendo system and a small one at that; I felt being able to play all of my retro games on a console in the form of a Nintendo system was pretty sweet!

The cons, the ugly tidbits, there were things about it that really damaged it and the company’s reputation for me and these things made me the most unhappiest I’ve ever been with a gaming product.

For one, programming the controller every time you wanted to play a specific game was a nightmare because you were screwed no matter how many times you tried to program the controller. Plus, the controller was complete garbage; it’s like the company didn’t care enough to give you a decent working controller especially since the controls were different for the game.

Complete GARBAGE!

Second, and this really burned me up, I couldn’t certain games like the ones for the Nintendo DS because I didn’t have a wand to controller the little pen icon which I NEEDED for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and I couldn’t play Star Fox 64 because the controller didn’t work with it. To add insult to injury; I had to use my PS3 controller to play the game and that didn’t work out too well because I had problems programming my controller for the game in which it still didn’t quite respond to the game the way it was supposed to.

Turned out to not be worth it after all

I wanted to play Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and couldn’t; it was the same story with the wand, a regular controller didn’t work nor did the crappy controllers that the company sent along with my order. The HDMI cord and adapter were way too short, it felt like I had to move things around so the system didn’t fall off the stand; I didn’t mind that as much but it was a hassle.

Customer service, HA, what customer service; there was this one guy who I assume was a liaison and not really a customer service individual. Anyway, the guy was a complete ASS. The guy acted really lousy and ugly to me since he felt like I was asking too many questions that he couldn’t wrap his idiotic head around especially since I didn’t understand what he was saying.

Below is the exchange between me and the asshole liaison and his failure to understand or comprehend what was going on.

Me: Instructions


Check out the asshole’s response below:

Are you serious???????

This again?

The ones online!!!!!!!!

Are you drunk? lol

The ones you’ve been told to USE ALL DAY

Have a great weekend ????????

Who talks that way to a customer especially a customer who just spent $270.00 on their product and I couldn’t get the slightest bit of help; if you don’t know something then just move aside. The guy, the liaison, was a complete douchebag and I would love nothing more than to report him because his ugly behavior was unnecessary!

Tech support did not respond

I was trying to get a hold of Tech Support that Monday and it completely fell through, I don’t know what was going on in these guys’ heads that they don’t have to treat their customers like human beings but I really felt like I got railroaded with no answers on how to fix anything. Plus, I would think that tech support comes across an issue or two with these consoles of theirs so there should’ve been a tech guy or gal to help me through this instead of some smart ass wannabe tech guy.

I didn’t get a response let alone a bad response

When I bought my last retro gaming console, the company, before they went bankrupt or got wiped out or whatever happened to them, they took their customer service seriously; if I had any problems then they were quick to respond which I liked. Tech support for TodayzTrendz is GARBAGE; they don’t know how to get back to people!

I was appalled at the fact that there was practically no way of even trying to get a hold of them or them getting messages to their headquarters so they can respond which was an epic fail. I said to myself from that point on to just move on and forget about them and I’m going to cancel my account to boot!

Retro Mini King vs. Retro Game Station

As I previously mentioned, the Retro Game Station only has about a little under 4100 games and while I was a little disappointed with some of the games that are not on there, my Retro Game Station made me appreciate it in all of its glory. The Retro Mini King was a good investment in myself and I’d go so far as to say that it was somewhat worth the money, but the fact that I have to go through hell trying to program a makeshift bootleg Super Nintendo controller was more than I could handle.

TodayzTrendz didn’t have enough sense to send these with every order

The Retro Mini King is, on a certain level, a stress level 0 emergency that isn’t even worth acknowledging. I can play Star Fox 64 and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon along with Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow on my Retro Game Station without any kind of “special controller” or a “controller reprogram”. I couldn’t even play any of those games on the Retro Mini King because of that controller wand bullshit.

I’m going to tell you something, Retro Game Station i.e. the company, did it right. TodayzTrendz can take a lesson from them on customer service and customer satisfaction not to mention tech support need to be fired! I’m going to keep my 4000+ games Retro Game Station.

Take your business elsewhere

My advice to you, who are still looking for a retro gaming console, don’t bother or go near TodayzTrendz to buy their Retro Mini King especially their Ultimate Edition; LEAVE IT ALONE! If you have to get a retro gaming console then buy the parts and build your own because if you really have to spend more time trying to figure out why tech support or customer service hasn’t gotten back to you then you don’t need to be messing with TodayzTrendz.

Never again!

If I’m ever in need of a retro gaming console, I will not go back to because they are rude, ugly to people, unprofessional, shitty and above all, garbage. I can’t believe that I invested in a company that don’t care about gamers just making money; it’s sad really.


TodayzTrendz is a company that specializes in retro gaming consoles of a different kind and while they have been around a while, it is without question that there are several things wrong with them that makes it so gamers don’t need to acknowledge or buy from them. The Retro Mini King is a good retro gaming console with tons of games which works to the benefit of gamers everywhere.

The pros and cons of the Retro Mini King doesn’t outweigh the fact that it is a work in progress and the worst part of the machine is having to constantly reprogram your controller which no gamer should EVER!!! Tech Support doesn’t respond to people nor do they expect people to have issues with their gaming consoles but I never heard anything out of them despite getting a hold of them the millions of times that I tried.

Gamers would be better off building their own retro gaming console/retropie(s) and getting the games they want or if they have a Retro Game Station like I have then they’re better off keeping it because the Retro Mini King isn’t worth it; not by a longshot!

Retro Game

If you have any question regarding my post then please don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll get back to you before long. Thank you and Happy gaming!








  1. Paul SnowPaul Snow

    Nice review. I wish I had read it before I purchased my retro king mini. I just received mine in the mail earlier today and am trying to connect it to my laptop, but my laptop does not seem to be recognizing it. I am not at all tech savvy so it is probably some really stupid simple solution. Very frustrating. I can’t find a tutorial on how to connect it to confirm if I am doing it right or why my laptop will not recognize the hardware.

    • Incidentally, it won’t do you any good to try to get a hold of tech support because they’ll take forever getting back to you and the liaison is a complete asshole and will try to make your problem sound minimal not to mention make you sound like a complete idiot if you don’t know what you’re doing. I was trying to get help regarding a system restore but the liaison blew me off talking about that he gave me the solution but I could still make head or tails of what he was talking about so he was of no help. I vowed from that moment on not to buy anything from them ever again. Plus, I learned too that they’re all about money and not helping people.

  2. DaveDave

    I just had the same experience. Nobody responds except some chicken shit asshole on Facebook messenger who ended up swearing at me and getting personal. This guy needs to be fired. Reporting them to the BBB and I suggest you all do too

    • Hey Dave, sorry about your bad experience bro; I didn’t want to be right but its clear that those people are just looking for suckers and that guy who was doing all of the talking, he seriously needs to get handled. Definitely report them to the BBB because they cannot be allowed to get away with this.

  3. DanDan

    Also, I just want to point out that their refund policy is totally bogus. Please read it before you buy.

    • Exactly. I didn’t return mine; I gave it to the wife as a just because gift. I tell you, that company is so full of bullshit! Spread the word, friend so that no one else suffers from their lack of customer service and horrible mistreatment.

  4. Alan EckhardtAlan Eckhardt

    Did you try buying the controller package to eliminate reprogramming?

    • Yes I did, but the problem was that you still had to program the controller button controls which were a real pain in the ass.

  5. Ryan GriegoRyan Griego

    Okay so I’m not buying this system based on this review BUT are there any better options for a system that has that many titles to play?

    • Yeah there is, I have yet to buy from the Retro Arcade Store but I’m definitely going to look into it because it looks boss as hell, I’ll have a review for you soon.

  6. Chad BoswellChad Boswell

    I found your review after hearing Capcom is releasing a home arcade with 16 games and a $200+ price tag. I remembered the Retro King name, did a search and found your review. However, after reading your review I will keep looking. I did see some other system out there that actually lets you add more games to it than what comes prepackaged. Having something that plays all of the classic console games and arcade games is what I’m looking for.

    • Try Retro Arcade Store, they have retro gaming emulators where you can create your own and have as many games as you can on the system.

  7. RobertRobert

    Worst video game system ever, it doesn’t even really work. don’t buy it!

    • I approve this message because yeah it doesn’t, mine barely worked when I bought it and through no fault of my own, some games that I was interested in playing that was there day one were not there later that day. The machine is a piece of shit!

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