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Published April 7, 2018

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is one of the best games of its time, it makes its unremastered predecessor look like a pile of crap. There is a lot to do within the fine world of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir which can and has overwhelmed many a gamer including yours truly, but many of those things are not as complicated to remember or do as it might seem i.e. Maury and the Pooka Kitchen along with the ‘how often’ visits to it and the power it holds.

There has been some gamers, from what I’ve seen, that were making the game more complicated than it is and all of it is simply due to lack of rememberance of what move to do or what moves to focus on purchasing right now versus later. I can remember a particular tip I developed where I had all of these old seeds of fruit/food that I could no longer use so I was thinking to myself, “what could I do with these?”

Then, I remember the X-tra Potion which allows me to turn my old seeds into Psypher-ability using Phozons which could give me an edge or that needed access to a psypher ability. So, without further ado, here are my tips for playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir like a pro.

II. Backflip evade move

All of the characters in the game have one thing in common, they all have a backflip evade move that allows them to evade their enemys’ attacks, but that’s not its only use. The backflip evade move can be used to get to higher places in some levels that have an alternate exit. Check out this video with me doing the backflip evade move exactly how I’m talking about it here and see what I mean.

III. Creating and Enhancing the Elixir potion

The Elixir Potion is the most powerful and useful potion that you’ll ever create in the entire game, it is created using 3 Carroteer(s). Upon the creation of this powerful liquid formation, “it’s complete” you might think. However, it’s not. The Elixir potion can be enhanced by combining other potions such as Toxic (T), Volcano (V), Whirlwind (W) and Cooler (C) with it. Add more potions to it, it’ll strengthen the Elixir more thereby causing it to last longer.


IV. Taking advantage of Maury and the Pooka Kitchen

Anytime you see a bell just sitting in the middle of the level, hit it and Maury will come to you bringing his kitchen, per se, with him. Many of the ingredients for his meals can be bought at the local pooka and human vendors, so buy as many of the ingredients for his meals and eat his food as often as you can because it’ll do raise your HP level tremendously which is something you could definitely benefit from especially if you’re climbing Winterhorn Ridge.


V. Selecting the right skill for the right job

The main characters in this game get access to a lot of active psypher skills which can make choosing the right skill for the right job difficult because some work better than others. My advice, experiment. For example, say you’re using Gwen and she’s up against two Phoenix Riders. In this case, I would start out using a bunch of potions to weaken them such as Toxic or Whirlwind. Then, use a skill(s) that uses more of the POW meter than your magic.


VI. Blocking defends against elemental potions

Elemental potions can cause significant damage and the best way to protect yourself from said damage is to block. Blocking reduces the amount of damage that you take from elemental points and prevents knockback.

VII. Don’t neglect strengthening your Psypher, get to Lv.5 minimum, 6 max and no higher

Strength plays a big part in this game, it can make a big difference when fighting tough enemies like the Phoenix Riders in the Volkenon Lava Pit. Strengthen your Psypher to Lv. 5, 6 max because it’ll strong enough to deal lethal damage to your enemies; enemies in Titania or the Netherworld will not survive a full combo from your psypher with it at that level. There’ll be no need to get it any higher, from experience.


VIII. Shortcut your moves and memorize them!

The biggest tip that I can give you is to shortcut your moves and make sure you memorize them because you get more into the game that way and they’re easier to access. Now, you might think that with all of the moves you have you should shortcut them all; don’t. I shortcut 5 moves and my psypher’s ultimate skill; doing it this way will ensure that you always have access to your powers when you need them.


IX. Turn your old seeds into Phozons

Along the journey to the top, you’ll get a lot of seeds to grow a lot of food that’ll help grow your character into the powerhouse that they will become. However, old seeds/fruits/food won’t have the same effect on you as you progress. For example, the Mulberry is good on strengthening your character, but it is only effective up until you get to where you’re getting the grape seeds. Now, take your old Mulberry seeds, put them into an empty potion then turn them into Phozons which is a better use for them so they are not cluttering up your item lists.



X. Master POW recovery abilities first

There are many psypher skills that uses POW or Physical Power and there are moves that lessen or allow characters to quickly recover their POW meters upon using those skills. My advice, whatever POW recovery ability you see, learn it first and any abilities like it. The rationale, you can abuse the active skills like Gwen’s Needle Strike until you get enough Phozons to use a magic psypher skill


XI. Certain moves should take precedence like Oswald’s revival move and Dark Embrace

Each character has a psypher ability that allows them to be able to come back from the dead or make them immune to status effects while they are doing something else. Oswald, as I mentioned in the heading, should learn his revival and Dark Embrace because enemies won’t be able to completely kill him or inflict a status effect on him which works when he’s in the Netherworld avoiding the place’s poisonous waters.

Cornelius’ Infilitrate ability works to perfection and you should learn that as early as possible because it’s lifesaving just like Resistance etc. Make learning abilities like these a priority because they’ll turn the tide of every battle you’re in.


XII. Don’t underestimate the accessories you find, they provide excellent defense ex. Spirit Stone, Draw Ring, Jupiter Bangle and Sun Pendant.

At first glance, you’ll see some accessories that you think you might not need like the Speed Belt or the Frog Amulet or even the Fireproof Charm and think that you’re past levels where these were needed or are not needed at all now. While the accessories do protect you from certain ailments, it has a secondary effect which it increases your DEF significantly. So, don’t hesitate to buy any accessory you see anytime you’re venturing between chapters because the accessories will increase your DEF which is why you should primarily buy them anyway.


XIII. Eat the Miracle Fruit before going into a Trial; the extra HP helps.

Now, with this one, you can do this one of two ways. You can eat a Miracle Fruit before going into a Trial which will increase your chances of staying alive or you can consume the Miracle Fruit when your HP get low during the Trial stage. The choice is yours and there is no right or wrong way to do, but if I were you (and I was) I’d eat it during the trial stage because you’re going to get another one after you complete the trial so just a little F.Y.I.


XIV. Shortcut back to Rest Area, open the map of the area and press Start.

The coolest thing about this game is that you can automatically return to the Rest Area you visited by opening the map and pressing Start. Abuse this especially after you complete a Trial stage, it has gotten my butt out of the fire many a day. So, don’t think that you have to walk back to your recent Rest Area because it’s literally a hop, skip and a jump away; this tip makes it so.


XV. Use your character’s Ultimate move to finish their Armageddon boss i.e. Cornelius using Caladbolg on Darkova on its last little bit of health left.

This one isn’t really a requirement so much as it is just something cool to do if you’re looking to take your character’s Armageddon big bad down in style. For example, I’ve used Cornelius’ Caladbolg ultimate skill to destroy Darkova when it was down to it last little bit of health. Ultimate Psypher Skills such as Calabolg, Brionac, Dainsleif, Gungnir and Gleipnir can and should be used to finish off your character’s bosses when they are acquired.


Additional Tip: Anytime you use Gwendolyn’s Freeze Lance skill, use an Elixir beforehand because she can be interrupted while trying to execute it and waste Phozons if she is.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir can be seen as overwhelming with all of the different things in the game that one has to remember, but as long you follow these tips then you’ll be fine. If you have any questions or comments about this post or want to message me about it directly then please feel free to leave me a message.











  1. RyanRyan


    This game looks so cool! I have never heard of it before until your website and being a gamer myself I am happy to have come across this site. Can you buy this game on steam? Or do they have a special website? Would love to see your input.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I’m not sure if you can buy it on steam, but you can buy it in the PSN store. You have excellent taste in games, you should definitely play this game but above all, buy it! You will not regret it. I have the game downloaded on both my PS3 and PS4 and I have a physical copy of the game for my PS3 so as you can imagine the game is pretty good. Don’t waste another second, go get this game and play it.

      Hey Ryan, check out my review for the game here I think it’ll also put a fine point on your decision to buy as well.

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