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Published May 10, 2018

Chrono Trigger is one of the most iconic games to ever come out for the Super Nintendo and it is still one of the most time-honored treasures in the gaming world, it is without question that Chrono Trigger have made its splash in the gaming world as one of the best RPGs of all time with diverse characters along with double and triple techs.

I LOVE this game!

I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger since I was 15 years old and it is one of my favorite RPGs to date. Although, I have not played it in a very long time, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve regarding the game and I can say with 100% certainty that these tips come straight from the game master himself, me. My favorite technique is Crono’s Luminaire with Lucca’s Flare on second.

I wouldn’t want to be that thing!

One of the biggest aspects about the game is the three different tabs that you get consisting of Magic, Speed and Power. These tabs help augment your characters’ special abilities and stats, it goes without saying that not one of these should ever be disregarded because they allow your characters to easily destroy their opposition. Having said that, here are my tips for playing Chrono Trigger.

Power, Speed and Magic Tabs

As previously mentioned, the Power, Speed and Magic Tabs are meant to be given to specific characters who relate well to said tab. For example, giving Frog, Ayla, Robo, Crono and Magus the Power tabs will strengthen their physical attack strength which would make it easy to dispatch enemies; Magus definitely could benefit from this after you recruit him because his physical attack strength is good but not great.

The Speed Tabs could be given anyone, but the ones I’ve found myself giving the Speed Tabs to is Crono, Frog and Magus; mostly those three. Magus, simply because by the time you get to the Black Omen, you’ll need him to be go first so he can use his Dark Matter attack on the Mutant bosses.

Crono, obviously because his techs are something that you want constant access to otherwise it could doom you especially when you’re doing the Rainbow Shell sidequest and you need Crono’s Luminaire to stay the enemy masses. Frog benefits from the Speed tabs to the regard that he can use the speed to compliment his double strike i.e. with Hero Badge equipped.

Luminaire Rules!

Magus, Marle and Lucca are the only ones in the game who should be given the Magic tabs; Magus may not need them because his magic ability is already high so they may be wasted with him but he’s still a good candidate for them nonetheless.

New Technique i.e. switch in new characters

Learning new techniques can be a little overwhelming, but that does not mean that it has to be. Simply, when one character learns a new tech, bring in other characters to see if they can learn something from that new tech. For example, say Lucca learned Fire 2 and your party is Crono, Lucca and Marle. Now, if Crono learned Lightning 2 and Marle learned Ice 2 then the gang will learn the triple tech, Delta Force.

Switch out Marle and bring in Ayla. After the next battle that you’re in, if Ayla has learned Triple Kick beforehand then Ayla and Lucca will learn a new double tech, Blaze Kick. Always make it a point to switch out characters while leaving the character who just learned a new tech in the party so your characters can learn new double and triple techs.

My favorite triple tech, Arc Impulse!

Ultimately, the same principle applies when teaching your characters triple techs. For example, say Marle learned Ice 2. You have Crono and Frog in the party with you, you just learned the triple tech, Arc Impulse; provided that Crono learned Spincut and Frog learned Leap Slash ahead of time.

Search everywhere for items

This hardly needs to be said but tear up the grounds looking for items because they can hide anywhere, an example of this is the tabs that are in Guardia Forest. To the untrained eye, it is just a sparkle on the ground but any gamer whose played this game knows differently. So leave no stone unturned especially when you’re in Geno Dome going after Mother Brain; there are a lot of items there especially money.

Double and Triple techs on crowds

This is a bit of a no brainer, but a tip that I did not start out using. Use your Double and Triple Techs on crowds, doing this has two benefits. The first, you’ll get more into the game and single techs can’t do it all. Second, you’ll get a good idea about what element does and does not work on enemies. Normally the logic is that enemies are going to die automatically when they are subjected to a double or triple tech, but it has been my experience that some enemies took more damage than others.

Here’s a hint regarding Frog and Ayla; Frog will eventually learn Frog Squash and Ayla will eventually learn Dino Tail. Both of these do the most damage when said characters HP is below 400 so when you fight enemies with an attack that drops said characters HP down to said amounts then using that moves will clear the room out.

Retinite is the first example of this. When you fight Retinite with a party of Frog, Crono and Marle or Ayla, Crono and Marle. Destroy Retinite’s Core then with Frog in the party, keep attacking until Retinite reduces Frog’s HP to 500 and below then use Frog Squash to deal lethal damage to Retinite. You can do the same thing with Ayla if she’s in the party, when her HP is below 500 then use Dino Tail to deal lethal damage to Retinite.

Doing this will shorten the battle and deal Retinite a lot of damage which is what you want because this is one fight you do not want to draw out; trust me, Retinite is still dangerous even if his lower body i.e. his legs still remain.

Queen Zeal’s first form i.e. her human form is another example. Have a party of Crono, Frog and Ayla. Attack Queen Zeal with Crono ONLY, Frog and Ayla should not attack at all because you need them on standby with their double tech, Slurp Kiss when Queen Zeal cast Hallation.

Use this against Queen Zeal!

When Queen Zeal casts Hallation subsequent times after the first, use Frog’s Frog Squash tech to deal Queen Zeal lethal damage. Use Frog’s Heal tech to restore some of the party’s energy then use Ayla’s Dino Tail to deal Queen Zeal lethal damage as well. This is another battle that you’ll want to end quickly, Queen Zeal’s power is raw!

Recruit Magus and keep him in the party

When you’re given the opportunity to recruit Magus, do it! Why, because not only is he the most powerful magic user in the entire game but his Dark Mist, Black Hole and Dark Matter shadow powers will make the Great Ozzie look like Strawberry Shortcake lol.

Magus casting Dark Matter, awesomeness!

Keep Magus in the party after you recruit him because it’ll put you on the fast track to learn his powers quicker; you’ll need them when you get to Geno Dome because everything there is allergic to Lightning so he’ll need to be in the party anyway. Don’t forget to have him along when you go to Northern Ruins in the year 600AD, his Fire and Lightning powers will come in handy.


Chrono Trigger is indeed a time-honored RPG and one that has come out for both the Super Nintendo and Playstation One, but no matter what if you remember that all except Marle and Lucca get the Power Tabs along with remembering that everyone can be given the speed tabs then you’ll be okay for lies ahead in the game.

Don’t forget too that Magus needs to stay in your party after you recruit him, use your double and triple techs on crowds to thin them out; switch in new characters every time one of them learn a new tech. Above all, search everywhere for items because you never know what will come in handy when you need it.

If you have any questions or want to leave me a comment about my post then please feel free to do so below and I’ll respond to you in a timely manner. Thank you and happy gaming.




  1. VictorVictor

    Hey Rodney,
    Boy this takes me back, was actually thinking of giving this game another run after all these years, glad I found this to make the experience much simpler. I’ve completely forgot all the different tricks and tips and I just learned something I didn’t know before, just wanted to thank you for this information, going back in now.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      You’re more than welcome Victor and I’ll tell you something, Chrono Trigger is a real gem and one that still shines in my gaming case in the present day. There are more where that came from, I have a book of secrets on Chrono Trigger, tips and strategies I came up with myself I might add. So, if you’re looking for a little more tip help or strategies dealing with the game then please reach out to me. Here’s a tip, get Robo to learn Uzzi Punch and Ayla to learn Rock Throw before facing Giga Gaia, the boss of Mt. Woe. The reason, if you use Beast Toss on Giga Gaia’s hands then you’ll one shot kill them. The principle applies to the Falcon Hit double tech because that also works as well on Giga Gaia’s hands as well; the concept here is to knock off Giga Gaia quickly. Oh and make sure you have the Red Mail, Red Vest and Black Mail beforehand. Sorry to go a tangent, but I thought I’d give away one of my tips to help you out.

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