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Published July 28, 2018

So I’ve been playing Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness lately and I’ve begun to experience a certain level of boredom; I’m not bored with the game so let me be clear about that first of all. To clarify, I’m more bored with the continuous backtracking via the various subjugation and other bulletin board tasks. I’m on Chapter 9 of 13 and I read somewhere that Emmerson is getting another ship, another Charles D. Goale which is great overall; walking from place to place sucks heavy!

Also while playing, I’ve ‘leveled up’ the following specialties quite a bit: alchemy, compounding, smithery, harvesting and crafting. I don’t remember what levels the specialties mentioned here are at but I can tell you that they’re up there; roughly level 5-7. I noticed that I have not been using some of my specialties to their fullest extent; I’ve only been using the mightiness of the Insignivon along with my other skills.

Gameplay has gotten rather drab and a little boring which is my own fault, but for all of you who play this game and still are right now, here are some things that you should definitely should avoid doing in Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness. You stand to get bored with the game QUICKLY if you don’t follow this advice.

Unnecessary backtracking i.e. bulletin board quests

Now, as I mentioned in a previous post, “obey the bulletin board” which would be beneficial to you because many of the cool key items you obtain will be through the bulletin board quests. But, what if you found that you were doing more backtracking than is necessary; what if you found yourself nodding off because you’ve had to run all the way back to say, Passage of the Cliffs or Coast of Minoz to stomp a mud hole in a monster that’s causing trouble.

Backtracking here on foot, pointless

First off, backtracking anywhere is unnecessary unless you have a faster means of getting there; so having said that, stop doing unnecessary backtracking even if it is in the name of the bulletin board quests. Trust me on this, unnecessary backtracking can take more time that is required especially if you’re having to walk all the way back.

The only time you should EVER backtrack is if you’re doing a quest for a Swordsman’s Manual for Fidel and/or Victor; it’s worth it then because the extra skill power is definitely needed otherwise don’t bother until later; trust me on that, those bulletin board quests aren’t going anywhere.

2nd Cathedral of Oblivion visit onward, wait until after Daril’s death

The first time I attempted what was my 2nd visit to the Cathedral of Oblivion, it was before the first ‘Protect Anne’ mission in the Trei’kuran Dunes and Vidofnir handed my butt to me to say the least. The next time I tried my hand at Vidofnir was after Daril’s death and Fidel getting the Insignivon. So, my advice is this; don’t journey to the 2nd Cathedral of Oblivion until after you destroy Der-Suul.

The Insignivon has a Reserve Rush bonus of sorts; the weapon increases the R.R. meter 1.5x quicker than Fidel’s standard weaponry. Plus, you’ll get a chance to learn Mirror Blade which is a MUCH needed ability to put Vidofnir down. Well, I got to Vidofnir and used the Mirror Blade ability, he went down without too much trouble; I had to switch to Miki to use her Raise Dead and Faerie Light abilities because a few of my allies fell in battle including Fidel.

Hello, Mirror Blade

Another reason why it is a good idea to wait on your second visit to the Cathedral is because I believe Miki’s Faerie Light power will have strengthened more which would enable her to restore more health per restoration.

Solution i.e. Charles D. Goale

Now, every problem has a solution and that includes the time-consuming problem that is backtracking be it necessary or unnecessary. The solution, the Charles D. Goale; that’s right, Emmerson’s ship. The ship comes fully equipped with a transporter as you may or may not know and you’re given the Communicator to beam up you; pardon the expression.

Don’t ignore the communicator or the ship, use it to get to where you’re going quicker. Use the Charles D. Goale to do all the bulletin board missions or at least the ones you want to do which for me was the subjugation directives. The first time you get the Charles D. Goale is when Miki is injured protecting Relia and the second time is shortly after your visit to Santeroule after you destroy Der-Suul.

So the choice is up to you if and when you want to use the ship to do all the bulletin board quests or if you want to wait that long but if I were you I would until I got the ship because backtracking on foot is time-consuming as I said; it is more than a good reason to come up with a mediocre excuse as to why the game is boring you.

Not experimenting with item creation and augmentation

Okay, this is something I am encouraging all of you who are playing this game to avoid doing. Take the time and experiment with item creation and augmentation because believe it or not, your enemies have weaknesses; some are allergic to fog or being fogged. My advice, create a weapon or item that has a debilitating effect that would harm the enemy to some extent.

For example, outfitting some of your accessories with augmentations that would boost the reserve rush gauge or having some elemental absorption or reduction that would help your healers stay alive; both are very beneficial. Avoid ignoring this or you will pay dearly for it; take the battle with Der-Suul. Der-Suul has a fire attack that is similar to Miki’s Volcanic Burst and as bad luck would have it, just as lethal.

Using fire protection will help Miki and Fiore stay alive long enough for everyone to stay alive as well. The quests grant you plenty of items and healing items to experiment with using item creation and augmentation so there’s no excuse to hold onto any item, weapon, armor or anything that can be useful in creating a more powerful accessory.

Setting Roles

This is one of the most vital things you’ll ever do in this game, do not ignore setting up roles because roles are the base reason why your people will be able to live to fight another day; roles like Raven Slayer, Insect Slayer or even Purveyor of Pity are instrumental in some way or another. I can understand how easy it is to let oneself be overcome with the amount of roles there are, but if you can equip them to your characters based on their strengths then you won’t have a problem.

Always, always set your roles because your ease in battle depends on it especially if you have Warrior Slayer equipped to Fidel at the time of his battle with Der-Suul; Der-Suul would’ve taken 20% more damage than normal which would speed up his descent into damnation i.e. death.

Another thing you can do is pay attention to the enemies in the area and set your roles based on that; it’ll speed up the battles you have and you’ll be able to deal a lot of damage in the shortest amount of time. For example, if there are more humanoid enemies and Insect enemies then equip one character with Warrior Slayer and another with Insect Slayer; I don’t recommend putting two slayer roles on a character because it’ll undo the equilibrium of your team so consider yourself warned!

Being too prideful to switch to Miki and Fiore and underestimating their abilities

This was my biggest problem; there are 7 characters including Relia and switching to them either by choice or because you have to is something YOU’RE DEFINITELY going to have to do. There were times when I was too prideful to switch to Miki and/or Fiore because I felt that Fidel was more than powerful enough to get the job done without switching to them, but I quickly learned otherwise when I needed their respective healing powers to heal and raise my party from the dead.

Even Miki has to take the lead sometimes

Fidel, Victor, Emmerson and Anne are powerful party members but even they need healing once in a while; taking control of the girls is necessary if you want to keep them and everyone alive because they’ll heal on their own time or when there is a dire need but taking control of them and speeding up the ‘need’ will be a lot better. Don’t let your pride get the better of you, it’ll be your end and that of your people; trust me on this!


While I’ve covered many things in this post, it goes without saying that you should avoid doing the aforementioned things because you’re taking away from your own enjoyment of the game. For one, let all unnecessary backtracking wait until after you get the Charles D. Goale and along with it being the solution to the backtracking problem, you’ll wind up spending less time grinding during quests which is definitely unnecessary.

Also, the Cathedral of Oblivion is added to the list of places to hold off on until you’re a little more into the game like after Daril’s death. As long as you avoid not experimenting with item creation and augmentation then you’re going to be ahead of the game. Set your roles and don’t let your pride get in the way of switching to Miki and/or Fiore to keeping people alive by.

Overall, keep the things I mentioned in mind always and you’re going to be fine. So what do you think about this post, do you think I’m over exaggerating a little or do you think I’m spot on; I’m interested in knowing what you think. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.









  1. jackvo29jackvo29

    Hey, thanks for sharing this with us, fellow gamer 🙂 I am a big fan of Star Ocean, I love the series however, I have to say I totally agree with you that the franchise has getting a bit too repetitive these days. Too much backtracking, too many unnecessary things to do. I will come back to this title Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness eventually to finish it and hopefully I can reuse your tips here 🙂

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      That’s cool Jackvo, I don’t blame you and you’re free to reuse my tips anytime you want; they’re there for your use as you see fit. 

  2. MatthewMatthew

    Star Ocean 5, integrity and faithlessness looks like a pretty good game I have to say. My gaming days are over but I have been searching online for computer games for my eldest son who is 13.

    I’m not sure if it would be his cup of tea as he is really into call of duty (COD) and that really annoying game called Fortnite at the moment but Star Ocean 5 looks like it would keep him entertained for hours.

    What platforms can you get this game on as he only has an Xbox One? And also, would it be suitable for a 13-year-old or do you think it might be a little complicated for him?

    Thanks 8f you can help 🙂

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Matt, I believe the game is great for a kid his age and I believe it will keep him entertained for hours as it has me. But, I’ll warn you, it can get a little boring doing all of the walking around you have to do but it can be beneficial when you need to level up some for upcoming challenges. The game is out on PS4 and I think possibly PC.

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