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Published July 7, 2018

Dragon Quest Heroes give gamers a great opportunity to use many Dragon Quest heroes, past and present. Although it might not seem like it matters about which character you use, you might reconsider when a specific character has an ability that can make some tough baddies a practical cakewalk; the Golems and Mechs for example. The characters in the game come with their own special abilities and abilities that gamers are encouraged to use no matter the enemy.

The best part about playing this game is the characters; there’s no right or wrong character to use in Dragon Quest Heroes; each one have their use. There are times when you may find that some party members are a little more useful in some battles than in others and that’s okay; a particular strategy I have is to take 3 other characters with Luceus and assess their strengths against the enemy hordes.

Doing this, you’ll see once and for all who is suited for specific battle situations. I do this and I always have an idea about who would be great going into certain places. Interestingly, I found that some party members have similar abilities but some just hit harder than others which is what you should keep your eye on. To discuss this further, here are some basic strategies to keep in mind when playing Dragon Quest Heroes I.

Recommended allies for ground forces

You will no doubt have your hands full trying to decide who to take into battle with you when you go from place to place, but it is without question that there are specific party members who are excellent for quelling the ground forces. Here are some basic strategies I use with the specific characters I use.

I. Terry’s Lightning Strike ability along with his Miracle Slash can keep him alive for long periods and to cut down enemy forces; Terry’s abilities are ideal for dealing with the Mech and giant troll enemies.

II. Jessica’s Twin Dragon Lash will make quick work of minor enemies and you can’t go wrong with any of her powers that you use; her Magic Burst coup de grace will destroy many enemies at once. Jessica’s Hustle Dance is ideal to use if her fellow party members are taking damage from tough enemies such as the Golems.

Don’t underuse Jessica’s Whipcrackle and Sexy Beam abilities; crowds of enemies are no match for either one.

III. Yangus’ Parallax ability comes through in a pinch; distant enemies easily fall to it which will thin herds of enemies instantly. You’ll especially find it useful when you’re fighting enemies such as the sabercats which can be a handful in their own right but Yangus’ Parallax weakens them exponentially.


IV. Luceus’ Flame Slash is a handy little weapon that has a medium range, but did you know that it is the go to ability to use on the Restless Armour baddies with the shield; Luceus’ Flame Slash make quick work of them. So, anytime you’re feeling boxed in while fighting these Restless Armour enemies just remember, they don’t like “fire”.

Doric is your “Golem Crusher”

King Doric is your “tank” not just because of his size but his sheer power which is also seen in a lot of his abilities as well. Doric’s strength mows down smaller enemies and make quick work of them, but Doric’s strength and abilities would be put to better use if you’re using him against Golem enemies. While you can use anyone to stun and destroy the Golems, Doric is better suited to that because his attack Crushed Ice, it stuns Golems giving you time to inflict massive amounts of damage on them.

Coup de grace, every character, common ground

Abusing the Coup de grace is a must in this game and no matter who you’re using to destroy your enemies, if you get an opportunity to use your Coup de grace, do it. Here’s a hint, if your coup de grace meter is almost full either use Doric’s Vimstone or press and hold down the Circle button to get that extra push but do it when you either don’t have any enemies around or your party members have them occupied to the point where you can “power up” in peace.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always find the toughest enemy in a particular place or an area where a lot of enemies are coming toward a specific something that you’re protecting when you’re using the Coup de grace because it can and will destroy 90% of the masses leaving very little enemies behind.

This strategy is something when I’m in a battle with enemy waves; ideally doing this on the last wave is a better use of the ability’s power. Also, it helps if more than one person is on the brink of delivering a Coup de grace because then another person could use their coup de grace and wipe out the remaining enemies.

Flying Enemies; Kiryl or Terry

Flying enemies might seem like they’re harder to kill than they appear to be, but all you really need to do is to outwit them; Kiryl is the man for this job. Mainly, Kiryl’s abilities allow him to hit enemies whether they are on the ground or in the air; his Lightning Conductor can ground enemies especially flying ones like the pesky Chimaera enemies that you’ll face in various locales.


Terry is also good for flying enemies as well; his Lightning Strike special ability is without peer when it comes to grounding them. These two party members should be at the forefront of any battle involving flyers because grounding them and lessening their numbers will be mandatory if you’re to ever know peace in battles where they are out and about.


Sabercats are, in their own right, among the biggest pains in the butt in the entire game and destroying them is no easy task. Well, that is if you don’t have Alena, or Kiryl’s Maulstorm. More importantly, Alena’s Multifist combo is ideal for sizing up the sabercats and delivering a million points of damage to them in a hurry; this is good for helping Alena keep her distance from the sabercats while she’s drilling them. Kiryl’s Maulstorm is ideal too since it hits everything in a straight line.


When you’re playing Dragon Quest Heroes I, there is no right or wrong character to use but implementing these strategies will ensure that you’ll have no trouble at all like using Doric to crush the Golems or using Alena to destroy the sabercats; let’s not forget about using Jessica and Terry’s abilities to heal and destroy. Abuse the Coup de grace but do it to lessen enemy ranks especially on the last wave of enemies.

Don’t forget to use Kiryl or Terry to ground flying enemies so they can’t become a bigger nuisance than they already are; keep these strategies in mind and the enemies in Dragon Quest Heroes I will give you no trouble.

R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Abuse your healstones especially in battle with the Giant Trolls, healstones help save on your character specific healing powers and MP; it’s easy to forget you have them but it’s even easier to think that you don’t need them. Unmoot point: USE YOUR HEALSTONES!

Don’t forget about the little “crystals” at the bottom

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