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Published August 25, 2018

So, it’s been many years since a Ninja Gaiden/Shinobi style game came out for a gaming console and while Shinobi has had its share of challenges, it is still one of the greatest games to come out on Sega Genesis – later Playstation 2.

Every gamer remembers Ninja Gaiden III and how hard it was for many gamers, it was without a doubt that it is still one of the most challenging games to ever exist. Sabotage Studios came up with a refreshing little piece of gaming action called The Messenger.

A story about a Ninja who is so sick to death of being lectured about some ancient evil that he feels will never make contact with Earth; the ninja’s tune changes when the ancient evil set up shop in his backyard. First, the game looks awesome and has a lot to offer in the ways of gameplay and enemies.

We gamers can all relate to this

When I first saw this game, I was blown away; it plays like Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi but there is so much more than just hacking and slashing enemies. You get to know the premise of the game and why this one ninja is being tasked with the important objective of delivering this sacred scroll. So, having said that, this is my insight into the upcoming PS4 game, The Messenger.

Similar to Ninja Gaiden III

Okay, so first off, The Messenger share a lot of characteristics with Ninja Gaiden III and the sword/sword slash is among the first things I noticed about the ninja’s weapon. Now, if you remember from Ninja Gaiden III that getting that sword upgrade that lengthen your sword blade was heaven; I mean, you felt like you were invincible which, come on, didn’t we; I did. I still do kind of when I play the game.


In the Messenger, you don’t get any sword upgrades to make your sword blade longer; it’s like that from the beginning to the end of the game. Also, I want to go on record as saying that the nice thing about the ninja’s sword is that you don’t have to work hard to make it stronger like you did in Ninja Gaiden III; so definitely some similarities there.

Is similar to this


The differences between Ninja Gaiden III, Shinobi III and the Messenger is that The Messenger is squarely focused on this ninja completing his endgame goal which is to deliver this scroll. Ninja Gaiden III was all about finding Irene’s killer who, as it turns out, was a demon clone of Ryu. Shinobi III was all about Joe Musashi foiling a threat made by his mortal enemy Neo Zeed.

While the gameplay of the three games are similar, they’re different in many ways. For example, the Messenger gives gamers the ability to buy certain upgrades to their weapons along with other useful things. Ninja Gaiden III and Shinobi III have you learning it as you go and there’s technically no infinite use of “extras” like in The Messenger; I got the impression that the stuff that you get from the shop(s), is permanent. A great big help that is because in the other two games; you died, you lost everything.

The premise of the game

Most premises in games usually have gamers asking, why? Well, this is something that The Messenger did away with because as you’ve seen in the videos that you’re given the premise early which implies exactly what happens to the Ninja’s village and why it is so important why the Ninja delivers this scroll for the Western Hero. I sort of thought that the Western Hero was giving the Ninja this scroll as a way of passing on the torch as protector.

Yeah, the sensei wanted this…. before the invasion

As you’ve no doubt seen in the video, the sensei was expecting the Western Hero to come along before disaster struck and it seemed to me like when the Western Hero showed up on his phoenix (which was cool by the way) the demon king knew who the Western Hero was.

If you remember in Ninja Gaiden III, you learned about the story as you progressed in the game and while that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; you had to work hard to get to the end of the levels so you learn the identity of Irene Lew’s real killer which meant that you felt some kind of accomplishment getting to that point.

Shinobi III’s premise didn’t really give you a lot to go on while you played; you just made your way to the end and you met Neo Zeed, destroyed him then learned about what happened. Ultimately, I think The Messenger isn’t going to just keep gamers hooked with the gameplay but with the story as well.

Why it’s going to be worth the money spent

The Messenger, upon doing all of my research and watching every video, is going to be awesome and it’s going to be money well spent; it goes with saying that you cannot put a price tag on nostalgia and that is what I feel The Messenger is in a nutshell; nostalgia. The Ninja Gaiden style gameplay and overall premise of the game is enough to keep any gamer obsessed. I’m personally waiting on the game to come out because next to Chasm PS4; it is going to be a game worth keeping.

Besides, who doesn’t want a game about a ninja; ninjas are awesome and this particular ninja gets to keep everything that he has when he dies not unlike his NES and Sega Genesis counterparts. Make sure you get yours, August 30th is the drop date; get those PSN cards ready; I got mine!


The Messenger is a game that is coming out that brings every kind of something for everyone; for everyone whose ever played a Ninja Gaiden game will feel at home with the nostalgia that this game has in store for those gamers. The Messenger gameplay is similar to Ninja Gaiden III and Shinobi III but gamers will be able to appreciate it along with the differences of The Messenger like being able to keep everything upon death.

The premise of the game is similar to Ninja Gaiden III and Shinobi III, but it is going to keep gamers hanging on, it goes without saying that this game is going to be money well spent. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my post or about the game in general, leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J.’s Last Minute Tip

When you play Ninja Gaiden II & III, get and keep the Fire Wheel and Invincible Fire Wheel jitsu throughout the whole game. The reason, your sword is enough to get the job done; having the “fire aids” will do everything from protect you to bringing airborne bosses down. Don’t waste time with the other jitsu(s), they’re practically worthless.





  1. BibianBibian


    You have made my day. I was searching and searching the woods and hills for this. Thank goodness you are a saver. I will be interested to get The Messenger, . There are people out there that are not so tech savvy to Ninja Gaiden III so they like the ease of use of other video games like “the messenger”.

    thanks dear..

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      You’re welcome Bibian, I must inform you though that the Messenger came out on the Nintendo Switch and PC; its supposed to be coming to PS4 at some point in time but there is little to confirm when. I’ll tell you though, I wish it had’ve come out for the PS4 on August 30th like I read that it was supposed to, but I got caught up in the fever grossly miscalculated that. I love Ninja Gaiden III for the NES and PS3; boss games both of them.

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