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Published December 8, 2018

There has been a lot of Tales of games that did and did not make the cut with many gamers over the years; Tales of Vesperia – bad, Tales of the Abyss – decent, Tales of Destiny – horrible. However, there is one Tales of game that was created to provide endless hours of entertainment with its gameplay, Tales of Zestiria.

I’ve played my fair share of Tales of games and none of them even come close or even hold a candle to the Tales of Zestiria Game, I didn’t even take it seriously starting out because I felt its opening act was a little weak but that was quickly remedied with the awesome battle gameplay.

Many Tales of games gave you enough to work with where you got just enough power to subdue your enemies and still live another day, but Tales of Zestiria gave you that and then some along with the awesome power of the Seraphim. My post will talk about everything that makes this game great and why this RPG is worth the buy.

Bestowed ultimate power from the beginning

One of the things that make the Tales of Zestiria Game such a noteworthy buy is the fact that you’re given ultimate power in the beginning stages of the game. About a few hours into the game, less than 10 hours in, you travel to the town of Ladylake, the Aquapolis.

It is here that you meet Lailah, are made the Shepherd then a few minutes later you’re shown how to armatize to quell an enemy gang ambush. Unlike the Tales of games in the past, you don’t have to wait a long time or progress into the game a great deal before you get your hands on power that make it possible for you to get past any obstacle before you.

What I also felt that the Tales of Zestiria Game did right was the fact that battle wasn’t too hard or too easy and you didn’t have to armatize unless you needed to but at least it is enough that Lailah fights beside you lending any and all aid alongside your best friend, Mikleo.

You won’t have to wait long before Mikleo grants you the power to transform into your water armatization form which is good for dealing a lot of damage to an enemy in a short amount of time.

The Shepherd

Sorey is the chosen one, the Shepherd; he’s not just an avid and skilled swordsman, but he gains some of the power of his seraphim friends. At present, Lailah’s the only one he has access to which is fine because that’ll be his go to power after she joins him.

In the beginning, you’ll be lighting lanterns in order to get into other rooms along with burning through malevolent spirits in towns. Overtime, Sorey will come to possess all the powers of the Seraphim; you’ll also come to possess his Mystic Artes, but you won’t get those until your a little farther into the game.

The Shepherd becomes a character that you can look up to whose moral and just; your common good guy with a good head on his shoulders even though the Shepherd’s power wears on Sorey, it makes him all the more determined to conquer the power and lay to bed the weaknesses.

Sorey has good attack and defense not to mention his moves are such that you can attack and not worry about dying right off the bat, Sorey’s defense is above decent and he can take some damage. My advice for using the Shepherd, if his HP gets low, armatize immediately; it’ll save his life.

Seraphim Aplenty

As I previously mentioned, Sorey will be joined by Lailah starting out after his adventure in Ladylake, the Aquapolis. However, after a while Mikleo will join with you thereby allowing you to water armatize. The lady of the Earth element, Edna; she’ll join with you along with Zaveid, the wind elemental.

As you adventure, you’ll learn all about your Seraph’s powers and what you’ll be able to execute in battle. The best thing about armatizing with your Seraphim friends is that you’ll be able to exploit the weakness of every enemy in the game and that includes bosses.

Some advice; always, always use the power of your Seraph friends in battle because their contribution to damaging your enemies is definitely welcomed. Mikleo can heal and you can even control your Seraphim friends like you can Sorey in order to even the odds in battle.

For example, you may end up in battle with enemies who are allergic i.e. have a weakness to water or earth; you can take control of either Edna or Mikleo to destroy that enemy or enemies. Keep your options open and keep an open mind about using the Seraphs.

Armatization Form

Now, for the best aspect of the Tales of Zestiria Game; the Armatization Form. When you take the armatization form or when you armatize, you and your chosen seraph will join and you’ll take on a complete different form than you’re used to. A few things to note. For one, Sorey’s HP will be doubled or he’ll have a lot more HP than normal.

Second, his power is increased tenfold as is his defense; you’re advised to armatize as much as possible because many battles will depend on your armatization power along with the special moves that you have at your disposal.

One of my favorite things to do in any armatized form is to use the “ultimate” move of that armatization. For example, when you complete a combo in your armatized fire form (press Circle twice), press R2 and you’ll do the Divine Phoenix Blade.

Keep an eye on the artes that Mikleo learns especially the one called Elixir Vitae; you can execute this after pulling off a combo. This move will heal one of your comrades in battle which will go toward keeping them alive which you’ll want to because when it comes to battling bosses, you’ll need all hands on deck.


The Tales of Zestiria Game has more than proven that it is a cut above the rest in regards to gameplay, allowing you to be able to choose between using Sorey or a Seraph in battle. The Shepherd’s power is mighty boosting high attack and defense; Sorey is the last person you’ll see fall in battle.

There are seraphim in the game that you can use along with Sorey, you can use Lailah, Edna, Zaveid and Mikleo; so you’re not limited to who your go to is in battle. Remember to always armatize when you’re in battle with tough enemies and bosses because your survival will depend on it.

So what do you think of my post, what do you think of the game; leave me a message and I’ll definitely get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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