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Published February 6, 2018

Many times in many games, there are characters who are turned on to different forms or harbor a secret origin that no one knows about but them.

Incidentally, these characters are given power on an epic scale which allows them to do things such as deal more damage or add an element to their attacks or even just being able to change forms to avoid taking damage.

Changing forms may not seem like it’s needed or a big deal, but it comes through in a pinch when you need to survive long enough to get to a save point. So without further ado, switch up your forms in these games.

Terra – Final Fantasy VI

Terra Branford is half human, half esper. The player will be able to use Terra’s esper form after meeting up with her again in the town Zozo upon bringing Ramuh back with the party.

Terra’s esper form should be used in three situations:

One, if there are more than 2 waves of enemies. –  Final Fantasy VI

Two, bosses; easily –  Final Fantasy VI

Finally, tough enemies like the kind that take very little damage from weapons and basic magic powers; it’s also handy if the party hasn’t learned any level 2 spells or if they have. Either way, abuse Terra’s esper form.

Final Fantasy VI

Ben – Every Ben 10 game

Benjamin Tennyson can change forms through his Omnitrix; obviously. Going alien is what Ben thrives on because the battles he wins are because of his form/alien change.

One example is Ben 10 Protector of Earth, Ben will be able to change forms on a whim after he regains Master Control of the Omnitrix. Abuse them on enemies that have special weaknesses to alien attacks. For example, Ben is up against a Maceroot, a Crystal Claws enemy and a few Vilgax Drones.

First, go Heatblast and destroy Maceroot; plant enemies are allergic to fire so Heatblast will get the job done.

Ben 10   Ben 10

Use Heatblast                                                                 On this guy!

Second, Crystal Claws is a big enemy that can deal big damage; go Cannonbolt and destroy it. Cannonbolt is THE go to alien form big enemies.

Ben 10

Cannonbolt’s got this!

Third, Vilgax Drones are no match for Fourarms; the alien to use against mechanical enemies.

Ben 10 Protector of Earth

Case in point!

Sometimes, it can be hard to ignore certain enemies in battle but it can be done so you can use the right alien for the right enemy. Switching up your forms can be lifesaving and it helps you get into the game more.

Kratos – God of War II & III

God of War II

This guy deserves the Rage!

Kratos is given the Rage of the Titans after he cuts down Prometheus, and is awarded the Rage of Sparta by Athena after retrieving the Blade of Olympus. What the two aforementioned moves have in common is that they can be used to change Kratos’ form so he can deal more damage.

God of War II

Ideally, use the Rage of the Titans on bosses and big enemies such as the Cyclops. Use it on tough enemies as well such as the Beast Lords; they are known for being tough and hitting hard enough to deal adequate damage.

God of War II

Use Rage of the Titans to weaken then destroy him!

Go Rage of Sparta when you’re facing enemies like the Cyclops, the axe carrying Minotaurs, Satyrs and Sirens. Also, don’t hesitate to use it on bosses as well; Hades takes lethal damage from the blade so using it on him is an ABSOLUTE must.


You’ll want to abuse the Rage of Sparta in the levels like the Cavern and Hera Garden; enemies demand the attention because of their ability to surround and ambush Kratos.


Hades hates getting “bladed”, get it?

The Rage of the Titans can be abused in just about every level, but do it when you’re out and inside the Palace of the Fates; it’s not every day a guy wakes up to helping a person that was trained to undo him i.e. the Translators in God of War II.

Trevor and Gabriel Belmont – Castlevania III & Lords of Shadow

Trevor Belmont can change forms after he meets Grant, Sypha or Alucard in Castlevania III. Switching forms in this game and learning how to use the other character can pay off greatly. Switching forms can also save your life when you’re dealing with a boss.

For example, on Stage 9-4; you’ll face the doppelganger. If you feel like you’re being pinned against a wall then change forms using the Select button. Walk past the doppelganger as it’s changing forms.

Castlevania III

Select + right directional button to get unpinned!

That way, you can get away unscathed to plan your next attack or to get to higher ground. You can abuse this as many times as possible to get past the doppelganger; in fact, you should.

Gabriel Belmont can change between his Shadow and Light forms with the help of the Light and Shadow Medallions.

Changing between your light and shadow forms is a necessity and a valuable asset in this game especially when you’re making your way through the Mountain Fortress in Chapter 4 – 1 and Wygol Village in Chapter 5 – 2.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

You’ll need your light powers for this guy!

What I always do is, use my Light Magic (press L1) to get life back or to pull off a couple of combos on some enemies like the annoying skeletons in the Castle Courtyard in Chapter 6 – 1 and then press R1 to use my shadow form/magic to put a lethal hurting on the skeletons.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

You can switch between your light and shadow forms at will; this will make Gabriel an unstoppable force.

Also, this technique will help exploit enemy weaknesses in the game like using your dagger subweapon on werewolves while in your shadow form will cause the dagger to deal 3x normal damage especially on the Wargs.

Oswald – Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Oswald is the second most powerful character in the game; his shadow form is the key to his lethal power. Boss enemies are primarily who you’ll be using this on.

However, using it on the Valkyries and Frost Bens will make dealing with them easier not to mention shorten their life spans quicker.

When you set foot in Titania Capital (my favorite level in the entire game), use this power and use it often. Oswald takes less damage in his shadow form which comes in handy when dealing with the Axe Knights.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Go Shadow Knight and tear him limb from limb!


Having a second form in some games can make that game a cakewalk or make the obstacles seem a little trivial, but getting more into the game is the true power of switching up your forms.

Do it often and abuse it, it doesn’t say not to especially when you’re up against enemies with regenerative abilities and lethal damage dealing enemies.


  1. Ben FarrellBen Farrell

    I love these kind of games where you have to use different kinds of powers to defeat different enemies, I feel it mixes it up a little and stops you getting bored. My favourite was Final Fantasy VII it was a very long game but it kept you interested through little twists in the storyline, I’ve heard that there is a remake of it coming soon but I just don’t want it ruined, anyway this is a great article and you obviously know your stuff with these kind of games.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Ben, I appreciate the compliment. The truth is that I never beat Final Fantasy VI but it does have the potential to be a great game in my opinion; sometimes it easy to misjudge a game harshly when but Terra’s esper form is the most powerful in the game so it stands to reason that using it will become mandatory. I love games where characters have alternate forms that they can use when times get tough in games. Final Fantasy VII, I just started replaying that game, and I found new ways to get Materia maxed out. I think that remake is going to be horrible in my opinion but we’ll see.

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