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Published November 15, 2019

Dragonball Z Kakarot is releasing even more content prior to the last update and super saiyan vegeta is at the “helm” so to speak. The Majin Buu Saga is one of the most significant arcs in the Dragonball Z-verse, you cannot imagine how far the creators went to really make that part of the game shine especially when featuring Majin Vegeta’s moves. Incidentally, there are a few similarities between Majin Vegeta in this new Dragonball Z game versus past games.

One thing about Dragonball Z Kakarot is that it stuck to its traditional roots but more on that later. My biggest hope is that there’ll be more than just the Majin Buu Saga, I hope there’ll be at least Super and GT arcs but again, one can only hope. The game is coming along nicely and I should mention that it is going to be a game worth the money once all is said and done.

My overall opinion of Majin Vegeta is that he seems stronger in this game than any of the previous games combined and if I’m being honest, the Majin Buu saga could be the best one in the series but that remains to be seen but there are other factors which I’ll discuss in this post.


Super Saiyan Vegeta is going to have all of his signature moves in the Dragonball Z Kakarot game and if I’m being completely honest, there’s one move I didn’t see and that was his Death Explosion move that he used to take out Majin Buu which is okay because even in the Budokai Tenkaichi games, I didn’t use that move because of how dangerous it is. Check out this video from IGN First

I’ve seen all of Vegeta’s moves in this new Dragonball Z game and they are awesome! The Concussion Blasts are a new but welcome addition to Vegeta’s arsenal, I’ve even seen him use it on Babidi’s henchmen, and again, it was awesome. Also, Vegeta has his Galick Gun move which is his signature and they put it in the game. A little more on this, I hope all of the Z fighters have their signature moves like Piccolo’s Demon Wave attack, his Special Beam Cannon or even Goku’s Kamehameha.

The way I figure it is that if you’re going to have all right fighters in the game then at least have all of their moves which this game definitely did right. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s coming with their next update.

Sticking to Tradition

What I also love about the upcoming game that it totally stuck to tradition and by that, I mean with the Story Mode. Every gamer can identify with Super Saiyan Vegeta and his turning to the dark side of the force so to speak, but everything from his powers down to his part in the destruction of Majin Buu. The story mode does a good job sticking to its roots and ensuring that everything plays out exactly as its supposed to.

After doing further research on this, I was under the impression that the game was going to be boring and a little short but the game is going to be about the same as it was in all of the previous games before it. I did wonder if everyone was going to have their moves set for a particular part of the game like when Krillin took out the Saibamen with his Expanding Energy Blast which I thought was pretty awesome.

The traditional aspect of the game comes in the form of the story mode and how much of it they didn’t have to improve on because it was great as it was. Overall, the story mode is going to be exactly like it was like when that farmer tried to take out Raditz with the bullet from his gun. Priceless.

Majin Buu Saga

The Majin Buu Saga is, I guess you can say, is time for Super Saiyan Vegeta to really show off his moves. I mean, if we’re being honest here, the first part of the saga is all about him and his missing self or the way he wish he still was, accordingly. The Majin Buu Saga is also the first saga where Vegito is introduced and so is Gotenks which I believe is going to be really awesome. Despite the fact that both come toward the middle of the saga, they are well worth the gameplay exploration.

I sort of thought that there wasn’t going to be another Dragonball game after FighterZ but I’m glad I was wrong because this game is going to be among my replayable favorites. Personally, I like how you can beat up Babidi’s men for experience points which can go toward your overall experience and really make you a strong fighter.

I hope that the game displays the fighter’s power levels because I think that would be really awesome, like when Goku lands on Namek, the game shows his power level at 300,000. I’m really hoping they do put this into the game but I guess we’ll see when that time comes.

Hoping for more

Personally, I hope, despite all that the game will have in it along with Super Saiyan Vegeta, that there is more being added to the Story Mode like I previously mentioned like Super and GT arcs. Personally, since this game centers around Goku then I would think it would be about significant moments in his life like the Tournament of Power for one. Another significant moment is taking out Ledgic and finding the Black Star Dragonballs.

Really, I just have high hopes for the game because I think its going to go far into the story mode or at least I hope it does because there’ll be nothing more disappointing than for the game to stop at the Majin Buu saga and that be it. I’ll feel more jipped than a Sweet 16 party planner as I’m sure all other gamers will, I mean when you pay for a game, you should get it in its purest form such is my belief.

Definitely am looking forward to the possibility of Lord Beerus and Whis making an appearance in the game or at least I hope they do because it would make the game go off without a hitch. Lord Beerus and Whis rule!


Super Saiyan Vegeta is practically the star of the Majin Buu Saga, his moves are definitely on par with what they were in the series. Dragonball Z Kakarot sticks to tradition by following the game’s story mode in sequence which one can really respect. Gamers can hope for more with getting a visit from Lord Beerus and Whis, if the Story Mode allows it.

So what do you think of my post, good, bad or confusing? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. JakeJake

    Hi , this guy has some pretty sweet moves.  I like the graphics of this game and flying is definitely funner and faster then flying.  am not sure why he can magically fly like that without a jetpack or wings or anything. That is impressive.  The battle at around 3 minutes and 30 seconds is pretty intense.

    I like the colors. This is my first time seeing a game like this. I have only played shooter games like farcry.

    I also like you talk about sticking to tradition. I don’t know why, but I also like it when game developers do this.

    Nice work with this article. It is pretty cool. Thanks.


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Jake, thanks for the feedback. Despite the fact that the game isn’t going to premiere until January 2020, it’s going to be huge. Stay tuned for more news. Actually, want to join my email list?

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