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Published August 11, 2018

In 1991, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) hit the U.S. and became a global wide phenomenon in the gaming community. Gamers in the community rejoiced because the next level of gaming was born and the SNES gave gamers twice the gaming experience; the SNES flew off the shelves moments after hitting stores.

26 years later, as was foretold by many gamers, retro gaming still lived on and the Super NES Classic Edition was born. Gamers wanted to be able to play their favorite Super Nintendo games, but could not avoid the game systems’ aging issues such as the off yellow color and the non-replayability of the cartridges so the Super NES Classic Edition was born to counteract this.

The Super NES Classic Edition comes with a wealth of features; features never before seen on any Super Nintendo System and this review will cover some of those features and then some like in-game/system save. Without further ado, here’s my Super NES Classic Edition review, a system worth its weight in gold and then some.

Worth the money

When the Super NES Classic Edition came out, its starting price was around $400.00 then the price dropped as popularity of the item rose, people the world over wanted one and many came to possess the elusive item. Nowadays, you can get one for $80.00 and under. Personally, I think it is worth the money just for the “forever save” feature on the system alone. The gaming console is more than worth the money considering that it is practically a one of a kind item.

Another reason why it is worth the money is because of the built in games, games that you do not have to buy I might add. I can say that, from a gamers’ point of view, I would’ve bought 3 of these easily only because of the built in games; Super Nintendo games these days are going for $40.00+ and that’s not counting the really rare ones like Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger and Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World to name a few.

New Features

Unlike the Super NES of old, the SNES Classic Edition came with features that gamers fell in love with quickly; I know I did. As I previously mentioned, system save feature exists for the sole purpose of allowing gamers to save their games directly to the game system itself. This is largely a big plus because I can’t count on one hand how many times I went back to my Legend of Zelda 3: A Link to the Past save data way back when only to see it gone; this problem has definitely been alleviated via suspend points.

Another thing that made the SNES Classic Edition a slam dunk was the fact that it came with two controllers; unlike the NES Classic Edition that only came with one and you had to spend an extra ten dollars to buy another controller which was pretty lousy in my opinion. Plus, you can play Star Fox 2 which already comes on the game system itself; win freakin’ win!

Worth it!

The games are the best there is

Now the best part about this review, the games. The games are the best there is, if you’re not satisfied with these games, you’re crazy. Super Castlevania IV, Kirby’s Dream Course, Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island to name a few. The games out on this system is boss as hell and yeah I’m going to say it, I wouldn’t need anymore games for the Super Nintendo; the 21 that come with it is the creme de la creme.

And, as a kid who grew up in the Super Nintendo generation, I can tell you that not every Super Nintendo game was that great except for the Super Star Wars games and a few others. Again, the 21 games that come with the game system is the best there is.

Not being able to find one anywhere except online

This is one of the most unfortunate aspects about this awesome piece of gaming hardware; yes, it sucks when every gamer want what you want because it makes finding anything worth having gaming-wise, impossible. The bad thing about the SNES Classic Edition is that being able to find one anywhere is next to impossible. Now, you might be one of those gamers that luck out and find one at a Walmart or even a Best Buy.

But even then, you’re put on a VERY LONG waiting list until the place in question get some more which might or usually does take several months. However, you can go and buy a Super Nintendo Classic Edition online which is practically available everywhere online that sells games; Amazon, GameStop and etc. I hate that being able to find one anywhere is near impossible, but that also goes to show just how popular the item is.

No Super Star Wars games

This is another of my cons about the Super NES Classic Edition, it doesn’t come with any of the Super Star Wars games which, in my fan-based opinion, the system should have because they were among some of the games that really made the Super Nintendo, for lack of a better term, pop.

Sadly, none of this…

Also, I can’t help but to feel slighted because when they first announced the Super NES Classic Edition along with the games that were going to be on it, I was looking for the Super Star Wars games and was so disappointed that they weren’t in the game lineup. Despite the fact that there are no Super Star Wars games on it, you still have Super Metroid which was badass, Contra III: The Alien Wars along with Mega Man X; still good substitutes in my opinion.

Or this…..

Or this!


The Super NES Classic Edition is a great gaming collectors item because it is worth the money and everything on it makes it worth it too and that includes the in-game and system save like if you were going to save your game on Legend of Zelda 3: A Link to the Past then you can rest assured that your game is also saved to a suspend point in the game as well.

Although the Super NES Classic Edition did not come with any of the Super Star Wars games, it still comes with 21 of the best games to ever come out for the Super Nintendo including the never before released, Star Fox 2; that’s a bargain in my opinion. The bad thing about this awesome item is that you can only find it in select places like Walmart or Best Buy and if not, you’re put on a waiting list which ultimately leaves you to buy online.

So, what do you think about the Super NES Classic Edition, is it worth the money to you or do you think it is a little out of your price range; what do you think about the games on it; send me a message and let me know what you think about the post and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Knowing that the Super NES Classic Edition only comes with 21 games, it is really easy to give into that greed of wanting more games on it, so to all of you that might start feeling that way; here’s a friendly word of advice. DON’T MOD YOUR SUPER NES CLASSIC EDITION; leave it EXACTLY the way it is.

If you desire more games, get a Retro Gaming Unit; preservation of the Super NES Classic Edition is absolute; don’t change it, changing it, ruins it!

Keep this list EXACTLY the way it is!




  1. Karin Karin

    Do you know if Nintendo ever made or intends to make a 64 classic? I loved Donkey Kong 64 and after my Nintendo 64 console went caput, I have longed to play that game again…

    Best wishes,

    • Well the possibility of a N64 mini classic is up in the air at this point. The last time I read anything on the possibility of it was a while ago i.e. maybe a couple of months but I haven’t heard anything to the contrary. I got my ears to every wall in the gaming world and when I know something so shall you. Also, I loved Donkey Kong country on SNES; I never played it on the N64 but I heard it was awesome. One game that I do want to play on the N64 is Star Fox Adventures; I heard that was awesome. Have you played that?

      • Karin Nauber Karin Nauber

        I love Donkey Kong Country on SNES, but my all time favorite Donkey Kong was the one for the 64.

        I did not play the Star Fox Adventures on 64. But enjoyed several others like the Zelda adventures which I was able to get on my Wii, but they never came out with Donkey Kong 64 on the Wii. I will be watching for updates on a N64 Classic Mini. I’ll be playing my PS3 tonight—Final Fantasy X…


        • That’s awesome Karin, I’m on my PS4 tonight and I’m on the brink of beating Marvel’s Spiderman; I’ve been working on the game for weeks. So you’re chillin’ out with Final Fantasy X on the PS3. Is that the PS3 version where you have both X & X-2. I didn’t care for X-2; the gameplay was decent and the dresspheres were on point but the overall concept of the game is a little convoluted. Final Fantasy X on the other hand, played like magic. The game is awesome and getting the ultimate weapons is a bit of a challenge especially Tidus’ but enjoyable.

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