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Published March 10, 2018

From the research I’ve done, most gamers usually stick to using the Boomerang(s) because it’s the most effective. But, I’ll prove that each boss can be taken out with the first weapon you find on that level.

The rationale: Part of being a video game pro in games is being able to destroy your enemies using any weapon or in this case, subweapon.

Ultimately, you can use whatever weapon you feel is best, but my point to doing this was if you ever wondered if taking out a boss with another subweapon was possible; now you know it is.

Stage 1-1

Your first weapon on the level is the Dagger, get the triple shot for it and use it to take all of your enemies out at a distance. Keep it the whole level.

Super Castlevania 4

The boss can be taken out with the daggers, just launch them when he comes on screen; the triple shot helps here because it dies quicker.


Stage 2-1

The first weapon here is the Axe, get, triple shot it, and keep it the whole level.

You’ll encounter a lot of airborne enemies here. Your axe will keep them at bay; don’t not use it, i.e. use it.

Stage 2-2

Attack Medusa when she comes on screen with the axes and size her up with your whip when she gets close.

Super Castlevania 4


Stage 3-1

Your first subweapon on this level is the Axe, but you’re not going to get it, you’ll get the next subweapon which is the boomerang and you’ll find it in the secret area here.


Stage 3-3

You’ll need your boomerangs here because enemies come out of everywhere, use them.


Super Castlevania 4

This Skeleton Dragon is hanging around in a place he has no business; whip him from where you’re standing to be rid of him.

The boss goes down easily with the Boomerangs, just stand in one place and just fling ’em until the boss dies; it hardly needs to be said but dodge the fireballs


Stage 4-1

The first subweapon you’ll come across is the Dagger, get it and triple shot it.

The dagger is just a few inches from you are standing


Stage 4-3

The daggers make quick work of the boss at a distance so you don’t have to get up close and personal with it and you can dodge the falling blocks.

Just stand a distance and fire off daggers; that simple


Stage 5-1

The boomerang is your first subweapon, triple shot it then use it to dominate. That is all.


Stage 5-2

There’ll be enemies to the left and right of you, abusing the boomerangs is a definite must.

Stage 6-1

Your first subweapon here is the Holy Water, get it and triple shot it; it can be used to rain righteous justice on foes below you.


Stage 6-2

There’s a hidden stairway leading to a secret area where you can get your hands on some good stuff, find it, take the stairway down and loot the joint but if you’re looking to keep the Holy Water then don’t bother with it.


Stage 6-3

The Holy Water will make short work of the enemies in this area, abuse it and you’ll be able to conserve health using the Holy Water because it’ll allow you to keep your enemies at bay by using it from a distance.

Right here for example


The boss(es) will mostly stay airborne so strike upward with your whip to kill them off; the Holy Water is practically useless.


Stage 7-1

The boomerang is your first subweapon here, get it and triple shot it; you’ll need its power here.


Stage 7-2

You’ll come to a part of the area where there is something under the rug, hold down and forward on the directional pad to stay knelt and avoid the ceiling spikes.


The boss will die easily by boomerangs, use your whip to help further the damage output so he’ll die quicker.

A few boomerangs and the boss is down


Stage 8-1

The Axe is your first subweapon for the level, you know what to do; triple shot then keep it for the level.


Stage 8-2

You’ll come down the stairs where you’ll see two moving spikes on the walls, make your way down the stairs, hit the brown block part of the stairs and get hit by it and make your way thru unscathed.

The boss can be subdued using the axes but use your whip to help the damage dealing especially if you’re low on health. You can use the axes to keep the boss from launching his boot potions.

Axes are right for this battle


Stage 9-1

Your first subweapon of the level is the boomerangs which lie in the second area, getting them can be a trial but easy to get. Just make sure the skeletons are destroyed before you jump onto the gold platforms otherwise you won’t be able to get to the boomerangs

What a level huh


You’ll come to a part of the area where you’ll see a whip connector, and when you attach your whip to it, you’ll be able to swing to the other one but there’s a skeleton below the whip connector. Dangle and hold your whip and destroy the skeleton then swing on over to the other whip connector on the other side.

Stage 9-2

As you descend, you’ll come across some moving coffins. Dangle your whip and hold it to destroy them; it keeps them from coming near you.

Pesky coffins! 


The boomerangs are great against the mini bats that the boss becomes after you’ve reduced its health, so use your boomerangs to deal with the boss at a distance.

Triple shot the boomerangs and end this nuisance!


Stage 10-1

The dagger is your first subweapon of the level, get it; you’ll like how effective it is here; the boss won’t though.


In the whip connector section (where there are whip connectors going up and down on a chain) feel free to use the watch subweapon here to bring everything to a halt if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just feeling a little unsure of the environment.

Stage 10-2

The boss is pretty straightforward, just use the whip on him up close and use the daggers to nail him at a distance so you’ll have time to dodge his bandages.


Stage 11-1

The headless swordsmen in the first area can be a real nuisance, you can dangle your whip to deal with the one below you while you’re coming down the stairs and dispatch the ones at a distance using your whip.

They hang out here


When you’re on the collapsing bridge, just run; don’t stop to get any of the candles.


Stage 11-2

The giant spike wheel in this area isn’t playing any games, it’s an instant death sentence. Get out of the area as fast as you can


In the same area, you’ll see a long staircase and once you ascend it, you won’t be able to go back down. Shortly after that, you’ll see some platforms coming toward you.

Jump on the first moving platform you see and try to drop onto the next one so you can stay clear of the spikes overhead. Jump from platform to platform until you reach the door above the spikes


The daggers will serve you well here in the battle with Slogra. Use the daggers to keep Slogra away if you feel he’s getting too close. Use your whip on him too but make sure you’re on the move as you whip him so you can get away from him so he does not land on you. Rinse and repeat until he’s dead


Simple. Just whip upward and bring him down; watch out for his fireballs and stone spike storm. Theoretically, you can take shelter from Gaibon’s latter aforementioned attack under the platforms,


Your whip will serve you well against the Grim Reaper. Dangle and hold your whip to block Grim’s small sickles while you whip him. Keep on the attack and Grim will die.


Hit him in the head with your whip, dangle and hold your whip to protect yourself from taking damage from Drac’s energy ball. Do this until he summons fire which, if you have the daggers, you can pick his fire creatures off at a distance.

Second half of the battle, hit him in his head while dodging his sky lightning attack; rinse and repeat until Drac bows out.


My strategies may seem a little unorthodox, but I have tried them and they work. If you have any questions or comments about my game strategies then please feel free to reach out to me or send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Gabriella TitoGabriella Tito

    I have always wanted to play Castlevania, but I never had the right systems to play it (my mom was super weird about me playing video games.)

    Unorthodox strategies are usually what works. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve watched a lot of challenge runs for certain games and this usually does the trick. That’s the thing with tips and strategies for older games, they’re really diverse in strategy.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      You’re welcome Gabriella, I make these strategies and tips not just for me but mainly for gamers like you who love video games and can benefit from my information. Have you ever heard of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, well it’s a great game a little similar to Castlevania in small ways but it’s more like Norse Mythology type of game, check out my two articles on the game. The game is excellent and I swear by it, you should definitely try it. Tell me what you think after you read it.



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