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Published April 15, 2018

Kiwi (default name) is a character from Shining Force 2 who is a turtle creature who is a shining example of the phrase “stranger in a strange land”. Kiwi’s rank starting out is Tortoise (Tort) because of his obvious appearance, but his rank later becomes Monster (MNST) after getting promoted at Lv.20.

You can find Kiwi here after the tower battle!

The thing about Kiwi is that he is and has often been seen as a weakling that many gamers do not bother using because of his frail fighting strength, but Kiwi’s strength can be improved to exponential levels where his strength would make him the strongest on the team.

Before promotion

Another thing about Kiwi is his low HP total which usually mar his chances of being put on the front lines, but Kiwi makes up for it with his extraordinary defense. Kiwi is a good character if you’re facing physical attackers because he’s great about absorbing physical damage which is useful in keeping him alive.

After promotion

Generally, Kiwi is a character that takes a lot of work and strategy in order to keep him alive, increase his levels and ultimately get him promoted; Kiwi is no slouch on the front lines especially after you get him promoted. Kiwi’s strength rivals that of Bowie (default name) after the former gets promoted which is why it is worth leveling him up. Here are THE best ways to keep Kiwi’s alive and his level even with everyone else.

Weaken enemies

This strategy is absolute. Weaken enemies and let Kiwi kill them off; he only has to kill two, three tops in order to increase his level just like all the other characters. Kiwi’s strength starting out may not seem like it is all that great but when your enemies are down to their last 3 or 4 HP then letting Kiwi get that kill will ultimately increase his level and help him stay on the field longer.

So long, pest!

Also, I want it to go on the record that Kiwi will have to attack some enemies 2 additional times in order to kill them and that’s only if a particular enemy’s defense is higher than Kiwi’s current attack power. In situations like this, keep your healer nearby or at least keep everyone else away from that enemy until Kiwi is able to destroy it.

Case in point

You can also do this after Kiwi is promoted, you will not have to do it as much but it is still a good idea though to keep his level on par with everyone else especially if you’re in a battle with enemies with stronger attacks that can break Kiwi’s defense. Mind this always!

Keep Kiwi away from magic enemies

One of Kiwi’s biggest weaknesses is magic, enemies that can use magic are a danger to Kiwi and they must be eliminated even if it’s not by Kiwi himself. Ultimately, keep Kiwi away from magic using enemies because Kiwi’s defense is not cut out for absorbing magic damage as it is physical.


Kiwi should avoid these enemies at all costs!

Incidentally, Kiwi can survive a magic attack but it’ll do lethal damage to him if it doesn’t kill him outright which gives another enemy the advantage in which they could swoop in and finish Kiwi off. My advice is to kill all the magic enemies that are in the battle or that approach and keep Kiwi far away from the action until those magic enemies are destroyed.

Now, that is not to say that the magic abusing enemies cannot be weakened to the point where Kiwi can kill them and get the points but I advise you to play it safe because egress(ing) back to a church to revive Kiwi is a pain so you want to avoid that.

Avoid this, it gets tiresome!

Cheerful Bread for a cheerful character

Kiwi, as you look at his picture, is a very cheerful character so you could give him the Cheerful Bread to keep that smile on his face and it’ll put one on your face as well because the item increases Kiwi’s HP which is a big help in battles. Do NOT use the Cheerful Bread on anyone else because Kiwi has the lowest HP on the team and getting his HP total up is just as important as keeping him alive; make sure Kiwi alone get this.

If you’re using Kiwi in every battle, which you should be anyway, this just enhances the Cheerful Bread’s effect even though the amount of HP that Kiwi get is random; it is still a good chance that he’ll get the high end of the HP effect which is 4.

You could even have Kiwi use a turn in battle to consume the Cheerful Bread then get healed so it’ll increase his chance of survival but it is usually a good idea to just get Kiwi to consume the bread before leaving town so that way he will be ready for battle.

Ring of Power, use Ring’s power on him

One of my favorite accessories in the entire game, the Power Ring. Kiwi is the ideal character to equip and use this item on because it will give his attack power a significant boost which is something he needs in order to kill his enemies. In the past, I would not have been caught dead putting the Power Ring on Kiwi because I felt that the ring’s power was wasted on him.

Don’t put that ring on May, she’s strong enough without it

However, experimenting with the ring’s power when it is equipped on Kiwi and when the ring’s power is used on him as an item in battle, Kiwi’s power skyrockets. Use the Power Ring’s special ability on Kiwi during battle because it not only causes Kiwi to hit harder but his flame breath has been known to be an instant death sentence to some enemies.

As much as it pains me to say this, the Power Ring’s power is wasted on other characters because everyone, even after promotion, is stronger than Kiwi. But, this ring will ensure that Kiwi get on their level and above. The Power Ring can be bought at any shop, but you have to look into the Deals at the shop; its costs a pretty penny but well worth it and worth saving up for.

You’ll find the Power Ring here!

The only time you have to buy the Power Ring at the shop is if Peter kills the witch that has it during the battle in which the game’s AI is controlling him and this is before his meeting with Volcanon.

Kiwi needs healing too

The most important thing to remember about Kiwi when using him is that he needs healing too; extra healing in fact because enemies have been known to team up on Kiwi and take an unfair advantage of his physical damage absorption ability by attacking him more than once.

Work hard, play hard!

Keep Kiwi healed when his HP is at 6 and below; keep Sarah by him and keep some healing items in Kiwi’s slots because if Sarah or whoever the healer is run out of MP or is killed then Kiwi will have to heal himself.


Kiwi has often been seen as the weakest link of the team on account of his HP and his attack power being in the toilet. Kiwi can yet be as strong as all the other characters by keeping him healed, using the Power Ring’s special ability on him not to mention feed him the Cheerful Bread along with keeping him away from magic using enemies.

Above all, weaken enemies so Kiwi can deliver the coup de grace (final blow). Doing this will increase Kiwi’s level and his strength not to mention that he will not be the nightmare or waste of time to use in battle like some gamers think.

If you have any questions or would like to comment on my post then feel free to leave me a message below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and have a good game day.



  1. Tony Spagnolia Tony Spagnolia

    I never did spend my time on Kiwi when I played through Shining Force II. I may have to just fire this up again. I am just not getting my fix from the strategy rpgs that have been coming out lately. Fire Emblem is pretty good but nothing compares to the shining Force series for me. What beats the chess battle?

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Tony, thanks for your input on my post; I appreciate it. You’re right, strategy rpgs of late have been not so great; it is like you’re handed everything to beat the game. As far as the chess battle, creep upward toward the middle slowly, and take the pieces out one by one or the ones that engage you. When it comes to the chess battle, you can move your characters on one side like either left or right or you move them to proceed up the center of the board and take out as many pieces as you’re able. However, the king will bored of watching his subjects die so he’ll join the fray himself. Don’t drag out the battle, if the king comes down then gang up on him and end him; trying to take the pieces out until the king alone is a horrible idea. Also, don’t go anywhere near this battle unless you’re level 22.

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