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Published October 2, 2017

Being the avid gamer that I am, I’ve played and beaten a lot of games over the 27 1/2 years that I’ve been playing them including Legend of Zelda; the legend of zelda nes walkthrough can, in my opinion, be a little complicated making the strategies in it almost impossible to follow. However, this game, as legendary as it is in the retro game world, is one that can be beat using strategies that gamers develop themselves.

For example, there’s a good chance that one of the trees in a wooded area can be burned down using your Blue Candle revealing a hidden shop where you can purchase medicine to use in dungeon areas especially dungeon six with the Wizzrobes along with the Like-Likes. However, since the Blue Candle only has one use per area then you will have to leave and return to that area to use the Blue Candle.

Legend of Zelda is a game that requires that gamers explore their surroundings to find things, but I’ve put together foolproof strategies on how play and find your way around without getting lost.

Keep a Good Stock of Bombs

Legend of Zelda                                   Legend of Zelda

Heart Container Locale                                                                     Second Heart Piece Location

Every gamer whose ever played Legend of Zelda know that all legend of zelda games have one thing in common, explosives or the use of explosives. Make no mistake, a lot of the mountain walls can be blown up to reveal a hidden cove where gamers can find a heart piece or medicine so it is important to keep a good supply of bombs because there are many places that requires a bomb to get into.

Legend of Zelda                   Legend of Zelda

Revealed, using bombs.                                             One bomb, in the center, one blast, that’s all!

Also, there are enemies that take significant damage from your bombs as well so keeping a good stock is in your best interest. I discovered long ago that enemies that are too tough for the wooden sword’s sword beam to destroy can be turned over to the bombs which will net the gamer more bombs which goes a long way.

Legend of Zelda                             Legend of Zelda

Level 5 Bomb Upgrade                                                                      Level 7 Bomb Upgrade

Before I move on, its worth mentioning that there are two bomb upgrades in the game which will increase the amount of bombs that gamers can carry, one is in dungeon five and the other in dungeon 7. My advice, don’t be without bombs; there is nothing worse than finding a “conspicuous” wall where a hidden shop is and not be able to open it.

Buy the Blue Candle

Legend of Zelda                    Legend of Zelda

Blue Candle, awesome!                                                  Use the Blue Candle here, and Voila!

The legend of zelda blue candle is one of the not-so-great items that you’ll buy, but buying it early as possible is a necessary evil in order to find many of the shops and hidden locales that have Heart Pieces. As previously mentioned, the Blue Candle is only good for one use per area so if you’re trying to find that particular bush to burn to reveal a hidden passage then you may have to run back and forth between areas until you burn that right bush.

The Blue Candle can be used to destroy some enemies too so don’t think of it as completely useless, I’ve used it to put space between me and some enemies in the dungeon areas that I’ve played around in; so believe me when I say that it is useful in its own right. Above all, buy the Blue Candle as soon as possible. Hell, I’d say buy it when you gather your first 60 rupees.

There are not many areas where the Blue Candle won’t come in handy at some point so keep that in mind as you travel; you’ll be thankful you did.

Don’t move, Strike when appropriate

Legend of Zelda   Legend of Zelda

Buy Magic Shield here                                                                To use here

The Magic Shield in the game will block many attacks and projectiles including the sword beams from those pesky Lynel(s). Using your sword beam on them at a distance is extremely advised, they are no joke and their sword beams deal almost 3x normal damage without the blue ring or red ring equipped.

Don’t engage enemies with projectile attacks, don’t move and let your shield do the work and then you can strike back; your sword beam is your most precious weapon in the game and it only gets more powerful with each sword upgrade so mind that when you get the White and Magical Sword.

Don’t challenge the Dungeon Boss without the Map and Compass

In this game, you’ll find the dungeon areas are vast and will require a map to find your way around the place. The legend of zelda dungeon maps are very useful in getting from room to room; make finding the map your first priority when you enter a dungeon area because it’ll often lead you to the in-dungeon treasure while the compass will lead you to the boss.

Legend of Zelda

This is why you’ll need both map and compass

Whatever you do, don’t challenge any of the dungeon bosses unless you’ve found the map because you could be wandering around from room to room trying to find the boss, the treasure, and whatever else you’re trying to find. From experience, I was doing this in Level 9 a couple of weeks ago and it got frustrating wandering around in the same rooms trying to find my way.

So, if I have any advice to offer you regarding the map, it’s this; find it as soon as possible because the map also can, if you pay attention, show you shortcuts between rooms by bombing certain walls within that room. This can come in handy when you’re trying to save life energy and bombs.

Medicine is important

Legend of Zelda

Go with the Red, always!

Always keep medicine on you when you venture from place to place because you can become overwhelmed almost instantly with no way to recover; medicine keeps you healthy when you need to take it and you’ll get a full life with both uses if you buy the red medicine and not the blue.


The Legend of Zelda is a game that is not very hard to beat, but it does have its challenges; using the strategies detailed here can be both life-saving and can help preserve resources such as bombs and medicine. Keep in mind too that the map in the dungeon areas are important so don’t put off finding it; make it a priority along with buying medicine.

Also, keeping a good stock of bombs and striking when appropriate will go a long way in the game; so will buying a Blue Candle early on. So, if you ever need help playing this game then keep these strategies in mind; you’ll never get stuck.


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    Delroy M

    • Thank you Delroy, you honor me. There’s a lot more where that came from so stay tuned. Thanks for the support. If I can be of any help to you or you need a go to guy for feedback then I’m your guy.

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