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Published May 6, 2018

I’ve been playing the new God of War PS4 game for a while and I’ve learned a few things that worked along with a few things that left me dead like “what the hell just happened?” I have to admit that this God of War game is the most revolutionary of its kind and it definitely pushes gamers to their limits and test their mental abilities. For example, remembering which light runic attack is best for which enemies and how to pull it off.

Amazingly, all I had to remember was L1 + R1 then boom. Interestingly, the Heavy Runic Attacks were a different matter altogether. I can remember when I was fighting some Draugr and I needed to get some breathing room, I suddenly remembered the Ivaldi’s Anvil attack which was L1 + R2 and managed to stun the Draugr then finished it off.

Items and chests are everywhere in this game and not paying attention to your surrounding could be costly especially if a particular area has an ability that can help you get through, it is worth noting as well as mentioning that going off the beaten path via map can lead to some interesting rewards as well. Having said that, here are my strategies for playing God of War PS4.

Abuse Spartan Rage on the Heavy Draugr and Dark Elves

Spartan Rage should be abused in two instances, the first being against Heavy Draugr seeing as how they are more heavily armored than any other of their kind. The second, against crowds of enemies that are hitting you from all sides like the Dark Elves for example. To be honest, I’ve always been a hold-my-best-card-for-last kind of gamer and I didn’t really start abusing the Spartan Rage until I met up with the Dark Elves in Alfheim.

My base reason for going with this strategy is that it seems pointless to use Spartan Rage on other less powerful enemies that can be killed dozens of other ways, I know I’ve always been able to kill enemies without using that all powerful trump card but there were times when I felt that it simply wasn’t needed.

So, keep in mind that the Spartan Rage should be abused on heavily defensive enemies and those who can surround you quickly. I feel that using Spartan Rage on just any enemy is just a waste of its limited power; saving it for tough fights against said enemies is the key to destroying aforementioned enemies with ease.

Bare handed attacks work well on the Hel-Walkers

Using bare-handed attacks against Hel-Walkers is very effective in dealing with them; the Leviathan Axe is cut from the same elemental cloth as the Hel-Walkers so incidentally, using the axe is pointless. So, I resorted to using my bare hands which not only did the kind of damage needed to destroy them but I stunned more than a few of them. Ultimately, anytime you see a Hel-Walker then remember that fisticuffs are the way to go; it’s the easiest way of dealing with them.

Throw the Leviathan Axe then recall it to distract your enemies along with using Atreus

With enemy swarms, it can be difficult to figure out who the most dangerous is or who to take care of first to weaken the collective. In situations like this, throw your axe to distract enemies, recall the axe and use Atreus to fire arrows at enemies to further damage them.

The thing is, even if you don’t destroy the enemy outright, you’ll keep from getting surrounded and taking unnecessary damage. The best aspect of recalling the axe is that it can hit enemies from behind on the return trip either further damaging them or killing them.

Practice your Evade especially against the trolls

The most important thing you’ll ever do in this game is evade or practicing your evasion because it can save your life and your health. The Guardian Shield is sturdy and strong enough to withstand most attacks but when it comes to power moves, signified by a yellow or red flash from enemies, you’ll need to evade it to keep from succumbing to the attack; evading attacks are the key to staying alive and being able to figure out your enemies’ attack pattern.

Break everything

This hardly needs to be said, but break everything because you never know what’s hiding in that vase you ignored or that piece of background that you felt wasn’t important. The biggest thing about this is if you see a vase in the middle of a battle you’re in, you can break it to get the healstone within so you can stay alive; an alternative to this is buy Atreus the Healstone garb when you’re buying him armor. Doing this will ensure that you always have health or are at the 100%.

The Executioner’s Cleave works wonders on the Rabid Wolves, abuse the Executioner’s Cleave to get the ball rolling on damage dealing.

The Executioner’s Cleave might not look like much when you first get it but trust me, it is one of the best moves in the entire game; I know I may be overselling it, but it is THE ideal weapon to use to get the damage ball rolling like if you wanted to deal the most lethal amount of damage to enemies like the Tatzelwurm and Rabid Wolves which you should. Really, the Executioner’s Cleave can be used on get the damage ball rolling on any enemy, it’ll give you that much-needed edge in battle.

Use Atreus to weaken the Revenants

As many gamers may or may not know, Atreus, even at his base level, is more than a match for the Revenants. Case in point, I was running at one of them in the Witch’s Cavern and I was just swinging willy-nilly hoping to hit and end the pesky, wizzrobing annoyance but I kept getting killed by it. It was then that I was reminded, use Atreus; I kept having Atreus use his arrows to damage the pest then I moved in and started cleaving it with my axe.

Don’t underuse or ignore Atreus when you’re up against Revenants, he is a vital weapon to use against them; keep this in mind always and you’ll have no problems with future Revenants.

Use your Map to light your way forward

Ten times out of ten, when you’re playing games like this or open world games, the worst thing you can do is try to figure out what to do on your own which ultimately wastes time and energy. My next strategy, use your map to light your way forward; it’ll tell you where you have to go next.

Also, if you’re looking for a little sidequest action or you’re feeling a little “empty” then the map could guide you to other locales like challenges and other key places. Look to your map and often.

Pay attention to things in the environment

Most of the time, we gamers view things in the gaming environment and pay it little to no heed that is until it can be used to protect us from our enemys’ attacks. Take the Soul Eater, and the Stone Ancient, you can avoid their elemental chest attacks using the pillar as cover then using your axe on their open chest and using their elemental stones to deal damage to them.

Above all, pay attention to the things in your environment because they can be used as a source of protection from the attacks of your enemies.

The Fury of the Ice Troll light runic ability works wonders on the Dark Elf enemies.

The Fury of the Ice Troll is my favorite light runic ability because of the radial damage that it does to the Dark Elves; abuse this when you’re fighting them especially when you charge it up, you’ll freeze a few of them if you’re lucky. Use the Fury of the Ice Troll in conjunction with your Executioner’s Cleave and you’ll make short work of the Dark Elf enemies.


God of War PS4 is definitely one of the most challenging God of War games to date, I haven’t seen a God of War game this challenging since God of War: Ascension. But, as long as you abuse your runic abilities, break everything you see and use your map then you’ll definitely be okay. Also, make sure you’re using Atreus on the Revenants and using your bare hands to destroy the Hel-Walkers.

Don’t forget to abuse your Spartan Rage on the Draugr and Dark Elves, using your axe to distract your enemies while using Atreus to deal damage to your enemies is a strategy that can carry you to the endgame. Practice your evade moves and use it to get away from enemies with a yellow or red flash type attack. Above all, pay attention to your environment and you won’t have any trouble.

If you have any comments or concerns or just want to leave me a message regarding my post then feel free to do so, and I’ll get back to you before the day is out. Thank you and happy gaming.






  1. Michael GoreMichael Gore

    I have recently played God of War and my review is in progress.

    I sure would have liked to have this article handy when I was playing through.

    Although a great game, there are moments where the action gets pretty tough. God of War isn’t known for being easy I know, but to be honest it isn’y my usual genre of game anyway.

    I too worked out though that sometimes a bare hand attack is better – weird right? i would have thought that just cleaving everything would be best.

    Some excellent tips here and I would love to know what you thought of the game your self.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well Mike, I love the game. I’m in Alfheim, I just entered the hive and on my way to work through that. I hope they make a God of War II for the PS4 like a sequel to this because this game is awesome, different weapons, different places etc. The game is a masterpiece. Enjoy it; it’s long but its the best kind of long where you don’t want it to end, I know I sure don’t but I digress.

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