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Published September 27, 2017

Many games have video game collectors items that are hidden in crevices and corners as well as anywhere an item can hide; the item can be anything from a clue bottle to something as seemingly meaningless as a capsule containing in game footage. In days gone by as in the present day, gamers still go after these items as a means of achieving perfection in the game where this exists.

While it is not a bad thing to go after items that have integral gaming significance; it can be time-consuming and boring looking around for those items IF you don’t have an approach or a plan, if you will, about how to find them without the process taking forever. Here are some strategies to keep in mind when you’re searching for items in wide open areas.

Aim High

Sly Cooper

More times than not, gamers are made aware that there’s a huge quantity of an item that is needed to unlock a secret in the game; finding that item can mean the difference between extra power/in game advantage and getting lost in translation. So to do away with this, always aim high. This can be accomplished by getting on the highest landmark or building within an area so you have a view of the entire level. Moving the Analog stick or directional buttons to see the surrounding area which can help you find the items you’re looking for.

Another advantage to doing this is that you’ll become better acquainted with the level which becomes important when you’re trying to get from one half of the city or area to another part if you’re on a time limit. Gamers need to aim high if they plan on finding those items because some items are easy to miss even if they are right under our noses within these games. Ultimately, always aim high.

Go Low

Sly Cooper               Dirge of Cerberus

Sometimes getting on the highest peak to look for the smallest items doesn’t always yield the best results; the next best thing you can do is go low. Incidentally, there are items that hide in underwater areas or parts of an area that gamers would not think to look. Some gamers might believe that some items like a capsule or a clue bottle might not seem like they would be on or near a watery pit or pool of water, but chances are that’s where you’ll likely find it.

It has been my experience that looking for items while traversing the low ground can be just as strategic as it would be searching for them on the high ground. For example, there’s a capsule on a piece of land miles below the gamer’s location. Find that low end path and you’ll get that item.

Search low and leave no stone unturned because if you have already searched everywhere high and covered most or all the high ground then search low. The point here is to cover one altitude before you cover another; doing it this way will ensure that you’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Games where this important

Coincidentally, there are games where these strategies will come in the most handy if you’re looking to get the most of your games or games where this is required. For one, all sly cooper games. I say that because these games have clue bottles and waypoint markers that can only be found using these strategies. Also, using these strategies have also helped me find all safes in all sly cooper games.

Sly 4       Shinobi

Although the clue bottles are hidden well, it is not without question that they can be discovered using these strategies. I recently started a game on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. I found myself getting confused looking for the clue bottles as well as the loot that is hanging out in some areas of the level.

Dirge of Cerberus is another game where these strategies are important because there are Memory Capsules in the game that are hidden very well, it is without a doubt that I used these same strategies to find all 82. Blade for the Playstation One also further supports the idea that searching high and low will help you find those all important items.


Now, everyone has heard the expression “stop, look and listen”. Well in games where you’re looking for in game items, it is always good to listen to everything in your gaming environment. This is one of the main reasons why I was able to find all 30 clue bottles in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The bottles make a noise that signifies that they’re close by or you’re near them. This can be used to find all the clue bottles in the game and it saves on time.

Despite the fact that certain items are not immediately in plain sight for you to find them, it is important that you listen for the noises in the background because you get closer to what you’re trying to find if you are willing to stop and listen for distinctive noises of that item because that’ll tell you that you’re on the right track.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

It is imperative to keep an open mind when listening for noises in your video game environment because sometimes some items make a different sound than items that are stationary and hard to find; some items do not sound the same or make a sound in general so it is important to listen for anything that might sound strange or off as it was.


Perfectionism in games like Sly Cooper means finding everything including the clue bottles that’ll lead to the level’s safe or other in game content. However, you’ll get a good survey of the landscape when you aim high which makes it easier to find semi-stationary items. Remember to go low too because its easy to believe that an item you’re looking for isn’t hanging around on some lily pad or small corner in an abandoned building.

Don’t forget to listen out for that particular item if it makes a sound because it’ll be an indication that you’re close to it or its nearby. Remember my strategies, apply them and no item will ever be out of your reach; that’s a promise!


  1. Colton Colton

    Sound queues are my go-to when trying to find secrets and what not… You actually really understand how, in general, to find any secrets or items in most games.

    Serious Sam 3: BFE has a bunch of hidden secrets where you have to bash walls out or go somewhere where you really weren’t meant to be in, exploration is the key for sure.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yes indeed Colton, games also give away subtle clues about finding valuable stuff/secrets. For example, in Dragon Quest 8, infamous monsters that are out on the world map are often seen as hiding secrets; I learned to pay attention to my environment because it is easy to miss things. The principle could be applied to any game that’s technically open world.

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