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Published November 28, 2017

Easily the most iconic games in the entire video gamedom, Mega Man games have been keeping gamers entertained since the very first Mega Man game. Mega Man games are both challenging and fun, I’ve been playing them since ’89. In fact, my first Mega Man game was Mega Man IV and it was in that game where I learned how to strategically destroy the robot bosses in the game using weapons that you get from destroying other robot bosses.

Mega Man IV

There are a lot of strategic ways to play mega man games, but many of those strategies surround one little aspect that gives the game value; the weapons that you get from the robot bosses you kill in the game. The weapons were designed to be used on bosses in the game to deal lethal damage to them. However, using the weapons to kill the bosses are not their only use.

Mega Man 6

Many gamers know that Mega Man games are fraught with dangerous traps and obstacles that can cause a problem for Mega Man. So having said that, here is the strategy I use when playing Mega Man games.

Using Weapons vs. M/X-Buster

Mega Man X

When I first started playing Mega Man games, I sort of had to figure which weapon killed which boss and that took a while to master. Normally, using weapons before getting to the robot boss of that level in Mega Man games is forbidden because many of the robot bosses in the game die by certain weapons.

Mega Man 2  Mega Man X

For example, Air Man from Mega Man 2 takes lethal damage from the Wood Man’s Leaf Shield. However, the Leaf Shield can be used to block projectiles but only if you’re standing still. In the Mega Man X series, you’re exposed to a lot of new weapons along with the X-Buster. Flame Mammoth’s Fire Wave can be used as a barricade that X, once he’s charged it up to max, can walk inside of while it’s traveling along with ground and enemies will not be able to harm X.

Mega Man X

I always felt that sticking with the M/X-Buster is boring and I learned very quickly that your M/X-Buster will not be able to get you out of every situation. One of the most strategic ways to play mega man games is by testing out your weapons on different levels and situations; you’d be surprised what works and what doesn’t.


There are so many obstacles in Mega Man games to count and some of them are downright irritating and can cause a gamer to rage quit. In particular, the metal enemies that fly up from the chasms up to the fan in the beginning area of Cloud Man’s level in Mega Man 7. Using the Danger Wrap on them will keep the one encased in the bubble on screen and keep others from appearing hence crossing the chasm easily.

Mega Man 7

To put a fine point on this, Burst Man is the robot master who’s the owner of the Danger Wrap. You might get caught up in his Danger Wrap(s) and be carried off up to the spike ceiling. The easiest way to avoid getting killed by the Danger Wrap is by sliding when the Danger Wrap touches the spikes hence avoiding death.

Mega Man 7

There are enemies that like to follow a pattern of floating upward and standing in the air for a few seconds, Mega Man 6 has Knight Man who has the Knight Crush which you can direct upward to kill enemies that act as obstacles on walls or ceilings.

Mega Man X6

The Yammar Option in Mega Man X6 is ideal for combating enemies that are stalwart and stubborn, it can be used to defend and attack which comes in handy on Shield Sheldon and Infinity Mijinion’s levels.

Don’t Drain Your Weapons

The last thing that you want to do is use up all of your weapons especially the ones you need to kill a particular boss. Strategic Ways to play Mega Man games is all about knowing when to use your weapons and when to conserve them, it is easy to get caught up in using your weapons to get past obstacles and enemies; believe me, I’ve done it.

Mega Man 5  Mega Man 5

Don’t make the mistake of draining your weapon supply just so you can get past the level, it’ll come back and bite you; I promise you that. For example, if you’re using the Crystal Eye (Mega Man V) to kill enemies that you don’t want to get near because you’re low on health then that’s okay but don’t use it on Napalm Man’s level because he’s allergic to the Crystal Eye.

Also, since the Crystal Eye will split up into smaller crystals when they hit a solid object, it is not a bad idea to use it to get enemies far away from even use it to tackle enemies skyward which will keep you from taking unnecessary damage from enemy attacks above.

Outside of solving puzzles

Although using the Robot Masters/Reploid bosses weapons to clear obstacles, they can be used to solve puzzles. Coincidentally, there are few puzzles in Mega Man games that actually exist to challenge gamers. I can say that there are other strategic ways to play Mega Man games that does not involve running and gunning; using other weapons to get past chasms such as in Pharaoh Man’s level in Mega Man IV

Mega Man 4

Dive Man’s level harbors the Wire gadget which can be gained by jumping down the hole after killing the second whale, some enemies take damage from weapons as well. My strategic ways of playing mega man games has gotten me out of a lot of binds in those games since 1989; I can say that I am a Mega Man master.


Strategic ways to play mega man games lies in not draining your weapons, but using them to clear obstacles can be helpful and can clear a path so you’re not starting the same area over again and again. There is no better and strategic way to play mega man games than to use your weapons as you see fit as long as you are not using the ones that kill the boss of that particular level.

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  1. Gav Gav

    So this is an interesting article, but an important type of article. There are plenty of people who need strategies like these. I used to love the Mega Man series back in the day. For me it was a refreshing change to the “normal side scroller” since you had weapons. Then the X series came out and it literally became my favorite game. Everyone loved Zero, but X was always my favorite the classic maverick hunter himself. THEN they released Axl! Lol I could go on and on, but the Mega Man franchise is awesome and I like the strategies you implement here.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank you Gav for your compliment on my article, I still play Mega Man games in the present day though I haven’t played them lately. I’ve beaten all of the Mega Man games except 9, 10 & Mega Man Soccer. I love playing the Mega Man games because I can implement those strategies I mentioned and more. Did you know that in Mega Man X on Armored Armadillo, you can use the Fire Wave on the Rock Crushers; destroys them almost utterly; try it.

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