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Published June 23, 2018

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II was the predecessor of the first game on the PS3 and while many said that the first one was better than the second, the second game had brought an A game all on its own. The first thing many gamers notice was being on an unknown planet shackled to the ground in an underground cell, it was a cool way to open the game in my opinion.

When I first heard about this game, I had very low expectations that it would be able to keep me amused and interested. I started playing the game and found out very quickly how great it was and it did not disappoint to no regard. I still had my hang ups about the game, but those small things did not matter anywhere near as much as I was initially making them out to be.

The force powers that you use in the game were awesome; I mean, who doesn’t like Mind Tricking a stormtrooper into leaping to his own death or slinging guard troopers off ledges to their deaths 40,000 feet below on Cato Neimoidia. All in all, Star Wars the Force Unleashed II was a hell of a game and this review will explain why.

The Crown Jewels of any Star Wars game, the Force Powers

Every Star Wars game has one thing in common, Force Powers. While many of the games encourage the use of Force Powers; in this game you got to abuse them in every way, shape and form. My favorite Force Power is Force Lightning and there were times when it was the only power I could count on especially in that boss fight on Cato Neimoidia with the big ugly.

The game definitely gives you room to experiment with certain Force Powers and abilities, I can remember one time using the Saber Throw to take out a couple of guards from a few feet away. You’ll be using your force powers in this game more than any Star Wars game you’ve ever played before.

This game was right on par with the first one, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, you could easily get your fill of Force Power usage because of everything that you had to use them on in the environment and that’s why Star Wars the Force Unleashed II was a hell of a game, a game that allows you to abuse Force Powers is all right in my book as I think it would be in other gamers’ book.

I thought the game was only 5 levels and too short

This was going to be the big reason why I almost did not play the game let alone review it; the levels. Although there are 5 general areas in the entire game, there are 10 levels; each area is broken up into 2 – 3 sub levels. Right away I was like “right on, I was not ready for this game to end just yet, I’m just starting to hit my stride and enjoy it”.

I remember when I got to Dagobah, I made the comment “Dagobah is strong with the Force” which it is. The game’s levels has a way of getting you more into the game and making you appreciate the landscape; each level was very colorful and breathtaking especially Cato Neimoidia.

If you’re worried about the game being too short then trust me, you’re in for a surprise because each level was a gauntlet in its own right and you were not going to get off those levels without dying a time or two; there were plenty of levels in the game to explore which made the game a slam dunk.


The Holocrons are THE biggest pain in the butt in the entire game, while some were easy to find, others were not. You could still find the holocrons placed under background stuff such as in boxes, containers, and metallic crates even in the sphere-shaped object in the Eastern Arch in Cato Neimoidia.

The Holocrons, in my opinion, were another aspect of the game that made it a slam dunk because not only is there more than one kind of holocron, but were 4 different kinds that always had you looking forward to getting them. The plain yellow ones make a comeback, they just give you experience. The red ones, gave you a lightsaber color crystal. The blue ones, extended your force meter and the green extended your life meter.

Now you might think that finding all the holocrons is not that big of a deal, but it is and the game will make it a big deal because the lightsaber crystal holocrons alone are worth their weight in gold and then some. They really put the game on the map if we’re being honest here.

The Trials/Challenges

This was a definite downside of the game and one that did not do the game any favors; the trials/challenges. The object of these were to put you to the test using either a force power or your wits in order to succeed; the downside to the trials is that you have to get a gold rank in each trial in order to get the last 10 lightsaber crystal holocrons in the game.

Don’t do this, stay away; its for your own good!

The trials were not worth doing because either you had too little time to complete it or you weren’t moving fast enough; in which case, you had to be smarter than the trial itself which made the gameplay difficult because you had to remember various moves to use during the trial that got you past it.

I didn’t like this for the simple fact that the challenges sucked all the fun out of them, it made it so that the only time you rested is when you got pushed outside of the ring or died which still sucked because it messed with your rank even if you did complete the trial.

All in all, the trials did not need to be in the game at all; Starkiller’s clone was just as strong as his predecessor was if not stronger. Really, the trials were just an unneeded distraction that did not need to be in the game.

Endor – DLC

What set the game on fire, I mean really set it on fire was the DLC – Endor. A more welcome feature added to the game there never was, there were three key figures on Endor that most gamers remember if they played Super Return of the Jedi or seen the movie. Han, Chewie and even Leia was there; you’ll be in for a surprise when you see Leia; its awesome.

Despite having to only access the DLC after the endgame, it is definitely worth the cost and everything that comes with it; the DLC alone made me want to play this game again and again. Endor is a very lengthy level and I can tell you from experience that you’ll be wandering around for hours if you don’t have any idea where to go. But, I can say that there are Holocrons to find so the game wanted to make sure that you got bang for your buck.

From experience, the game also ensured that you got the full use of your force powers while you were hanging out here squashing the rebellion and I can say that it is one of my favorite levels in the game.


Star Wars the Force Unleashed II was once seen as a weak counterpart to the first one, but it is everything but. The DLC – Endor, the Holocrons, the Force Powers and the levels all make this game a great find and buy.

The only thing that ruined the game a little was the challenges/trials which were not needed in the least bit not to mention an overall unwelcome annoyance. If you have any questions or comments of any kind then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you before the day is out. Thank you and happy gaming.


  1. Chris Chris

    I didn’t really mind the game itself, or the first one in the series, but it had too much of that ‘slash and hack’ element for me and my son to get along with. 

    Now, if you move onto the more recent Star Wars Battlefield title – much more up my street. I like the online side of games like this – I always feel that they have more of a life shelf. 

    What about open world games – do you have a section on this site that covers them? I’ll admit it – I’m a complete Bethesda addict…but I don’t mind a bit of Farcry every now and again! 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Okay Chris, a few things. One, I don’t like Farcry. Two, I’m not sure what Bethesda is. Three, I didn’t care for Star Wars Battlefront II PS4; I do have plenty of sections talking about open world games and how to handle certain elements within it. Ultimately, I’m not much on online games because I like to play alone. Star Wars the Force Unleashed II was a good game; the first was better.

  2. Kenny Kenny

    Hi I remember playing both the first and the second one of these games. I loved both, and like you did not want them to end. I am a big Star Wars fan and I have played some cool, and not so cool games about the genre. This one ranks right up there with the best for sure. I am glad you created this article and would love to know, what is your favourite Star Wars gam of all time? Thanks, Kenny 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Kenny, I’m a big Star Wars fan too and I can’t say which game is my favorite because all of the ones that I have are all of the ones that I love. I have, from the top, Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles, Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith; I got all of the Super Star Wars games on emulator and I have Star Wars the Force Unleashed on both PS2 and PS3 and I have Star Wars the Force Unleashed II. I love them all!

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