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Published March 23, 2018

Basic reminders

When you touch down anywhere in the game, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your Mission Objectives for they are the keys to becoming the strongest Gray Jedi to walk the Earth.

Jedi Holocrons can hide anywhere, search high and low for them; I mean tear that area apart until you pick it clean of any “invisible” Holocrons

After mastering Defense Mastery, focus your attention on mastering Resilience; after that you can master whatever you want; the choice is yours

As you’re learning Force Combos, take the time learn the ground combos like Saber Slam, Sith Slash, and Sith Saber Smash first. Learn the aerial combos afterward.

Change lightsaber color and power crystals when you find them, it’ll help you get into the game more and you get to see which one comes in handy for which battle situation.

Keep an eye on your Level Up(s) as you’re journeying about the various planets; upgrade any and everything you can when you’re presented with the opportunity, it’ll help tremendously.

If you’re in an area with a lot of enemies and there are Jedi Holocrons, don’t get those Jedi Holocrons unless you need your life and force energy refilled which works wonders in tough battles.

Don’t worry about trying to meet the Force Points quota on the Hoth, Tatooine and Jedi Temple level. Simply, there aren’t enough enemies that’ll get your Force Point objective to max. Just take whatever Force Points you get with a grain of salt and keep it moving.

Kashyyyk – First Visit

Using Vader, you’re just cutting the wookies down and making your way to the end of the level. Get acquainted with your Lightsaber Throw, hold L2 and press Square. Your Force Repulse can give you breathing room, hold L2 and press Circle

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


There are no Holocrons or anything extra to get here so no need to worry about that

TIE Imperial Construction Shipyard

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Look upon this and remember always!


Upon touching down here, your primary objective is to COMPLETELY master Defense Mastery under Force Talents. You’ll be thankful you did when your enemies are trying to gun you down and their blaster fire is going right back to them without you deflecting it. Do not sink any points into anything else until you do this!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Do just like in the screenshot, no deviation!


In the Tie Fighter Room, you’ll be assaulted by stormtroopers and militia goons. Destroy them all using Force Push then get to the top of the star fighter in the center of the room and search for the Holocron on the upper catwalk.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Force Grip and throw the explosive canisters at the various troopers that are stationed around the level.

In the Wing Assembly Room, ride a tie wing all the way up to the second level; don’t bother with the first because there’s nothing there.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


In the second Wing Assembly Room, you’ll have to build your own way up, but make sure you get the Holocons in here; they’re easy to miss.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Get the grippin’


Fighting General Kota isn’t difficult as long as you remember that he can be Force Gripped/Thrown and Force Pushed. Throw in some force combos if possible.

Raxus Prime

In the starting area, you’ll venture across some toxic sludge that you’ll need the platforms in the sludge to cross using Force Grip. Once you Force Grip them to cross. You’ll see some metallic black bars that you can Force Push as in the screenshot. The catch is you’ll have to go all the way around to get to them

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


You can destroy the Scavenger Skiffs by using your Force Lightning. Do it. In fact, all of the enemies here should be subjected to your Force Lightning; see to it they are.

Within the Thruster Interior, you’ll see a Jedi Holocron near the exit with no way to get to it unless you jump onto the center structure from here. Make your way around and claim the Holocron for yourself.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Jedi Holocron, easy pickup


So at this point, here’s the force combos I have that I feel would help deal with the enemies here.

Saber Blast – Square, Circlee.

Saber Sling – Square x 2, Circle

Sith Saber Smash – Square x 3, Triangle (buy this)


In the Crashed Starship area, you’ll see some Rodians and some Scrap enemies. The first inkling you might have is to let the Scrap enemies take out the Rodians, it would be wise to do so. Some scavenger skiffs will enter the area to get a piece of the action. Destroy them no matter how many there are, the mission objective must come first, always!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Sometimes its okay to let your enemies destroy each other


When you get to the Scavenger Camp, destroy all of the guard garbage before policing the area of Jedi Holocrons. Do get the Sith Holocron and go ape on all of the guards here, you are encouraged to do that.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


You’ll no doubt have gotten more force points and leveled up, get these right now:

Force Grip – up 1 level

Battle Meditation

Resilience – up 1 level

Saber Slam – Square x 3, Circle

Lightning Bomb – Triangle, R2

In the final area of the Junk Temple (just outside Kazdan’s chambers), you’ll see 3 Holocrons. You can use the AT-ST head as a stepping stone to reach the platform to the Holocrons, Force Grip of course.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Critical thinking at work


When you fight Kazdan’s Junk Titan, standing on the outside of the ring will keep you safe from the Junk Titan’s swings and attacks; you’ll still have to dodge his stomp move and whatever he throws at you. This way, you’ll be able to spray it and the second Titan with Force Lightning without any life taking repercussions.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Look at the outer ring behind the Titan, that’s where you’ll be safe



Inside the Mushroom Ascent, you’ll be approached by Felucian Soldiers. Get rid of them and tear the place apart, it has many Jedi Holocrons that are more or less out in the open. But, they can be found. Here’s a hint, go to the very bottom and work your way up.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

What a long ascent it is


The Felucian Soldiers have a nasty habit of blocking your frontal attacks but if you Dash (L1) into them and start a saber combo, it’ll throw them off and they won’t have time to counter.

When you face your first Rancor of the level, race toward the Sith Holocron and use its power and your Force Lightning to destroy it.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Inside the Rancor Cavern, you’ll face three Rancors; one green and two purple. Take care of the first purple one first and that’s easily done by doing any of the two. One, Force Lightning. Two, turn your enemies into Lightning Grenades and launching them at the beast. Keep the green Rancor out of the picture until you destroy the purple one.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Use Force Lightning on the green one to down it, you can launch Felucian soldiers at the beast to help with the damage output. You’ll have two more Rancors to fight in here too, treat them in like manner. Get the Health Drain Sith Holocron, it will come in handy.

Don’t get any of the Jedi Holocrons until you need a force and life refill which they are also good for.

After killing all of the Rancors, you no doubt ended up getting a few levels along with Force Upgrades. So here’s what you should get:


Force Focus


Force Affinity

Dashing Shock – L1, Triangle

Sith Slash – Square, Triangle x 2

Sith Throw – Triangle + Circle

Force Repulse – up 1 level

The entire time you fight Shaak Ti, abuse your Force Repulse; the Felucian warriors will prove to be a major annoyance in this battle.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Don’t let up, Repulse and stay healthy!


The ISS Empirical

Not long after starting the level, you’ll come to a glass container room. There’s a hidden door on the ground below that hides a Jedi Holocron; here’s where it is.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Hidden no more!


The Evo Trooper must be engaged in close quarter combat, Force Lightning will do no good so don’t bother.

The Shadow Troopers’ shots can be reflected, you don’t have to necessarily run after them but I do suggest you do when they activate their laser scope. Your Dashing Shock and Sith Saber Smash works wonders on the Shadow Troopers.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed   ⇑   

In the Escape Pod room, destroy all of the escape pods by using Force Lightning then use your newly acquired Force Talent Sphere to buy Saber Mastery

This goes without saying but when you find the Lorrdian Power Crystal, equip it immediately. Stormtroopers know how to fire a blaster but don’t know when to not fire one.

You’ll encounter your first Purge Trooper and he’ll have two Evo Troopers with him. First, don’t enter the room where the troopers are; that’s suicide. Do this, move around in front of the door while keeping the Evo troopers in sight.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed ⇑   ⇓

Stand in the exact spot in the screenshot, and you’ll be fine

Next, Force Grip and throw them against the electrical conductors until they die all while dodging the Purge Troopers’ concussion blasts. After you’re alone with the Purge Trooper, dash into the room and Force Lightning it to death. Your Dashing Shock also works on the cretin.

In the last room, there’ll be two Purge Troopers on the ground below. Keep the high ground and shower them with Force Lightning.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Imperial troopers are morons


Cloud City

In case you were wondering where your initial Jedi Holocron is that you might miss, here it is.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

In plain sight


Buy Combo Mastery and blow the rest of your points on whatever you want.

Kaskyyyk – Second Visit

At this point, you have Lightning Shield. My advice, max it out; you’ll need its damaging reducing capabilities in the coming levels including the Death Star. Also, stormtroopers are all about togetherness on this planet so your lightning grenade tech will come in handy.

After the cutscene with Starkiller and his father, look behind the hut for a Jedi Holocron, Kento’s Robes; an easy miss. Now it’s not.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Behind the hut, check behind the hut!


The Incinerator Troopers might look invincible but Force Grip something heavy or explosive into them and they’re cake. Your Lightning Shield will protect you from their flames and reduce any damage you take.

As you’re venturing across this great land, make sure you look up every few inches you take because the Jedi Holocrons have a nasty habit of hiding in midair. Word to ya!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Case in point!


The next area will have ray shields that you can hide behind to protect yourself from your enemy’s fire. There’ll be a stormtrooper whose trying to snipe you from a distance, turn one of his buddies into a lightning grenade and grip him to his buddy to be rid of him. Your lightsaber throw works wonders on the stormtroopers here including the shielded ones, but don’t use it if there is a bunch of them, only if there are 2, 3 tops.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Keep a sharp eye out!


Further on in the same area, you’ll be hounded by imperial jumptroopers as you make your way to the communication tower. Before you take that tower apart, get rid of ALL stormtrooper resistance. Also, be sure to look over the railing as you make your way along the catwalks, you’ll likely to miss a Jedi Holocron or two if you don’t.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

See what I mean


There’ll be guards firing on you from turrets in the guard towers at the exit. Use your lightning shield to protect yourself from fire, get under the tower so the guards can’t see you then double jump then use force lightning to dispose of the pests.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


In the lighted hut area, you’ll come across stormtroopers aplenty along with a Shadow Guard mini-boss. Free all of the wookiees from their container prisons. Do not destroy any of the lighted huts because two them have a Jedi Holocron. The wookiees containers can be used as stepping stones into the lighted hut.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Another Jedi Holocron hidden by the light

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


The Skyhook area is fraught with Purge and other types of stormtroopers, your lightning shield is handy against the purge troopers. Abuse your lightning shield and don’t touch ANY of the Sith Holocrons because they’ll come in handy during your battle with Ozzik. Make sure you use the Ruusan Power Crystal in your Lightsaber, you’re going to need all of the force energy you can to down those purge troopers

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Disable the 7 Skyhook mooring pins then get a Sith Holocron and go to town on Ozzik. Destroy him with extreme prejudice.


Felucia (Second Visit)

Not long after landing, you’ll come across a Jedi Holocron in midair. You can get it by standing at the base of the “giant nail” and use your double jump to get to it.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

After getting that Holocron, go back to the base of the giant nail then run toward the back into a hideaway where another Holocron is. Also, Force Grip every nail structure in the first area; there’s a couple of Jedi Holocrons under them.

At the entrance of the second area, there’ll be a Jedi Holocron in midair. Climb the mushrooms to get it; the mushrooms are right when you get off of the ray shield walkway, if you need a hint.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


You’ll see a Jedi Holocron in a cubbyhole across from a tree stump, use the mushroom to the immediate right of you, double jump and air dash across to get to it then follow the tunnel to another. If you don’t get the Jedi Holocron before the AT-ST cutscene then go back for it after the battle, the rocks can be moved if the AT-ST doesn’t do it for you.

In the final area, you’ll see a mechanical vehicle that has the Sarlacc chained to it; get the Jedi Holocron.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Check the other side of the vehicle and you’ll see it


Make sure you’re checking the wire harnesses that’s sending electricity to the generator, one of the wire harnesses has a Jedi Holocron on it; get it.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Running on the wire


Inside the Sarlacc Pit, you’ll come to a blue stalactite area where you’ll see a Jedi Holocron hangjng over a small mouth pit below which is also the exit. Use your Dashing Blast to get it, just don’t fall into the pit.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed



Within the Sarlacc Pit Inner Sanctum, you’ll be sucked in by the maws as you’re trying to pass. Use your Lightning Shield to pass and lessen the damage you take or you can use Force Lightning on the generators to keep the maws closed.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


The key to beating Maris Brood is your Lightning Shield, you’ll need it maxed out. Use your Lightning Shield to get close to Maris’ Bull Rancor and start cutting it up. Use your Lightsaber Throw if you don’t want to get close to Maris or her pet Rancor. With Maris alone, use your Lightning to stun her so you can cut her up too.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Lightning Shield is effective on both annoyances!


Take a break… Go to the Jedi Temple

Jedi Temple

The second you land, use Force Push and make the troopers disappear off the walkway. Equip your Katak Power Crystal, you’ll need it here. Also, spend your Force Talent points on maxing out your Defense Mastery; you’ll be glad you did when you land.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Inside of the Jedi Temple Entry Hall, you’ll cross swords with tons of stormtroopers. At this point, use everything in your force arsenal to slay the masses; destroy/Force Push the statues to reveal a Jedi Holocron

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Trial of Spirit, eh?

Make sure you Force Repulse and Grip everything in the planetarium; I found a Jedi Holocron under the statue at the room’s rear and by gripping the biggest planet on the solar system model so it pays to be thorough.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed     Star Wars the Force Unleashed


In the Padawan Training chamber, you’ll come across some training robots that’ll materialize from statues on the balcony and floor. Destroy every droid generator on the balcony and floor to get the robots to stop coming.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Destroy that thing!


Inside the Trial of the Mind, use your Force Grip and the Right Analog Stick to move the blue orb so it’ll follow the line; look at it like you’re tracing the line with the orb.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


When you face the Dark Apprentice in Round Two (launching and hitting you with Force Debris), you can use Force Lightning on him while he launching Force Debris at you

Raxus Prime (second visit)

Abuse Force Push and Repulse while you’re here, Jedi Holocrons are known to hide among the junk.

In the first area, you’ll come across some Rodian Soldiers. Take care of them then jump on to next ledge then use your Dashing Blast to get to the ledge where you’ll no doubt discover a Jedi Holocron

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Dashing Blast and you’re there!


In the second area, you’ll see a Jedi Holocron in midair; use your Dashing Blast (L1, Circle) to obtain. Destroy everything that has form here first

Area 6 will have you on a catwalk with a lot of stormtroopers and a few jumptroopers. Force Push the stormtroopers and use Force Lightning on the jumptroopers. Jump down on the right side of the catwalk to deal with the leftovers. Do the same on the left side, but don’t push all of the canisters away that are on the catwalk. Stand on one so you can do the Dashing Blast (L1, Circle) to the Jedi Holocron.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Beating Proxy is a classic cinch as long as you attack him after he’s done attacking, I’ve used Force Push to put some distance between me and Proxy. Attacking at close range will do lethal damage to him, so use that to your advantage.

Equip your lightsaber with the Ruusan Power Crystal, it’ll help out tremendously when you’re using your Force Lightning on the Tie Fighters that emerge from the Star Destroyer.

Death Star

In the first area, you’ll be ambushed by everything that has form; everything from stormtroopers to AT-STs. However, the biggest pain is the snipers on the upper catwalks. So here’s what to do.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

  1. Get up to the catwalks via elevator in the corner of the room and deal with the snipers so they are not a problem.
  2. Then deal with the Purge Troopers
  3. Deal with AT-STs last. Shortly after you destroy the initial wave of enemies, you’ll be accosted by Shadow and Purge Troopers. Use your Force Repulse to divide the group more importantly the Shadow Troopers.
  4. Use Force Lightning and your Lightning Shield to pick off the Purge Troopers. The room should be clear after this.

In the Pulsarium Ring area, you’ll see a door on both sides of the area and the Pulsarium Ring in front of you. Go into the left or right door respectfully and get the Jedi Holocron under the Pulsarium Ring.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


In the Convergence Chamber, there is a Jedi Holocron which you can only get if you use Dashing Blast. Check this out. Also, there are two AT-STs on the ground floor. Jump down to the small platform just above the ATSTs and strike them from above using Force Lightning.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed    Star Wars the Force Unleashed



When you’re taking on the Shadow Guard and his cronies, abuse Force Repulse and stab them once they’re on the ground. The Health Drain Sith Holocron that’s nearby helps level the playing field.

If you choose to go the Dark Side route which involves you striking Vader down, and I always do, use your Saber Slam to knock Vader off guard. Vader is open to attack after he does his Force Push so there’s that.

When you face the Emperor, use Force Lightning on him at a distance. When he use Force Grip to hit you with Force Debris, pay attention to when he waves his hand because you’ll know when to dash to avoid getting hit by debris. The Emperor will summon Royal and Senate Guards to run interference, Force Repulse them then stab down up close to be rid of them.


Upon entering Jabba’s Palace, he’ll sic his guards on you. Destroy them then turn your attention to the Sith Holocron, get it then jump into the hole behind said item to get a Jedi Holocron

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


When you face Jabba’s Rancor, use your Lightsaber Throw on it. Lure the Rancor to the back of the room then dash to the gate from which it emerged then raise the gate, dash under it and the rancor will follow you to its demise.

After using Proxy to get on the Conveyor Belt, use your Lightning Shield to mitigate damage from the flamethrowers; watch the doors that are coming down on you they’ll lessen the time that your lightning shield is on you if you take damage. There’s a Jedi Holocron at the end of the conveyor belt, it’s a little hard to see given the brightness of the flames but it’s there.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Boba Fett challenges you to mortal combat. Force Lightning and Lightsaber Throw will grant you the victory; throw in a little Force Repulse to add a little spice to the battle.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Obi Wan’s Spirit might be tough to beat considering that he doesn’t have a physical form but he’s susceptible to Force Lightning and Push not to mention Lightsaber Throw.


The Wampas are the biggest pain in the ass on this level, but if you use Lightning Bomb (Triangle, R2) it’ll knock them to the ground long enough for you to stab them for lethal damage.

In area 2, you’ll come across some turrets and a Wampa. Dispose of the Wampa then use Lightsaber Throw to destroy the turrets at a distance, it’s easier to do it this way because you’ll be able to dodge the turret fire.

Upon entering Area 3, you’ll see rebel soldiers fighting off Wampas. Here’s what you should do.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed

  1. Don’t jump down, monitor the situation for a few seconds and wait until a Wampa runs into your direct line of sight i.e. blue cursor surrounding them then use Force Lightning on them from your perch.
  2. Then, wait and see if the other Wampa does the same then barbecue him if he does. The point here is that with both Wampas gone, the rebel soldiers will be easy pickings. The Sith Holocron will help you deal with the Wampa(s) if the rebels fail to destroy the Wampas which they will.

Area 4 will place you in a room with a non-moving elevator, Force Grip the elevator up so you can get on top of it.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed



There, I give you the keys to beating this game which lie in the game tips and strategies mentioned here. If you have any questions or would like to comment on my post then please do so and I’ll get back to you immediately.


  1. Jack Taylor Jack Taylor

    I’ve been playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed game for a while now but I seem to have hit a brick wall. I just finished reading your article about Star Wars The Force Unleashed game tips and strategies and already found a few ways to improve my score. I can’t wait to go ahead and give some of your great tips a try.


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Jack, thanks for the compliment; that’s why I do it. I’ve played dozens of games like Star Wars the Force Unleashed and sometimes all you need is that tip or tips to help you get past you obstacle. Where are you at in the game? 

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