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Published April 16, 2019

It has been quite some time since a Star Wars game came out let alone on PS4, but now a new Star Wars game is on the mound ready to bridge gaps and answer questions. As many might or might not know, the time period of the game is going to take place after Episode III and before Episode IV which is good and would place it right around the time of Starkiller’s death.

I remember a Star Wars series that used to come on television called Star Wars Rebels, and it made me think about the Inquisitor that I’m sure will be in the game. Personally, I hope I get to fight one of them or two, it’s said that the Inquisitors’ power almost rivals that of Darth Vader himself.

I feel this game is going to be even more epic than the Star Wars Battlefront II game when they brought Darth Maul back and put Rey in; this is going to be so much bigger than that. Incidentally, I don’t know what kind of force powers the Jedi Padawan will be using but I hope it is of a sort of forbidden nature.

In this post, I’ll be covering certain aspects such as the time period of the game, the Jedi hero and his force powers or what can be imagined or expected, cameos of characters from the past including battle expectations. Before I go on, I’ll warn you now, the things you read about in this post are mere expectations and can more or less be equated with actual reasoning and not to be taken TOO seriously. Having said that, I’ll start at the…….

Time Period

As previously mentioned, the time period of the game will be between the end of Episode III and toward the beginning of Episode IV. Around this time, the Ghost Crew from Star Wars Rebels were coming into their own, making a name for themselves by taking on the Empire at different points in their adventures. Interestingly, this was around the same time that Darth Vader’s apprentice, Starkiller sacrificed himself for the greater good.

Speaking of Inquisitor, you have to wonder if any of them will be in the game because ever since I saw them on Star Wars Rebels, I’ve wanted to take one or two of them on. Incidentally, they don’t seem that tough if Asoka Tano can take two of them down at once. Actually, the Inquisitor, the Second Sister will be in the game.

Personally, I believe that the time period of the game is going to hold a lot of promise because I think it’ll be a trip down memory lane like with Starkiller in the first Star Wars the Force Unleashed.

Granted, the places that Starkiller went to at Vader’s command were places he’s never been and this Jedi Padawan might end up in a couple of places of familiarity too. I can’t help but think how many locales the Jedi Padawan will visit including some of Starkiller’s old haunts.

Expectation of Jedi hero and the Force

Now, seeing as how the Jedi Padawan in the game will be right out of ‘the temple’ so to speak, it can be theorized that he will have a small amount of force powers at his disposal. I’m not trying to say that he’ll have what Luke did in Super Empire Strikes Back on Dagobah but I would think he would have the traditional force powers to complement his status. For example, just about every Jedi knows the Jedi Mind Trick along with Push, Repulse, Grip etc.

In a small way, I hope its exactly like the picture

However, I’m, as I’m sure other gamers are too, expecting the Jedi Padawan to at least be able to use other force powers as well such as Force Lightning, Force Cloak even Force Healing from Revenge of the Sith on PS2 which I think will help Cal out a lot as it did the Jedi mentors of old.

Another thing I hope gets some airtime or at the least a change of some kind is the lightsaber. Cal will have it throughout his adventure but what if you could change the color of the lightsaber blade with lightsaber color crystals that come with certain abilities that Cal can capitalize on while he’s destroying Stormtroopers and the Inquisitor, Second Sister.


I heard on the trailer that there will be cameo, a familiar face talking with Cal and possibly aiding him in his journey or as the figure sees fit. Ultimately, I hope it is Obi-Wan Kenobi because I sort of expect it to be him or it could be Asoka Tano who just happens to run into Cal in one of the various locales that he’ll likely visit.

The suspense of who this figure is going to be is practically killing me because there are so many people that were around in different parts of the universe during the time of the Jedi Purge; incidentally, Cal might even run into another Jedi who could help him train and master the ways of the Force; it’s always good to meet another Jedi.

Whoever the mysterious figure is will most certainly be of great help to Cal but I do wonder though just how Cal will end up meeting this individual or if this person will end up having their own ship instead of a “loaner” i.e. a ship that the figure managed to steal from the stupid Stormtroopers. All I can say to this regard is that the figure will either be Cal’s undoing or his greatest ally.


Now for the finer part of this, battle. I’ve played a lot of Star Wars games where the battles were a little weak, had potential, but weak; I’m referring to the second Star Wars the Force Unleashed game. What I’m expecting from battle will be a mixture of lightsaber and force power combos and of the deadly kind that can one-shot enemies even sap a good 25 to 47 percent of a boss’ life force in battle.

I hope the battle part of the game will not be too overwhelming because who wants to spend the first 10 minutes of the game swatting enemies and waving your lightsaber around like you’re slashing at shadows in the dark. I would imagine the battle to be like the ones from Revenge of the Sith on PS2. Even walking around the environment there were force activities but only without being prompted like Cal would be able to do everything on his own.

I hope there are combat combos like the flip kick, Obi-Wan’s Scissor Kick etc. I think combat combos would really liven up the game plus since its not going to be a button masher then it can only be expected to be great; button mashers suck!


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is expected to be one of the greatest Star Wars game to play and beat, it is also expected to encompass all things Star Wars especially the time period in which the game takes place not to mention the Jedi Padawan is expected to have force powers and the power over the force like his Jedi ancestors before him.

Cameos are expected but there’s no real guarantee of who’s going to make an appearance; just guesses to the regard. Battle will be a mixture of force combos and lightsaber thrashing and an overall challenging use of the gamer’s time.

So what do you think of the upcoming Star Wars game, what great things do you expect from the game? Do you think Cal will be able to hold his own against the Inquisitor, the Second Sister? Send me a message with your responses and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. O man!!!!… You really know your stuff about gaming!…My daughter is a huge gamer and I do play from time to time. However, your knowledge on this game Star Wars Rebels is vast and full of detail.Your descriptive detail really paints a visual of the game and what to expect from this game.That is awesome! Great job!

    • Wow Doris, thank you; you humble me. The upcoming Star Wars game is going to take place right around the time of the Inquisitors appear which was around the time that there was no potential Jedi to stop such as during the Jedi Purge. Ultimately, the game is going to come out on Nov. 15th 2019. So tell your daughter to keep her ears and eyes open.

  2. Hey Rodney, I really like how you braid ideas about the game, into history, and finally your personal likes and dislikes. Great job and really interesting.

    • Thank you Chuck, you humble me and I really appreciate the feedback. Personally, I think this Star Wars game is going to be huge and I thought I’d pitch some ideas on what I think it should be or at least compare it to past Star Wars titles.

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