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Published July 19, 2018

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is the current Star Ocean game that is out on the PS3 and PS4. I currently have this game for my PS4 and I have to say that after playing it for almost 13 hours straight yesterday, I can say that it definitely surpass any of its predecessors. The last, the only Star Ocean game I’ve played prior to this is Star Ocean 3 on PS2; I didn’t get it to say the least.

Star Ocean 5 not only introduced the story and gave background info on what is currently going on, but it eased gamers into battle so they can take their time getting to know certain battle techniques that you had to learn on your own in Star Ocean 3. Personally, I love Star Ocean 5; the game creators did the game right. The characters are awesome, the battle skills are cool and the Reserve Rush is boss as hell!

While I was playing the game in earnest yesterday, I came up with a few ways that you can make your gameplay awesome. These tips will go a long way in this game and you may find yourself playing for hours not wanting to stop so consider yourself warned! Having said that, here are some things to keep in mind while you traipse around the Star Ocean five-verse.

Keep the MAX amount of Blackberries on your person at all times

You’ll want to do this religiously because as you adventure you’ll find yourself using your battle skills like crazy which you’re going to have to if you’re to gain full mastery over them; doing this also allows you to use your battle skills infinitely i.e. the double whammy effect.

Blackberry potions are more powerful!

Incidentally, blackberries can come through in a pinch when you’re in a battle with a tough monster especially if you’re fighting the Eyebalone boss at the end of your first trip through the Cathedral of Oblivion. You might think that you’ll go through all of them while you’re battling which is not true if you use them sparingly, but you’re still good if you don’t because they’re a dime a dozen.

Also, blackberries will come in handy after you learn alchemy/item creation which will allow you to create blackberry potions which restores a SIGNIFICANT amount of your magic points per use so capitalizing on this is absolute. All in all, keep the max amount of blackberries on you at all times; it is a lifesaver in battle, trust me!

Obey the bulletin board, do the quests, get treasure search

The first bulletin board that you’ll encounter is in Central Resulia and I want it to go on record that you need to pay VERY CLOSE attention to every request made on that bulletin board especially the part that said BRING X, Y, Z TO THE BULLETIN BOARD. Basically saying that you are to report back to the bulletin board upon completing a request; there is no one to report to or the person whose request is up on the bulletin board.

Neglect these are your own peril!

Coincidentally, make it your life’s work and time to do the quests because you’ll get A LOT of cool stuff, equipment even the treasure search specialty. The latter allows you to find those all invisible treasure chests on the mini map which they would not be anymore; the best thing about the treasure search specialty is that all treasure chests in the area become visible for you to find on the mini map which means if there’s a treasure chest 5 feet off to the right of you, it’ll show up on the mini map.

Here’s a tip, do the bulletin board requests that you can do right then; don’t try to 100% it because you won’t be able to until much later in the game; just enjoy the game. I found that if you do the quests that you can do, you’re less likely to feel bored doing even the most menial quests, the Subjugation Directive quests.

Abuse your Battle Skills, for they grow powerful with each use

This is a must in every battle, abuse your battle skills because they will grow more powerful and stronger with each use. The various books and manuals you find throughout your adventure will go toward strengthening your battle skills as well. The thing about abusing your battle skills is that you start seeing the difference as you’re using them. Your battle skills are your bread and butter in battle; the secret to mastering them and getting the most out of them is knowing which skills are effective on which enemies.

For example, did you know that using Fidel’s Death Palm on the Stone Golems deal them significant damage; I found that out yesterday when I was playing especially when I was doing the Subjugation Directive quest such as finding Dek, Tinat etc. I use Fidel’s Air Slash to deal damage to enemies that I don’t want nor care to get near especially monsters that have a special skill that can poison or kill.

From what I’ve seen, it may not be possible to completely master every battle skill but don’t sweat if you don’t because the fun part about this game is using your battle skills in earnest and in every battle situation.

Look to your glossary and often

The game has a glossary that you can look at to get to know your people because you’ll be able to assess their strengths and weaknesses, an example of this is when you read that Miki is a signeturgical fighter which means that she’s not a physical attacker which also means that you won’t find her on the front slapping an enemy around; she’ll be firing off signeturgy to heal you and damage the enemy.

The in game glossary is a little different than this

Another useful thing about the glossary is that you can read up your characters’ background and measurements such as how tall they are etc. I personally like it because it gives me a chance to draw my own conclusions about my party members such as how I want to use them in battle. For example, Emmerson uses a crossbow; he’s good to use at short to medium range.

If you’re an avid reader like me, you’ll probably just want to read the glossary just to have an understanding of something or someone. More importantly, the glossary is a valuable resource that you should never ignore because it can help you get to places and also help you find out certain facts such as the who’s who and what, what.

Learn to Guard

This maybe the most redundant thing that any gamer can be told in any game of this caliber, but learn to guard and above all, practice, practice, practice! You can guard by press and holding down the Square button during battle, you’ll reduce around 15% of your damage intake which might not seem like a lot but it can make a huge difference when you’re trying to stay alive long enough for Miki to heal you and for Relia to shield you.

Guard its physical hits, not its eye energy attacks!

Guarding in this game doesn’t get the recognition it deserves but I assure you, it helps to guard and keep that knowledge handy because you can actually deflect and absorb the attack of the enemy PROVIDED that the enemy doesn’t use an attack to break your guard otherwise you’re taking damage.

From experience, I’ve used guard a couple of times to avoid getting my attacks interrupted and it is a great way to open a battle especially since the enemies are practically new to you as you are them. Also, I found that guarding helps when you run out of magic points. Ultimately, learn to guard because you never know which attacks you can avoid or deflect using guard. If I were you, I’d experiment with guarding; I have.

Change characters, try everyone

What really makes this game so awesome is that you can change characters in the heat of battle which is great because you get to try everyone and anyone, you don’t have to just stick with using Fidel. I remember I was using Victor to battle a few monsters and I found that he plays similar to Fidel; he’s a little hard hitting than Fidel but he was great to use. I got to use Miki as well; she was pretty great to use too.

Miki is large and in charge!

Personally, I like this feature of the game because you can actually use a lot of your characters’ battle skills to crush your enemies and experiment with exploiting their weaknesses. This is the second feature of the game that you should definitely abuse because of the awesome power that it gives the gamer, I mean, let’s face it, there are not a lot of action RPGs that allows you to switch to another character mid battle unless that character was the only one standing while everyone else was not.

Incidentally, I’ve used every character in battle and they are all awesome in their own right; take advantage of this always and don’t allow yourself to be limited with just using Fidel.

Don’t be afraid to fight i.e. enter battle

Immerse yourself in battle(s); the stronger you are, the stronger your enemy isn’t. The longer you play this game, you might find yourself getting a little bored with battles which can get to be a little monotonous. But, there is a way you can turn that around and it is this, target the most dangerous enemy first using either R1 and/or L1. Doing this can turn the tide of any battle you enter and in so doing, you’ll alleviate what boredom you might start feeling.

Get some of that action!

If you start feeling like you don’t want to be bothered with enemies, you can run right around them or ignore them entirely if you feel like getting your hands dirty isn’t necessary especially if you’re more over leveled than your enemy is which will end up happening in this game; a lot.

Ultimately, fight and win every battle you’re in because I found that it better prepares you for the enemies at the Cathedral of Oblivion especially if you’re using your party members to exploit certain weaknesses such as elemental or otherwise. There’s no doubt about it, fighting every battle in this game will consistently keep you at a level much higher than that of your enemy.

Use those skill points on strengthening roles

Skill points are used to strengthen specialties, but that is not the only thing that the skill points are used for; they’re also useful in strengthening roles which is useful for the gamer. The reason, strengthening roles allow your party members to deal certain enemies 2x normal damage making it so certain enemies take more damage and die quicker. For example, mastering Insect Slayer will give birth to Raven Slayer which will allow the bearer to deal 2x normal damage to birds.

Roles especially battle roles were created to make battles easier; I’ll tell you this, I wish I had Raven Slayer equipped on Fidel when I fought Eyebalone in the Cathedral of Oblivion because my using the Reserve Rush on him when it was near death would’ve finished it. I mean, it’s so obvious that’s when I should’ve used that because Eyebalone is considering an avian monster in which he would’ve taken more damage had I equipped Raven Slayer from jump street.

Pay attention to your enemies and what category they fall under as far as what type of monster they are because ten times out of ten, you’ll have the right “slayer tool” to end them; you can always work up to getting it, if not.

Reserve Rushes are a great way to bring a quick end to a tough battle even boss battle(s)

Reserve Rush is the best way to destroy a tough enemy, its power, given your party members, is wasted on regular enemies. However, it is not wasted on monsters who are highlighted in the Subjugation Directive such as Dek, Tinat etc. Use the Reserve Rush to crush these powerful monsters; they’re worth the power expenditure.

One of the general reasons why you should do this is because the Subjugation Directive monsters are decently powerful and giving them a chance to show you that is not an option. Use your Reserve Rush to bring an end to battles against tough monsters and boss monsters if they’re giving you trouble.


Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is the best Star Ocean game to date and a game that I think every gamer should play because the gameplay is awesome and gamers can make their gameplay more awesome by keeping the maximum amount of blackberries on them; first and foremost. Gamers also need to keep in mind to obey the bulletin board which will net them some cool stuff and the invaluable treasure search specialty.

Abusing battle skills is a necessary evil that gamers need to do to survive and checking the glossary often will add a little flare to the game and gamers are given the chance to get to know more about their party members. Gamers who take the time to learn to guard and change characters can get more out of their gameplay.

Never be afraid to enter and fight every battle, don’t neglect to use your skill points to strengthen roles and specialties; abuse your Reserve Rush ability because it can mean the difference between life and death when dealing with Subjugation Directive monsters.

Above all, buy the game, enjoy playing it and don’t worry about what you can’t 100% right now because you’ll get a chance to later on in the game. I’m interested in knowing what you think of this post if anything; leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Anytime you get a Signet Card, let someone who doesn’t have access to signeturgical skills use it; I feel it’s a good way to get used to using the Signet cards so you don’t forget that they are there which is easy to do if you’re more used to having your Signeturgy casters in charge of signeturgy.

Ideal place to have a Revive Signet Card(s)





  1. Gabriella Tito Gabriella Tito

    I haven’t had a chance to play Star Ocean 5, I have played previous Star Ocean games in the past though, to my frustration.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the series but they can be quite tedious at times. It’s great to hear SO5 surpasses it’s predecessors!

    It”s a shame you have to grind in this game to be at a level higher than your enemy at all times (like all SO games), but I guess if you just fight the battles as they come along, it won’t feel as grindy.

    Hearing you say that Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is the best SO game to date actually makes me interested in playing it! I haven’t played one in years and now may be the time to do so.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Gabriella, thanks for reaching out. First, I agree that this game is a little grindy, but I don’t grind but I do have alternate tips on how you can erase the amount of backtracking you do in the game. I just came from the second Cathedral of Oblivion trip and Vidofnir was easy to kill using Daril’s sword; the first time I fought it I got killed. I also just learned how open those stupid black locked chests. The game is cool, I think you should try it.

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