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Published August 9, 2018

The PS4 is the newest video gaming toy that’s currently getting a lot of attention and that includes the game that’s coming out for the PS4 like the new upcoming Spiderman PS4. I’ve reviewed and seen just about every aspect of this game and I can tell you that it is not going to disappoint. There were a lot of good Spiderman games in the past such as Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, Spiderman the Movie, the Video Game etc. Many gamers still have at least a few of those Spiderman games in their possession, myself included.

However, the new upcoming Spiderman PS4 has a lot of elements that is going to make it the best-selling Spiderman game since Shattered Dimensions. For one, Peter/Spiderman is older which means that there no longer exists the premise that he’s some immature, ignorant teen with a wayward and naive view of the world.

Another thing making a comeback are some old villains but there are also some new ones as well; Spiderman also returns with a lot of new stuff and I mean powers, suits and all. There is so much new stuff that it’s enough to make the game sell out within hours after release like tickets to a Doobie Brothers concert but don’t take my word for it, here’s more info about what’s expected to be when the game releases.

Spiderman PS4, different ways of attacking

As previously mentioned, everything will be brand new in Spiderman PS4 and that includes the villains Spiderman fights to his web powers. For one, a lot of Spiderman’s moves and acrobatics will be a lot easier to pull off which means there’s no more button mashing to get Spiderman to sucker punch his enemies into the air so he can punish them in midair. I’ve seen Spiderman web-lift something straight off the ground and launch it right at his opponent; golden!

I can remember a time when I played Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, I never once made Spiderman do that or do it with ease; I can say for sure that Spiderman is going to be spending some time in the air as he fights his enemies. I found that a lot of his moves can be executed in the air as well as on the ground; useful especially if you’re trying to avoid an enemy with a damaging charge attack so I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.


This will be the first Spiderman game where Spiderman will have gadgets; gadgets that, when thrown precisely, will trap the enemy to that specific spot like the Trip Wire web gadget; sure it might seem like a mine or a little kid’s toy that they left lying around but once an enemy steps on it, they’re automatically trapped and stuck to the nearest object.

The gadgets

Spiderman will also be able to use a web-bomb that, when thrown up in the air, will instantly tie all surrounding enemies up. I’m under the impression that this gadget is better used when you’re surrounded or if you’re just looking to get all of your enemies altogether before springing this as a means to save health before that big boss fight. Personally, that’s what I would use it for, but it’s also good if you want to use it to have fun with your enemies as well.

Past Spiderman titles

Spiderman games of the past did provide gamers with a lot of fun and entertainment but I can’t help but to think that many past Spiderman titles lacked in one way or another. For example, if you did a sidequest or lost your way while traveling from one place to another, you often couldn’t retrace your steps which also meant that you had to start the mission all over again.

I enjoyed this

Games like Spiderman the Movie the Video Game seemed like it was put together in haste and did not come out being as good as it could have especially in the bell tower level where you’re pursuing Vulture. I played this part of the game and didn’t care for it, it seemed like the game creators were trying too hard to make a great game which failed. Gamers will not have to worry about that when they play Spiderman PS4.

Not this

Spiderman PS4 open world vs. Spiderman 2 PS2 open world

A lot can be said about a game with a great open world especially an open world that makes it so easy to do sidequests and other tasks. Spiderman PS4 capped this off perfectly. You can see all of your sidequests and side missions on the map as well as on the open world which will allow you to choose which one you want to do. Spiderman 2 (PS2) open world was horrible about this because you only saw the side missions you were doing on the map and not in the world itself.

I’m the type of gamer that like to see everything laid out in front of him which implies that I don’t want to work hard to try to find my side mission or whoever it is I’m helping; it should be as evident as the morning sunrise. One thing is for sure, gamers will never again get lost while finding their mission again; Spiderman PS4 saw to that.

Some old villains and some new ones

As every gamer whose played any Spiderman game knows that no Spiderman game is complete without the usual villains, and that is especially true in Spiderman PS4. Old villains such as Shocker and Scorpion will be making a comeback but they’re not coming back as their wimpy and predictable selves; they’re coming back with new strength of their own.

Shocker’s back

However, these aforementioned two will not be alone; there’s a new villain in town and he along with his gang are going to try to complicate life for Spiderman; Mr. Negative is the name of this villainous powerhouse. Also, Wilson Fisk A.K.A. the Kingpin will be joining in on the festivities in helping to get Spiderman.

The new big bad

Personally, I can’t wait to get my crack at the Kingpin and Mr. Negative; both look like they would give me a run for my money. You know, it is not every day that Spiderman dances with an energy blasting super villain, well, besides Electro that is.

Different suits

And now for the coup de grace, the suits. In past Spiderman games, you had access to different suits which made gameplay more fun and/or made enemies easier to destroy like the Scarlet Spider suit in the Spiderman game for the PS1. In Spiderman PS4, you get to access different suits as you see fit. For example, the Iron Spider suit which is a new one, will be accessible for gamers and speaking of the Scarlet Spider suit, it is making a comeback; gamers will be able to access this suit as well.


All in all, there are going to be a lot of suits in the game that gamers will be able to access given different battle situations which, I think, would be the best use of them along with them being good for some side missions as well.

Worth it!


Spiderman PS4 is going to be the greatest Spiderman game to come out since the Spiderman Shattered Dimensions and it is coming with a boat load of surprises such as new villains, new suits, new open world and side mission worldview. Also, Spiderman is coming in with different attacks along with gadgets that’ll help him keep his enemies under control; some enemies will not be making an appearance from past Spiderman titles but the game will bring its own brand of goodies so keep on the lookout.

If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy Gaming.



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