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Published November 13, 2018

Spiderman PS4 is the biggest and most impressive Spiderman game to date, it has surpassed even its predecessor, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions PS3. While Spiderman PS4 was a great success among the gaming community, it has one factor about it that make it a slam dunk; the suits.

Being able to change Spiderman into the various suits is a great aspect of playing the game which gamers can really appreciate about Spider Man PS4 Suits because there’s so many to choose from and if we’re being honest here, the interchangeability of the suit is what makes the game awesome.

From a strategic perspective, it’s good to go trying on suits as they’re unlocked and what have you but I have to say that not every suit is good to use in every situation.

Spiderman games have always been open-ended which means that you can unlock everything in the game and partake of the fruits of your labor when you play the New Game +, if you’re into that.

I’m working on the game right now and there are suits in the game I’ve never even heard of like the Negative Suit for one. My favorite Spiderman suit, Scarlet Spider made it into the game which I just love. In this post I’ll cover a few of the suits, when it seems ideal to use them, the special ability of the suit as well as other aspects.

The suits are many

The suits, the cream of the crop; the only reason to play any Spiderman game is because of the suits and their various abilities. Although I have yet to unlock every suit in the game seeing as how I’m like 28% in; I believe that there’s a suit for every situation in the game and there are more than enough side missions to test out each one.

To me and after playing the game for 6 hours, I learned that there’s no right or wrong suit to use for a situation. I’d say there’s a place in every part of the game where every suit can be used to benefit or help you avoid damage or from taking too much of it.

Overall, the suits are the crown jewel of the game and I encourage you to experiment with the suits; it is not a contest about which one is better but I have to say that it is definitely a huge benefit to keep an open mind about which suit is great for which point in time in the game.

Special Ability

Now, if Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions has taught us anything is that every Spiderman suit has a special ability; well, the symbiote suit did and so did the Spiderman 2099 suit. Despite the fact that I’ve yet to see either suit in the game, it is without a doubt that every Spiderman suit in the game has a special ability.

Take my favorite suit, Scarlet Spider. The holograms are a great distraction to draw the enemy’s attention and gunfire from you thereby giving you the time needed to take out the guy with the RPG (if there’s one present).

Spiderman Noir’s special ability keeps enemies from calling backup when needed; good, if you need to make a break for it or recover some energy.

Spiderman’s Advanced Suit (white spider crest), I wasn’t all that impressed with it when I first used it. However, its Web Blossom ability is not to be trifled with and its good if you need some breathing room upon getting surrounded. I’ve grown to love the special ability of each Spiderman suit.

Experimenting with the special ability of each suit will definitely give you an advantage; I can’t think of a reason to not wear the Spider Armor Mk II Suit when facing off against thugs with guns because of its bulletproof ability.

The perfect suit for the perfect level

While you’re going through your gallery of suits in the game, do you ever think about what suit you could use if you were going to do a stealth mission or even a mission that takes place at night where your very discovery could jeopardize the entire mission, I did when I was working on the museum mission after Mr. Negative’s thugs invaded.

Incidentally, I used Noir Spiderman for the museum mission because it not only took place at night which, as you well know, Spiderman Noir’s ability to blend in with the dark like a shadow made it ideal. I also did it because of his special ability to keep bad guys from calling back up.

I didn’t hardly use his special ability but it was enough to make it through the level without being seen by any of the gun-toting thugs. Ultimately, I made the decision to use my Noir Spiderman suit on night missions and sometimes when I just want to switch up suits but mostly, I use the suit for night mission/stealth missions.

Spend time unlocking the suits

This goes without saying and I might’ve mentioned it in a past post but take the time to unlock the suits in the game by doing all the side missions along with other missions that require your attention. The experience points you get accumulate and add up; its a safe bet that you can have every suit before the endgame doing all the side missions.

Doing the extra stuff makes the Negative suit worth it!

I’m stickler for doing everything in a game so it was nothing for me to do all the side missions and find all the landmarks that I’ve found up to this point, I even did those annoying lab recalibration puzzles for Otto’s mechanical arms which were by no means easy. At this point in the game, I’m pretty much free to swing around city while making my way to my next mission.

From the first time I played the game, I saw the potential in not rushing to the main mission because I knew I was going to be able to benefit from the extracurricular activities so I’m encouraging you to do the same if you already aren’t.


Spider Man PS4 Suits are the cornerstone of the game and each one is more powerful than the last. One thing about the suits is that their special ability is unique and it goes without saying that making a point to unlock more suits will get you more into the game and will doubtlessly make the game more fun.

Using a specific suit for a specific mission like using Spiderman Noir for night missions and stealth or using Scarlet Spider’s hologram ability to distract enemies so you can focus on the most dangerous enemy which could be either an RPG or a Sniper.

Spending time unlocking the suits is the biggest time investment there is but it does pay off when you have that suit needed for that mission and its not all bad to be swinging around the city getting to know the different parts of that city. If you have any questions about my post then leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Stew Stew

    My kids are interested in this game and I have been convinced to buy it and then I come across this post.

    It looks good and something my oldest (11) would get into.  They both are into spider man quite a bit.

    The graphics look great and the suits are absolutely amazing.  I just don’t have the game yet

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Well Stew, I encourage you to buy it; there’s so much in the game to do and you’ll unlock so many suits. Some of the suits are unique and very new but are excellent additions to Spiderman’s arsenal. Another great aspect about Spiderman and the suits is that you can use the special ability of any suit that you’ve unlocked and you don’t have to be wearing the suit. 

      For example, you can use Advanced Suit Spiderman’s Web Blossom ability if you’re out about town as Scarlet Spider. You can even use Noir Spiderman’s special ability if you’re beating down bad guys as regular suit Spiderman. It’s as I told another guy not that long ago, experiment with the suits but pay close attention to the special ability of that suit; the payoff is huge.

  2. Olonisakin Kehinde Olonisakin Kehinde

    the suits are many for sure, well when i play i play for relaxation and i am always in a hurry to jump into a newly unlocked suit as soon as it gets unlocked……

    Yea, side missions add up bit by bit and for sure its possible to unlock every suit…. i have just unlocked a few though.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Olon, yes the suits are many but using them in different situations will get you more into the game and you won’t feel confined to just using the Advanced suit. Experiment a little and see what I mean.

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