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Published August 16, 2018

I’ve had my PS4 for a little while and even though I thought I would never upgrade or get an up to date game system, I can say that I’ve grown to love my PS4 along with the PS4 sidekick, the Sony PS4 controller. The first time I ever laid my hands on a Sony PS4 controller was November 2017 and I’ve can say that the PS4 controller is worth 10x money earned.

The touchpad on the controller is one of the best features about the controller because it gives gamers the opportunity to do a wealth of things in the games they play. For example, the touchpad is linked to things like maps or accessing moves lists etc. Personally, the touchpad really makes the Sony PS4 controller look distinguished and awesome.

There has been no issues with the Sony PS4 controller, and I’d even go so far as to say that this is the first Playstation controller that has gone the longest without any issues. However, there’s more to love and adore about the Sony PS4 controller hence my review.

Collector’s edition bundle

One of things that I’ve grown to love about the Sony PS4 controller is the collector’s item bundle that they come in; the controller is great in the black color that it comes in but it’s good to see other “creative sides” of the Sony PS4 controller such as the collector’s edition controllers like the one that came with God of War or Final Fantasy XV. The PS4 controller looked so awesome and who doesn’t love the God of War logo that’s on it; this is the first Playstation controller that really made the collector’s edition bundles really pop.

If you already have this, keep it always!

PS2 had Singstar which was ahead of its time with the controller being white and the PS2 had different color controllers such as Electric Blue and Forest Green. However, they pale in comparison to the Sony PS4 collector’s edition bundles controllers because of the unique art that was on the controller. My advice, keep the Sony PS4 controller that came with the collector’s edition bundle you bought, it’s worth keeping for the artwork on the controller alone.

No potential problems

Do you guys remember the Sony PS2 controller, it would work for so long then you’d start noticing that the controller did not quite respond in the way that it usually does or should i.e. the controller would be doing all kinds of crazy stuff in your game like making the screen turn around continuously via analog sticks.

No problems yet; count your blessings

Well I can say that I’ve no potential problems with my Sony PS4 controller, I’ve only had mine a little less than a year and so far there are no problems. This part of the review I wanted to emphasize the fact that the Sony PS4 controller doesn’t have any of the problems that its predecessors had; my charge cord still works when I want to charge my controller and my controller isn’t making any of my in game characters do anything that I didn’t want.

Overall, the Sony PS4 controller makes the gamer feel like they’re in control without all the malfunctions of the past and devoid of any present problems.

Lovin’ the touchpad

The touchpad, even though it is a button itself, is a great feature on the Sony PS4 controllers and all the while that it might sit ignored on the controller, you’ll learn quickly that it is a button on the controller that you cannot do without. In some games, you can use the touchpad to bring up other menus or treasures that you’ve collected and even using it to quickly access anything you need to get at while gaming.

The touchpad makes the pad look pimp!

I remember when I was playing Uncharted: Lost Legacy and I needed to bring up the map so I can find all the hidden places where I can get a hold of all 11 tokens on Chapter 4, Western Ghats; the touchpad came through in a pinch. Can you imagine always pressing the start button or one of the shoulder buttons; the touchpad is unique to the Sony PS4 controller.

PS4 controller vs. PS3 controller

Now, it might seem pointless to say that the Sony PS4 controller is far superior to the Sony PS3 controller because all the bugs that existed in the PS3 controller doesn’t exist in the PS4 controller; its common knowledge at this point. But, I can tell you this, with the Sony PS4 controller there are no issues and dreading how long your charge cord has before it stops working or the Sony PS4 controller you’re using dies or malfunctions.

I miss the generation, not the eventual problems with the pad

I bought my wife a Sony PS3 controller, it wasn’t exactly new but it worked pretty well then the controller started malfunctioning not even 10 days later; it’s so disappointing when a gamer spends money on a controller that barely lasts a month at most. The only issue with the Sony PS4 controller that I’ve had is that you can only play a game for, at the very most, 3 hours before you have to charge the controller; it’s a small price to pay but it still works better than the Sony PS3 controller ever did.

Is getting more than one necessary?

In the past, I’ve always thought that getting more than one of any Sony brand controller was completely necessary because of the malfunctions of the controllers at the time. However, the more I played with my Sony PS4 controller, the more I began to realize that getting more than one isn’t necessary. In fact, unless you have a collection of Sony PS4 controllers via collector bundles then getting more than one isn’t necessary.

If yours is still working, don’t spend the money!

The reason, I surmised that the Sony PS4 controller works as it is and since there has yet to be any real problems or malfunctions then I would suggest that you don’t because spending the extra money just seems a little, excessive; for lack of a better word. The Sony PS4 controller is at the top of its class function-wise and ultimately works perfectly the way it is. You can buy another if you want that second wind, so to speak, but it’s not necessary.


The Sony PS4 controller is the controller that has been perfected by the gaming gods that created them and even though many people have more than one due to specific collector’s edition bundles, it is a controller that has yet to malfunction or experience any real controlling issues like its predecessors the PS2 and PS3 controllers respectively. Gamers will agree that the touchpad is one of the greatest features on the Sony PS4 controller especially if you’re playing Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

Ultimately, controllers come and go, but getting more than one Sony PS4 controller is unnecessary if you already have one that is working fine at present; money expenditure on another is ill-advised. So, what are your thoughts about this review; if you have any questions or comments then feel free to leave them below. Thank you and Happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

This hardly needs to be said but don’t eat around your Sony PS4 controller or touch it with greasy or wet hands; the reason, the controller will last you longer and won’t give you any playability problems; clean them hands before you touch that controller.

This is unacceptable, I don’t ever want to see this!



  1. Riaz Shah Riaz Shah

    Hey Rodney,
    Excellent write up on the Ds4s! Do you have any idea what’s the cause of problem when the L3 button is not working?

    I do rental for Consoles and DS4 controllers. The consoles are in perfect condition even after a year but most of the controllers came back to me with the L3 button not working, or the O and X button switch apart :/

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I wish I knew Riaz, I never had an issue with my L3 button; I never even there were issues with the L3 button. I’ll keep my eye out for that and report anything back to you. My theory is that the L3 button is either taking some abuse or whatever is being done to the controller is affecting the L3 button. I’ll do more research on that and report back to you anything I find.

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