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Published June 19, 2018

Sonic Mania has been out for a while and even though it has captured the hearts of gamers who grew up playing Sonic games along with controlling Sonic and his friends, it has definitely introduced some new elements to the game. I can say with 110% certainty that Sonic Mania has done a lot of things and plays differently than its predecessors.

After my little ‘experience’ with this game, I can say that a lot unique elements has been brought to the game that has never been seen before such as how you get the Chaos Emeralds and how Eggman’s robots rebel; there were things I also noticed that weren’t in the game such as the Hidden Palace Zone or the Super Emeralds.

Sonic has not changed that much since his absence; he has a new special ability that appeal to gamers and it is ‘seemingly’ useful for all intents and purposes. However, there are a lot of things that are in the game that made it decent at best, and things that brought it down like it did not do the game any favors whatsoever.

Metal Sonic makes a return as does Eggman, but not much else. In fact, Sonic Mania, decent game, but it didn’t come with everything retro.

What makes the game great

There are several aspects of the game that made it great such as different levels, new enemies; things that once caused Sonic and his friends pain now helps them such as being trapped in ice which is useful in destroying enemies and getting past obstacles.

One new feature the game has is the Blue Ring Monitor; this nifty little item lets you keep all the rings you have in your possession and when you’re hit, you don’t have to chase a million rings just a few big ones. Very helpful, makes it easy to get those rings back and go Super Sonic.

On another note, Sonic’s new special ability, the Drop Dash has been getting a lot of press. But, it is not much to look at let alone really useful; it is the simple equivalent to doing a stomp move to avoid airborne threats such special attacks from enemies.

So not

Although it is a fairly new ability, I don’t see any real reason why gamers would use it, if the creators of the game were going to do something like that then they should’ve given Sonic the ability to rev up without having to go into a ball like he did in Sonic CD.

Time Warp on one level only, that’s total crap!

One of the things that I was looking forward to when the game came out was the time travel aspect, and it was definitely in the game so I was happy about that. Of course, my happiness quickly turned to horror because the time warp is only ON ONLY ONE LEVEL, this was total crap! I mean if you’re going to put time warping or the concept of time warp in the game, don’t make it available for just one level; this killed the game for me.

Not worth it by a longshot!

From where I was sitting, I was better off going out and spending hundreds on Sonic CD and playing that because I knew I would’ve got my money’s worth. What really burned me up was the fact that the game and Metal Sonic get you hyped up for the concept of time warping and going through time, but you find that it was only a special circumstance because you were chasing Metal Sonic.

I shudder to think what would’ve happened if that part of the game wasn’t in it at all; this did the game no favors and it was pointless for them to put the concept of time warp in the game if gamers can’t enjoy it on all levels and not just one. Stupid, really.

The new special stage, meh

I have to admit that the new special stage in the game did take a unique turn in how gamers get the Chaos Emeralds which is a welcome feature to the game. If we’re being honest, the new special stage is like, meh. Simply, its similar to the special stage in Sonic CD. I couldn’t help but to feel underwhelmed when I saw this, it didn’t seem all that impressive to me.

To put a fine point on this, you’re chasing a UFO for a Chaos Emerald; whose bright idea was that? I mean, I get that people were going for something different with the special stages but chasing after a UFO for a Chaos Emerald was not that creative. To put a finer point on this, you have to practically run at super sonic speed so you can catch it that means working harder than you have to get the Chaos Emerald; the idea was good but not great.

Super Sonic sucks and no Super Emeralds!

Okay, this was among one of the things that bothered me; Super Sonic sucks! Why, the only other thing that he has other than his invulnerability and super speed is two afterimages of himself following him; that’s it. Gamers are used to Sonic being super and invincible, but that all he’s got going for him; this sucked because the creators could’ve done more with it.

The Super Emeralds are NOT in the game; this was the second thing that killed the game for me. The Chaos Emeralds are great, the Super Emeralds are a BIG deal and they should’ve made it to the game; it breaks my heart that they did not make it into the game because the game would’ve been a slam dunk.

I miss the Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 & Sonic and Knuckles because it was where you could admire the work you did getting the Super Emeralds and it gave you something to shoot for. Hyper Sonic was the ultimate badass, and it made its predecessor popular. Bringing Hyper Sonic into this game would’ve made it blow up, Hyper Sonic is the ultimate game breaker.

Insta-Shield unlockable, lame as hell!

This was the ultimate betrayal that pushed me over the edge; Sonic’s Insta-Shield, the very thing that made him a badass in Sonic 3, was gone unless you unlocked which is lame as hell. I mean, Sonic’s Insta-Shield is an innate ability of his or at least it was and he does not have it in this game which makes no apparent sense.

The way I see it, if you have to unlock it or spend all game trying to unlock a special ability; it’s not worth the trouble you have to go through to get it.


Sonic Mania has come to be a game that has introduced a lot of new features but some of those same features did not do the game any favors like Sonic’s unlockable Insta-Shield, ordinary Super Sonic with No Super Emeralds to compliment the Chaos Emeralds, a sub par special stage with a UFO with a Chaos Emerald and lastly, Sonic’s Drop Dash ability.

The Blue Ring Monitor was the only good thing to come out of the entire game which was a welcome addition to the game because it makes going Super Sonic easy and keeping rings easier.

If you have any questions or comments regarding my post then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and happy gaming.






  1. GlenysGlenys

    Thank you for this great review on Sonic Mania. I have not played this particular game before. I grew up around the same time that Sonic was “cool” and “fun”….. now he’s just basic and old-school.

    I agree that having time travel on only one level is really disappointing. If you really enjoy that feature, then they should have spent more time on programming and done it properly. I can see how it’s “cute” to play updated versions of these games that have been around for ages.  Unfortunately they also showcase exactly why games such as Fortnite & Roblox have taken over the world and become so popular. I was just wondering if you tried this game on different devices or only on your main screen TV? Thanks for sharing.  

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I have not tried the game on any of my televisions, I saw it and was researching it and did not like what I saw so I didn’t bother buying it but I can say for sure that it is not anything I’m going to buy because I feel like Sonic Mania even Mania plus really let people down. 

  2. Ngonidzashe ManzwanganiNgonidzashe Manzwangani

    You walked the game, to say the truth, I have never known Sonic Mania. I have played many games but not after a review, as for Sonic Mania, I have already downloaded it, want to have a  taste of the game. I have to admit, you were so thorough in your review, though I had never heard about about Sonic Mania, but you have clearly put the whole map in my heard. That was awesome. Thank you so much for such great info

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Ngon, I’m happy that I could help but I hope you do enjoy the game because I saw no reason for me to buy it much less do more research on it. But, I’d be interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the game once you’ve gotten into it.

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