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Published July 24, 2018

Sly Cooper and his gang has been keeping us entertained for as long as we can remember; the first Sly Cooper game I ever played was Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, it was a great game that made me feel like I was part of the action. The game did so well that it made several other games to compliment the franchise which did wonders for gamers the world over.

Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper 3: Honor among Thieves were great games in their own right which gave birth to the 4th Sly Cooper game, Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time. All in all, Sly Cooper games sold pretty well and kept many gamers entertained. However, there were rumors circulating about a possible 5th Sly Cooper game which would’ve done wonders for the franchise.

Personally, I think Sly Cooper should get a 5th and final game because I feel that the creators owe it to the gamers who have been playing the games for so long. Incidentally, Sly Cooper 5 would be the end of it all and the Sly Cooper franchise would have the eternal rest that it deserves; it’s more than a great way for Sly Cooper and the gang to end their time together. Having said that, here’s my list of how the game should be and end.

Why there should be a Sly Cooper 5

I believe there should be a Sly Cooper 5 because Sly and the gang deserve to go out with a bang; they have been in the game since 2002 and the time has finally come for the gang to bow out for good and the gamers to get that closure as only they can from the game’s deliverance. Furthermore, there were a lot of unanswered questions that surfaced during and after the fourth game was beat.

For one, whatever happened to Penelope; she was arrested and sent to a prison but she escaped. I believe that question should get answered and she make another appearance in the game. Penelope and Bentley should have another standoff where there is a test of genius rather than physical skill like the last game.

Also, Sly ended up in Egypt after the 4th game and the game should open to him being found and brought before his ancestor Slytunkhamen 2nd in which they come up with a plan to get Sly back to his original time period. Ultimately, Sly would come back during the middle of the first or second mission of the first home level.

Cooper ancestors make a comeback

Now, this would really make the game shine; Sly’s ancestors make a comeback and help him on different levels in the present day. For example, there would be a whole level dedicated to putting Tennessee Kid Cooper’s shooting ability to work for him and some missions to compliment it. Also, it would be cool if Galleth and all the Cooper ancestors taught Sly some alternate ways of using his present moves as well as bring back some from the first game.

Another unique aspect of Sly’s ancestors making a comeback is that they can be tagged in on specific stages or all the stages. For example, there’s a flying level that Otto Van Cooper could do and Sly could be on the gun while Otto concentrated on flying. I believe that each ancestor would have their role to play in the game and can be tagged in and out on a moment’s notice.

Sly’s ancestors making a final comeback in the game would really bring the game together because since some of his ancestors didn’t make it in the last game then it would be good to have them in this one.

Acquaintances of the Cooper Gang

Sly, Murray and Bentley all grew up in the Happy Camper Orphanage where they first became lifelong friends. But, what if the threesome were not alone; what if they grew up with other people around them, people who knew them. What if there was someone who could match Murray’s strength like a friendly rival if you will. Carmelita and Sly could have two or three missions together and Penelope and Bentley, Bentley, unable to fully trust Penelope, could work together as well.

Ultimately, each acquaintance helping the Cooper gang in some way by contributing their own talents and abilities. What about Dimitri; he was such a good character in the 4th game that I think he deserves some face time in Sly 5. There could also be missions where Dimitri uses his disco dancing/attacks from the 2nd game to destroy enemies and guards alike.

The big picture here is that everyone in the Sly Cooper-verse getting some time in on the game to help out the gang; Sly 5 would be friends helping friends and friends getting help from unexpected places i.e. the acquaintances, it would be a great way to get to know the people who know and grew up with the Cooper gang.

A helping hand

The final piece that would make the Sly 5 puzzle complete is getting a helping hand from Slytunkhamen II who would help Sly beat the endgame boss which would consist of a villain from Sly’s past like Mz. Ruby or El Jefe or even Clockwerk. Personally, Clockwerk would definitely be a great endgame villain because then all the Cooper ancestors can contribute to the battle and lend their powers to destroying Clockwerk for good.

Clockwerk was the endgame boss at the end of the first one and bringing him back as the endgame villain would be a slam dunk because all the ancestors can look upon the eyes and life of the enemy that took theirs; an example of this is using Slytunkhamen II’s invisibility technique to get past guards and having Bruce O’ Coop’s hacking ability to disable the hate chip and all of Clockwork’s mechanics so he wouldn’t be as strong as he would be.

Also, Bentley and another of Sly’s ancestors helping Bentley upgrade his time machine so he’ll be able to get all the ancestors back to their time or to bring Slytunkhamen II to the present.


Sly Cooper 5 would be a great way to close out the Sly Cooper franchise for good because it would give gamers so much closure given that many have been playing Sly Cooper games since the beginning. Sly 5 would be all about Sly’s ancestors making a comeback to the present day bringing Sly with them, acquaintances helping the Cooper gang out and many of the ancestors lending a helping hand like Sly’s ancestor Slytunkhamen II.

What do you think about my post, do you think there should be a Sly Cooper 5: The End of the Beginning or should there just be 4 games alone and that’s it? I’m interested in knowing what you think; leave me a message regarding my post and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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