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Published July 3, 2019

In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the sidequests or quests will come to you in the form of a lot of people who are just standing there grieving over the loss of their friends and family. Incidentally, you won’t know what kind of sidequest that you’re doing until you talk to the various people. For example, you’ll come across Lindsay, she and Abigail are among the first you’ll encounter.

Many quests in the game will put you on the fast track towards getting a lot of good items, but handling these sidequests are a whole different matter entirely. Usually, when it comes to sidequests, they’re usually picked one by one but sometimes more being more is good, I’ll come back to that later. Anyway, I’ve noticed that many sidequests are usually revisited in due time because of the area’s mechanic.

While you can accept more than one sidequest at a time, it can or might be a bit much considering that you’re trying to solve the mystery of Gebel and his castle. Make no mistake, there is no quest that is completed for free, that’s where you’ll reap many a reward but I’ll discuss more of that along with how to handle sidequests, why proceeding no matter what is necessary and the reward connection. So without further ado, let’s explore…………

Where to start

Sometimes the question comes up regarding quests, where do I start; who should I start with or who’s matter is more urgent? This was a question I was asking when I was playing the game and working on the quests. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter who you start with because you’re going to end up doing them all and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is overthinking the concept of quests.

To me, I start with whoever is not nailed down because in my opinion, everyone needs help and are looking for you to start giving them the peace of mind that they deserve via revenge. I won’t lie, it can get a little overwhelming doing the quests especially trying to get all of the various items for Abigail together.

Personally, I’d focus a little more on Lindsay’s sidequests because hers consist of a simple monster hunt which is something you’re going to be doing while you’re venturing from place to place in the castle. I would focus on getting Henry some seeds so he can plant and you can harvest what he plants for you.

Overall, it doesn’t matter who you start with, you’ll eventually end up avenging everyone anyway so don’t drive yourself batty over it.

3 Ways to Handle Sidequests

Dealing with sidequests have never been a difficulty in my opinion, but what happens often times is that we get so wrapped up in the sidequests that we sometimes forget what’s really right in front of us; I myself have been guilty of this. Recounting all of the years in which I’ve dealt with this, I want it to go on the record that there is a way to handle this without really stressing out.

You may find that sidequests are actually a little easier to do if you follow these 3 simple ways to handle any and all sidequests that come your way.

One, accept them all! Since you’re going to be encountering all kinds of enemies and items, it doesn’t hurt to take all of them because you’re going to cross paths with whatever it is you’re looking for whether it is an item or an enemy that you have to kill to fill a quota.

Two, don’t sweat the small stuff! As I previously mentioned, it is so easy to get swept up in trying to make that item so you can appease that person but keep in mind that you’ll get that item to complete that mixture of something eventually, whatever it is. So don’t sweat it if you’re halfway through the game and you have only done a few sidequests.

One of the enemies you have to kill for Lindsay, Archdemon!

Three, proceed on no matter what! This was my biggest problem in past games and in this one as well. I wouldn’t leave an area or ran back and forth to get items for that NPC (Non playable character) until I was sure they were satisfied. However, I found that proceeding onward is easier than spending 20+ hours on a level satisfying an NPC that never will be. Move on and finish as you see fit.

Mind my advice and you’ll never have to worry about sidequests or losing your way up doing them.

How many sidequests are too many?

There’s no such thing as too many ‘quests’ because at the end of the day, it is all about enjoying the game and when you make doing quests your job then you’re not having fun of any kind. There is a lot of sidequests in the game, yes this is true but you don’t have to worry about trying to get as many completed as possible. As I previously said, you will eventually do them all as you’re venturing from area to area so there’s little need to worry that you’re taking on too much.

In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, it is so easy to let yourself be conquered by the amount of sidequests there are in the game and you probably are wondering, how you’re going to make time to do them all.

Trust me, you’re going to do just fine; all you really have to do is just keep an eye on your items and monster kills because you’ll eventually get to the point where you’ll be able to keep up with that consciously without paying so much attention to it.

So to reiterate, there’s no such thing as too many sidequests, just the amount that you haven’t done yet.

The rewards connection

The best thing about doing any quest or fulfilling any sidequest in the game is the reward as any of you who games well knows, and I want it to go on the record that this game is no different. After completing a quest, you’re going to get an item of great value. Now, I don’t have to tell you that the item is going to be worth or worth the trouble because sometimes they’re not but in this game, in this instant, it is. So while you’re traipsing about town on the game and in it, take the time to earn as many rewards as possible.

The quests aren’t hard to do, they’re just very time-consuming which is okay too and its worth it when you can have and hold that item in your hands. So don’t ever get to a point where you’ll start feeling like the reward isn’t worth it, it is and those same items or similar items can be used to create other items like the Eternal Blue, Miriam’s ultimate sword!


Sidequests or quests as they’re known in the game can be overwhelming at times but when you accept them all and proceed on no matter what, you’ll do fine and whatever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff like that one item you’re missing or that reward you were so close to getting. Sit back, game and enjoy it.

So what do you think of my post, do you think quests are particularly time-consuming and not worth or are they right on the money? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

If you have any other questions regarding sidequests then check out my video here


  1. Trevor M Trevor M

    Sounds like an interesting game ! However my generation didn’t get the pleasure of having these types of games and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I had back in my day!! How do you think this would be in VR!! People who appreciate and play this game will have some good information! Appreciated!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Trevor, and I’m a gamer so I definitely would believe it. I believe you can play the game in VR, but you shouldn’t. I have other pages of this game as well and I got a few more coming so keep your eyes peeled.

  2. Alblue Alblue

    Well thank you for the advice. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is on my next game-to-play list, so reading general game tips like this one will be useful for me. Is there any missable sidequest here? Also, I’m the type who do all available sidequest before proceeding the main story. Will I be overleveled too much if I do that? Thank you.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Okay Alblue, two things. One, you can’t do all of the sidequests before proceeding with the main story; wanna know why, because everything you need to find is spread out over different areas; you’re not going to find everything in one area, it’s not going to happen. Two, there are no missable sidequests because there’s no time limit on when each one can be completed. You won’t be overleveled because the game mechanic isn’t built to allow grinding in an area for an enemy or enemies that are not there. 

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