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Published October 30, 2018

Shining Force II, predecessor to the first Shining Force game has brought a lot of gamers over to its side of the fence with its stellar gameplay and game mechanics such as the new promotion aspect not to mention the mystical promotion items that can promote certain characters to another class beyond their norm.

For example, Sarah, promoted with the Vigor Ball, will be promoted to a Master Monk instead of Vicar. Another example, Jaha, promoted with the Warrior’s Pride, will be promoted to a Baron instead of a Gladiator. Promoting based on the gamers’ preference is one of the best aspects of the game.

However, there has been A LOT of debate about when to promote; some believe promoting past Lv. 20 actually help develop the characters’ stats. The choice of when to promote is clearly up to the gamer because who doesn’t want stronger characters who are capable of two-shotting an enemy?

Shining Force II Promotion starts at Lv.20 with the highest being Lv. 40 but some gamers believe that promoting at Lv. 40 is ideal because one-shotting enemies will allow them to run through the game which decreases the challenge factor substantially.

Lv. 20 is the best level to promote your characters and I’ll discuss why. I’ll also discuss briefly about who the promotion choice really affects.

Promoting at Lv. 20 is Best

In the past, Shining Force II Promotion at Lv. 40 was the recommended level to promote characters because the ability to one – two shot enemies was all about bragging rights and somewhat, skill. However, promoting at Lv. 20 IS the best course of action for two reasons.

The first, the awesome promotion battle music; the second, characters actually have a better chance of developing their promotion level spells at a much earlier point in the game vs. waiting until the Zalbard battle or even spending time in the Elven Forest special stage gaining levels before promoting.

Shining Force 2

Case in point

My advice, don’t wait on promoting your characters; if you’re going to promote them past Lv.20 then I suggest Lv. 22 and no further. Promote your characters at Lv. 20, you’ll thank yourself when Kazin (Sorc) is using his Neptune summon to level some of Zalbard’s life points.

A result of my promoting at Lv. 20

Furthermore, not choosing to promote at Lv. 20 means that you’re going to be that much longer trying to get your hands on the promotion level weapons which will definitely be needed on your way to Creed’s especially since you’re going up against the Skeleton Warriors.

The Rings are Power i.e. Power Ring & Protect Ring

Eventually, you’ll come into possession of the Power Ring and the Protect Ring; both are potent weapons in their own right. You’d be a fool to underestimate their power when used as items – to put it bluntly. Sometimes, its easy to forget and ignore the true power of these two rings but you’ll need their power after you get promoted, mostly.

Giving the Power Ring to a character whose attack power is lacking is good, but using it as an item on another character whose attack power could use a boost can and will always benefit the character using the ring and you.

The Protect Ring works a lot of the same way, but the difference is that you’ll have to use it on a group of your characters for you to get the max amount of points.

Overall, utilize the full power of these rings especially after you partake in the Shining Force II Promotion at Lv. 20; it’ll help your characters hit hard and live longer; if we’re being honest here, repairing the rings after they break from use is a small price to pay which is technically inexpensive. Think about it!

Hero’s bolt spell owns

Once upon a time, I was the type of gamer that relied on strength alone to win battles and that was no different in Shining Force II when I got into playing it seriously. I didn’t rely on spells or anything else that gave me an edge in battle. However, I learned, the hard way, that using your characters’ powers make battle easier.

Lovin’ it

Hero’s Bolt Spell for example, don’t be afraid to lean on that when you’re weakening your enemies because its pretty lethal starting out and gets deadlier as he grows and as the Hero gain levels. Abuse the hell out of Hero’s Bolt Lv.2 because it covers a wider area and enemies getting struck will take even more damage.

Shining Force II Promotion does not inhibit gamers from using everything they have to win battles and that includes any spells they have that’ll hit enemies over a wide range or exploit an elemental weakness. It is all there for us gamers, so don’t get prideful about what trying to win through strength alone because you won’t last if you’re not being strategic with your team’s abilities.

Slade is affected the most by promotion level differences

The sad part and actually the most detrimental factor of making the choice to promote past Lv. 20 is that the decision is going to hit one of your strongest characters really hard, Slade. As you well know, Slade is all about speed and later, power along with a combo of the two after he gets promoted.

If you ever needed a reason to not promote past Lv. 20 when it comes to Shining Force II Promotion, Slade is more than enough reason. Simply, his ninja magic start developing after he gets promoted.

You want Slade promoted and that strong!

My advice is to get him promoted at Lv. 20 because the amount of damage that his Raijin will do to the prism flowers when you get to that point is going to be deadly; trust me.

Slade’s Katon does lethal damage to the right group of enemies especially if they’re allergic to fire; it goes without saying that making sure that he’s in every battle is worth it.

The rationale, Slade’s increasing strength and power will be a big asset to you when you face off against King Galam and ultimately Zeon. Taking Slade out of the party for any reason is NOT AN OPTION!!!


Shining Force II Promotion allows gamers to promote their characters one class higher using certain mythical promotion artifacts that are found throughout the game. However, promoting at Lv. 20 is the best course of action not just because of the challenge factor in the game but because many characters’ powers rely on the early promotion like Slade for example.

Using the Ring of Power and the Protect Ring along with Hero’s Bolt Spell will make a lot of the first promotion battles easier i.e. Fairy Pond and Pathway to Creed’s to name a couple. If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to. Thank you and Happy gaming.

R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Let me introduce you to my new Pegasus Knight


  1. jackvo29jackvo29

    Hi fellow gamer,  it’s so great to meet another fellow who are into classic games like this 🙂 I really like your post, it’s very detailed. I have put this classic game on my wishlist 😛 and I cant wait to play it! I would to see your other posts about this franchise as at the moment I am playing Shining Resonance Refrain on PS4

  2. ChrisChris

    thank you for this great post on Shining Force II which is one of my all time favourites. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to discover when the optimum time for promotion is, that has always been a tricy thing to decide upon and it is great that i will now be able to do this at the optimum time. thanks again

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      My pleasure Chris, I’ll be honest; I was in the same boat you were. First, I promoted my crew to Lv. 40 via Elven Forest Special Stage i.e. training ground. Then, I promoted them at 23-25 which didn’t help matters at all either. So I decided to promote at Lv.20 because I got nostalgic for the promotion attack music and two, I wanted to experiment with how strong my company was if I promoted at Lv. 20. So don’t wait to promote, do it at Lv. 20.

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