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Published December 1, 2018

I’ve been playing Shining Force 2 since I was 16 years old and I’ve grown to love the game a lot, it’ll always be one of my favorite games of all time. The best aspect of the game is the promotion feature and being able to promote your characters to more powerful forms via promotion items i.e. Warrior Pride, Secret Book etc.

But, what about the wallflowers, characters who join midpoint to late in the game; are they worth the time management and expenditure to make them strong? This is a question I asked myself recently and actually took the time to try to make things happen with the characters like using them in different battles to assess their strengths.

For example, I used Janet and Elric (Snipers) on flying enemies i.e. Pegasus Knights; if I need extra healing power along with Sarah’s then I put Karna (Vicar) in. However, there are characters who you’ll be able to recruit later on who might or might not be worth it. I’m talking about from Mitula’s Shrine onward.

There are also characters from Creed’s that you can recruit just before you enter the Nazca Ship heading to Grans, and they are part of what I’ll discuss in this post along with a few others and why you should and should not bother. For starters, I’ll be talking about……

Creed’s Weaklings

Around the time that you first journey to Creed’s Mansion, you’ll have 3 objectives. The first, get out of mini town (quote unquote), second, get an audience with Creed then pick a character as a sign of good faith to Creed seeing as how his idiotic sidekick forgot to lock the door.

I always pick Karna because her healing and Aura powers will come in handy at different times throughout the game. Now, as for Eric, Randolf and Tyrin; I usually go back for them just after Frayja opens the gate to Moun. However, I made the choice to go back for them so they wouldn’t be stuck at Creed’s.

However, I saw no point in using them in battle and trying to get their levels up on par with everyone else because since you’re recruiting them so late in the game, they’re not going to stand a chance against any of the upcoming threats.

And, if we’re being honest here, the prism flower battle makes the battle with Zalbard look like a trip to Brookfield Zoo. Creed’s weaklings will die as a result and be a huge liability in battle; don’t do it and don’t bring them into battle with you.


Taya is a character you save in Mitula’s Shrine after you beat Zalbard, it’s sort of interesting how she’s just a room away to the right of your battleground in Mitula’s Shrine and she’s in stone. Taya can be used to accomplish great things and that means giving her the Protect Ring, using its special ability to increase her defense so she can stay alive.

The potential here, am I right

But, the question is, is Taya worth putting in battle to strengthen her; the answer, up to you. On the one hand, Taya is worth it because she’s recruited early enough where bringing her into battle can make a big difference as long as you keep her safe and having a back up Sorcerer on the team is a big plus.

On the other hand, Taya may be more of a liability because she joins midpoint of the game which can mess with your characters’ levels if you’re looking to help her get stronger and stay alive. So ultimately the choice is up to you, but she’s not a bad character overall so really, think about it!

Nazca Ship, before

Before you enter the Nazca Ship area in Moun’s backyard, you can return to Creed’s to get Tyrin, Eric and Randolf; recruiting them doesn’t mean that you have to put them in the party. In fact, you shouldn’t because you’re going to cause more disaster to befall your team vs. helping them.

Worth it!

At this point, a few characters have joined promoted before you make your way to Moun and ultimately Nazca. Higins (Paladin), Jaro (Pegasus Knight extraordinaire), Gyan (Gladiator). You can use these characters as you see fit whether you’re putting them in to help strengthen them or help someone else.

Gyan is an excellent Gladiator, his starting stats are awesome so if you’re looking for some extra muscle then don’t hesitate to use him. Higins is a good candidate around the time you recruit him but if you wait to use him then he just stays on the bottom.

Jaro is subjective to the point where you can use him as long as your team isn’t that far ahead of him in levels otherwise like Higins, it’ll be pointless. So my advice with the aforementioned characters, weigh your options. Don’t hesitate to use these characters to see where their strength is so you can make a logical choice.

Recruitable Characters on Grans

There are more than a few recruitable characters on Grans shortly after you arrive; one of them is Sheela, a Master Monk. Sheela is strong but at the point in the game you recruit her, her strength will pale in comparison to everyone else. Chaz is your next “find”. Chaz is good in the aspect that he’s versed in all elemental magic.

But, he only has Blaze 2 and Freeze 3 starting out; I wouldn’t bother because since you have Kazin on your side with his elemental gods then you don’t really need Chaz. Plus, he’s a late game recruit which means that you’ll have your hands full trying to get him up to strength which I don’t recommend.

Lemon, Red Baron, is your last recruit. Lemon, I think, would be a great asset only because he’s a trained fighter and he comes equipped with the Dark Sword which is a great weapon for him because it complements his vampiric nature of sorts. Ultimately, I probably wouldn’t put Lemon in because you already have Jaha and Gyan so that would make Lemon useless.

However, if you are going to use him then I would suggest using him from the moment you get him; he has excellent defense which is definitely needed at that point in the game.


There are Shining Force 2 Characters that are and are not worth spending time strengthening, but for those who are like Lemon, Gyan, Jaro, possibly Taya; these are the ones you want to focus on early so they’ll be super powers by the Prism Flower battle.

Characters like Eric, Randolf, Sheela, Chaz, Tyrin and possibly the Red Baron are not worth using late game only because they require more work to be able to be on par with everyone else. So what are your thoughts on my post, I’d love to know what you think. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming

R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Rohde, who you’ll get after you’re given the cannon, will become a Brass Gunner; don’t use him because his power stays low even in the post game battle plus, his stats hardly change.

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