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Published April 18, 2019

Well, the time has now come again for another great gaming console from the past to make its way into the future (present) to wow generations of gamers young and old. I want to go on record as saying that this will be the third mini console made within the last 2 years.

While it is good to have games built into consoles from yesteryear, it cannot be argued that the creators won’t stop until every game console from the past comes into the present.

One has to stop and think, what will make this console mini or Sega Genesis Mini Classic any different from its predecessors; it could be said that gamers who this appeals to could be buying a third generation console classic with a lot of the same games. When I first heard and saw that they were going to make a Sega Genesis Mini Classic, I thought “not again, what’s next a N64 mini”.

Make no mistake, this 3rd generation mini console classic plans to have a few things that’ll make it stand out which I’ll cover in this post along with the games, its similarity to the SNES mini, the controller(s) and I will be delivering my verdict.

So having said all of that, let’s get started with the…..

The Games

So as many gamers well know, a console is only as valuable as the games on it or made for it. Naturally, the same could be said about the Sega Genesis Mini Classic. Many games from the past will be on this game console; games such as Castlevania Bloodlines, Sonic the Hedgehog I, Altered Beast, Shining Force I along with a few other games.

I hope this is on there

Now, there will be 40 games on the console for the gamer’s choosing and while they might not seem that great, it’ll be a treasure and a dream come true for gamers like myself who grew up in the age of these games. The Sega Genesis was definitely a must have console back in its prime and the games were unforgettable such as Shining Force II, Landstalker(still working on it on emulator), Rocket Knight Adventures, Streets of Rage 1-3 to name a few.

Personally, I hope some of the aforementioned games make it to the Sega Genesis Mini Classic because I believe it would make buying the console itself more of a slam dunk. That’s not to say that the console won’t be fine as it is, but it’ll “grease” the palms of gamers with the cash to buy the 80.00 console outright.

Similar to the SNES Mini

When you think about the Sega Genesis Mini Classic ask yourself, what does the Sega Genesis Mini Classic, the SNES Mini and the NES mini all have in common; the answer may not shock nor surprise you. The answer, the save feature.

The Sega Genesis Mini, as its SNES predecessor before it, will have a save spot feature so wherever you are in the game then that’s where you’ll pick it right back up. Imagine, being in Versailles, France (Level 5) in Castlevania Bloodlines and you have to stop; you can pick that right up from where you left off.

Interestingly, the same could be said for Shining Force I; leaving off at the fight with say, Kane of Runefaust and you’re on the brink of bringing the hammer down on him. The save feature makes it so you never have to lose any of that data space.

Palpably, the save feature was created for just this very purpose and if we’re being completely honest here, any password option in any game can easily get passed over or gamers just get to a point where they don’t want to be bothered with a password or writing one down and the save feature alleviates that.

Controllers still the same

The downside to the new Sega Genesis Mini Classic is that the controllers will be a little different but ultimately they’ll be wired. The console will come with one controller and you have to purchase an additional one which many had to do when the NES Mini came out. I don’t believe the extra controller is going to cost any more than your average controller for the NES.

Incidentally, the controllers will not take on another design; in fact, it could be said that the controller will just be the same which means that the comfort of the controller and the grip will be the same as it was when the first Sega Genesis came out.

I thought the controllers would take on another form or at least a fitting form to complement the console but all I see are the controllers that are and look practically the exact same. I have to say one of the things that I wish came with the controller is a cord extender. I mean, who wants to get up or sit right up on the system itself.

I mean, if you have a cord extender then you can sit as far back or on your couch or anywhere without having to contend with the cord being too short.

My Verdict

Despite the fact that this console is coming out in September, it cannot be argued that it’s going to bring some new features to the table which is good for gamers. My verdict on this stands as, it’s worth the buy.

My reasoning, any game console that lets you save your game anywhere is automatically worth it. There are too many circumstances where game data gets lost in the system because of human error or the like.

The games themselves make it worth the buy too; there are games that I know many gamers, myself included, have not played in years. When you think about the possibility of Shining Force II being on the games list, it is enough to at least look into a preorder or that’s what I would do if I knew that game was going to be on the list.

Overall, if you’re a gamer who just wants to collect this valuable piece of gaming history and relic from the past then by all means, buy it. If for nothing else just to have as a collector’s item, but I’m also on the fence too that if I already have the games on emulator then I don’t really see a reason to throw away 80.00 on this.


The Sega Genesis Mini Classic will have a little something for everyone or everyone that it appeals to. While there are things that set the Sega Genesis Mini Classic apart, it cannot be argued that it’ll still have some of the same things as its predecessors but the save feature will be the only difference. The controllers will still be the same with a slight color difference.

So what do you think, do you think the system will be worth the buy or do you believe that it’ll be a waste of money; do you think the game will be worth it or make the console worth the buy; what do you think? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. Karin Karin

    I bought the NES Mini Classic and I have had hours of fun playing some of the classic games on it. I am wondering/hoping the the Sega Genesis Mini Classic will have games like “Cool Spot” on it. I absolutely loved playing the game and played it until my Sega died!
    Thanks for the great review of this classic “classic!”

    • No problem Karin, here’s a heads up on the games; it was noted that there are 10 more games being added to the system. I don’t know what they are but I hope Shining Force II is among them because that’s my fav RPG of all time.

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