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Published December 4, 2018

I’ve been playing video games for a long time and just when I thought that I found every good game for the PS3, I always end up stumbling on a gem. I recently picked up the game, Rise of the Argonauts at my local Disk Replay store. Now, I’ve always been a lover of Greek Mythology and this game is all about it.

There are not a lot of games that will put every bit of control in your hands, but you get to do all sorts of things with the game and the people in it. While some concepts of Greek Mythology are lost on those who don’t really respect nor understand it, it made the game a slam dunk.

Other aspects of the game that make it a worthy buy is the mention of god powers but they are not your typical run-of-the-mill walk up to a statue and gain the power type of god powers; the god powers are gained in interesting ways in the game but they are worth getting.

There is a lot to love about Rise of the Argonauts Game, but there is a thing or two that you’ll dislike about the game which I will discuss in this post.


When I first started the game, I didn’t quite get the premise until I was playing the game a little over an hour, King Jason is on a mission to find a way to bring the love of his life, Alceme, back from the dead after being struck by an arrow shot by a Blacktongue mercenary at sniper range.

Jason later recruits Hercules along with a few other people on the journey to help him accomplish his task. I’m completely enthralled with the premise because Jason will have to go all over the Grecian world in order accomplish his goal and the best part is that you’ll see key landmarks of Greece along with islands.

Storming Jason’s palace; big mistake guys!

The premise of Rise of the Argonauts will leave you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and worry especially when you’re addressing your subjects; the only thing about the start of the game that I don’t like so much is that there is too much dialog between Jason and the people he addresses but all in all, its a good game.

If you’re a gamer or are still into playing PS3 video games, get this gem; you’ll be happy you did because it is a game that you can get into especially if you’re a Greek Mythology enthusiast.


Jason has, in Rise of the Argonauts, 3 weapons that he’ll use throughout his entire adventure, a Sword, a Spear and a Mace. Jason’s weapons can be switched in real time by pressing the R1 button, its a great way to get a weapon that you need fast, quick and in a hurry.

A collection of weapons

My advice when it comes to weapons is use the Mace on shielded enemies, use the spear on enemies at a distance or the ones that you want to dispatch at a distance and use the sword when you want to deal damage to enemies in close quarter combat. However, you can play that however you like.

I usually try to alternate between weapons so as to see which weapons work well on which enemies which you’ll find out quickly as you’re thrust in battle. Also, some weapons in the game have a special ability either passive or active that help Jason in battle with his enemies.

The biggest benefit to this is that Jason will be able to take out his enemies in creative ways using these “enchanted weapons”, but don’t lean on one weapon alone on your adventure or you’ll make the game harder than its supposed to be; consider yourself warned!

Interaction with NPCs

What I found interesting as I was playing Rise of the Argonauts was the interaction between the NPCs (Non-playable characters) and Jason. During Jason’s interaction with the different characters, you’ll get to choose what your responses are during the conversation; some of the responses make NPCs take responsibility for certain actions.

And Jason gets a cool spear to boot!

For example, Elpis, a maiden in the king’s court, doesn’t want to inform her overly worried parents (just the mom that’s worried) that she was wounded during the attack on Jason’s palace. Selecting the option that Elpis forgets her place will force her to acknowledge the truth of the matter which Jason tells her parents after the Xeno debacle.

Some of the interactions between the NPCs are among the most interesting there ever was, it is more like a conversation between people and Jason which is a great thing because it just shows how awesome it is that royalty take their people as well as their thoughts seriously.

Plus, Jason is not uppity when it comes to acknowledging or talking to his subjects which is very eye-opening; you’ll get more into the game just through this aspect alone because you can hear the thoughts of everyone in your ward.


Combat in Rise of the Argonauts is very simplistic in which you just hack and slash at your enemies to end their lives which is technically cut and dry. At some points in battle you’ll be given the option to use God powers which are given to you as you do deeds in the name of Ares, Hermes, Athena and Apollo.

Ultimately, the ‘Aspects’ option on the menu is the key to unlocking the God powers which you equip before battle or during. The God powers give Jason extra strength in battle that he can use to get an advantage over his enemies which can come in the form of Apollo’s healing light to Athena’s Lightning Seed ability.

Incidentally, Jason does take damage but from what I can see there is no life bar to which you can calculate the amount of damage that Jason is and is not taking. From an experienced perspective, it doesn’t seem like Jason can die in battle even though I’m sure he can but it just seems like he can take a lot of damage before death.

My advice is to keep an eye on Jason to see where his health is; he could be indestructible for all you know, but just be mindful of his health just the same. Also, I just remembered that the answers you give the NPCs will come in the form of colored icons that favor a specific god, Ares – red, Athena – green etc.

These colored responses favoring that specific god will go toward your learning a god power of that specific god so definitely keep an eye on that as well.


Rise of the Argonauts is a game that takes you back to the time and rule of King Jason of the Argonauts whose on a quest to save his beloved Alceme and bring her back from the grip of death itself. The premise revolves around Jason making the journey and getting acquainted with his crew for the upcoming voyage.

Weapons consist of a spear, a sword and a mace; some of the weapons that Jason get later will have special abilities that he can use to deal extra damage to his opponents. The interactions with the NPCs can be “tailored” to the benefit of Jason or the NPCs as well as the harsh reality of the response given to the NPCs like Elpis.

Combat is simple and easy to comprehend as is your normal hack and slash, god powers are given to you based on which god you favor which lie in the Aspect menu on the option screen. So what are your thoughts on this game, have you played it before and if so, what do you think of it; do you think it is an overrated gem or underrated?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter regarding my post, if you have any questions then leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.



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