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Published December 5, 2017

Retro gaming has become popular recently despite all the games coming out for the new generation consoles such as PS4, Nintendo Switch and XBox One X etc. But, one could argue that retro gaming never left the building in the first place i.e. the hearts and minds of gamers who grew up playing them. Games such as Kirby Super Star, Castlevania I, II, III, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sonic CD, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was forever lost in the tunnel of time with no way to preserve them for future play.


However, thanks to the construction and absolute power of certain retro gaming console machines, playing the aforementioned games and many more like them is no longer a dream but a reality that many gamers live every single day of their lives.

I used to say and believe with my whole heart that even though there are new generation consoles and games coming out, the classics would never die; happily, they didn’t. I have, within my video game collection, a retro gaming console that gives me access to a little over 4000 games.

I found a few more of these on different gaming websites that have almost 3 times more games than I have on mine. So, having said that, here’s my view on the 3 retro gaming console machines which is the Retro Arcade Game Station, Raspberry Pi 3 and the Retro Game Station.


Retro Game

The differences between the 3

Gamers might notice the differences between the 3 retro gaming console machines being that they have different shapes and wiring etc. However, the distinction between the three lie in the games that they have or in some cases, don’t have. For example, the Raspberry Pi 3 does not come equipped with any games which means that the gamer will have to download them; discouraging, I know.

Gaming          Gaming

The Retro Game Station comes with a little under 4200 games already installed on the machine and the Retro Arcade Game Station comes with 10,000 games that are ready to play out of the box. Interestingly, the Raspberry Pi 3 might seem ideal because it gives gamers the ability to download their own games hence giving them control.


However, I love that the Retro Game Station and Retro Arcade Game Station come with games already downloaded so there is never any chance that you will have to undo or delete a game that you downloaded that was not to your liking.


Ah, my favorite topic. The Retro Game Station and the Retro Arcade Game Station come with classics such as Ninja Gaiden 3, Sparkster, Super Castlevania IV, Aladdin (Genesis), to name a few and the great thing about these games is that the gamer can play them again and again. Being someone that loves retro gaming, I can say beyond reasonable doubt that when I saw all the retro games on my Retro Game Station, I fell in love!


My Retro Game Station only has under 4200 games for me to play but that is more than enough for me, I had my eyes on the Retro Arcade Game Station. I wanted to buy it immediately but I decided to hold off because of money issues, but it is a good buy for anyone looking to play Super Metroid and find that hidden missile power up; believe me, I missed it too.


Actraiser, Demon’s Crest, Shinobi I, II, and III; these games are forever. I can’t think of a better present to give myself as a gamer who loves video games but loves the retro games too; I think EVERY gamer should possess this item. The best part is, there are no cartridges to blow in to get them working!

Bits and Pieces

Unlike the Retro Game Station and the Retro Arcade Game Station, the Raspberry Pi 3 has a Micro SD card that you have to install in order to be able to save your games to the hard drive. The Retro Arcade Game Station and the Retro Game Station already come installed with an SD card/save feature thereby allowing the gamer to save their games effortlessly.


I want to go on record as saying that I have always been a gamer that likes being able to put a console together using as little parts as possible. My problem with the Raspberry Pi 3 is that, despite it being one of the many retro gaming console machines, it sort of makes putting it together more a chore if a gamer is not into it.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it can pretty make the gamer feel as if they wasted money on something that they shouldn’t have to put together on their own especially if the instructions are written in a whole another language which it is sometimes; be careful.

My recommendation

This may sound completely bias and I want to apologize ahead of time if it does, but I recommend that gamers get the Retro Arcade Game Station out of the 3. I say that because my Retro Game Station is one of a kind and there has not been any made since the one I bought. So, I say the Retro Arcade Game Station is your best bet and I stand by this product because it works flawlessly with no trouble to date.

Gaming  Gaming

You may very well get the Raspberry Pi 3 retro game console not only because it is one of the more underrepresented retro gaming console machines, but because it gives the gamer the control to download their own games. But, if you don’t want to go through all of that then go with the Retro Arcade Game Station.


Retro gaming will never go out of style; not with retro gaming console machines like the Retro Game Station, Raspberry Pi 3 and the Retro Arcade Game Station. Those consoles are valuable and every gamer should get one if for nothing else to be free of all the bits and pieces that go into putting them together.


The differences between the three should be a deciding factor of the gamer, but I say that the games alone make it worth buying. If you have any questions or any comments about my post then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you within the hour.






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    • Thanks Jack. I’ll make it my life’s work to keep it looking like gold. I appreciate the compliment buddy.

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