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Published October 5, 2019

Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order is going to be the most epic Star Wars game that you play this year and if I may say so myself, the recent updated video I saw was magnificent. Ultimately, anytime you see a star wars red lightsaber, you automatically think Sith or a Dark Lord of some kind. Well, if you’re a true Star Wars aficionado then you know you’re absolutely right. Our young Jedi friend Cal Kestis will be dueling a lot of bosses in the game including the Second Sister, a Sith inquisitor under orders from Darth Vader to eliminate Jedi. Check out the latest video from EA

Personally, the creators of this game took this in the exact direction I thought they would because this game’s timeline would fall right around the time of the Ghost Crew’s, for lack of a better term, ‘arrival’. Ultimately placing them in the game or a few planets out of reach of Cal while overall sharing the same universe. Now, this game is going to introduce a lot of new features that could only exist with a game save.

For one, returning to previous planets will definitely be possible, and Cal’s Force abilities have been revealed as well but more on that later in the post.

Cal Kestis vs. Second Sister

A Star Wars Red Lightsaber is usually a sign of the presence of a Sith as I previously mentioned, and Cal is going to have his hands full and tied with dealing with the Second Sister. She was personally trained by Darth Vader and while she isn’t quite as skilled as Vader, she can still deal quite a bit of damage given the chance. Personally, Cal can handle the Second Sister, it can almost be said that the Second Sister’s power rivals that of past Sith like Dooku for example.

However, like many Sith hunting Jedi or that were, Cal is going to come face to face with this powerful adversary eventually. I don’t see a lot of places in the galaxy that Cal & Co will be able to go where the Second Sister won’t be able to reach them but it cannot be argued that she’ll be on their trail. I’m the type of gamer that if a ‘bully’ is following me around trying to pick a fight then I’ll take the fight to their doorstep and end it.

But, I don’t think Cal & Co will be able to do that until the showdown or whenever the fight is supposed to go down but I get the feeling that Cal will have quite a few surprises for the young Sith Inquisitor.

Returning to planets previously visited

Getting away from owners of a Star Wars Red Lightsaber doesn’t have to be hard lol and I can think of no better way to do that then to return to planets previously visited. I kid, but seriously this is the first Star Wars game that’ll allow you to return to previously visited planets. This is one of the best aspects of the game because you’ll finally be given a chance to return to planets you visited and get things you left behind or something that you need a specific force power to get to.

Ultimately, this, I feel, will really send the game’s replayability through the roof because any game that’ll allow you to return to recently visited areas or levels, you’re going to play that game again and again. Another positive aspect of this is being able to destroy all of the enemies on the planet to gain extra experience that can go toward a level or a force power, in theory.

It’ll just be enough to be able to return to previously visited planets just to be able to take in the atmosphere which isn’t really something that’s common in a Star Wars game but again, definitely welcomed.

The awesome boss fights

Now, there’s no mistaking the fact that in every Star Wars game, there are epic boss fights; legendary even. I’ve had a chance to view a few of the boss fights and they didn’t really look tough or difficult, it just take a little bit of strategy to not run in ‘half-cocked’ pardon the expression. I can’t say how many boss fights will be in the game but I imagine there’s going to be a lot of them and I hope they use this aspect to stretch the game out for at least 11 levels.

Mainly, it’s another one of those aspects that send the replayability thru the roof, I’m a sucker for Star Wars games with elongated levels or have you forgotten about Star Wars the Force Unleashed, both for PS2 and PS3; excellent games. Some of the levels in the game seemed a little longer than they should’ve been like the return trip to Felucia.

That’s how I picture the boss fights being in this game, it wouldn’t be an issue of repetition so much as it’ll be boss fights that’ll ensure that having a water bottle by your side will be one of the things you will not be able to play the game without.

Force abilities

No Star Wars game is complete without Force Powers or the mention of, every Jedi is unique in that the force abilities that they master. Cal Kestis is no different, he’s a Jedi that has also mastered moves of his own, I won’t spoil it but I can tell you a few of them that’ll be in the game. Naturally, Lightsaber Deflection. A Force Ability you’ll be happy to have because there’s going to be a lot of Stormtroopers where you’re going and mastering this ability will be paramount in dealing with them.

Force Push, away!

Of course, ‘No Jedi has ever used Force Powers on a Stormtrooper’ said no Stormtrooper ever. Another force ability that I think you might get some use out of is the Force Sense, it is a new ability that’ll allow you see a Stormtrooper’s last moments or what they were thinking before they were cut down. I personally don’t see me using this power much but there’s no argument that it’ll have its uses.

Force Stasis is another force ability that’ll be in the game and ready to use. Basically, you’re going to be using the force to slow down the environment. This is handy if you’re looking to pull the nearest Stormtrooper in from of his friends’ blaster fire so as to protect yourself. More force abilities will be in the game as well so stay tuned.


Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order is expected to have a lot of surprises in store for gamers including returning to previous visited planets, force powers and dealing with the owner of the star wars red lightsaber i.e. Second Sister. The boss fight will be epic but just tough enough to make your killing blow even much more satisfying.

So what are your expectations of the game, what do you want to be in the game that you can think of? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. PentrentalPentrental

    Wow great review here on Star Wars Jedi the Fallen Order. This really does look like the best Star Wars’ game that anyone could play this year. The story-line looks pretty great in this one, especially the Second Sister that looks pretty intriguing. Good point about red light sabers. I agree that returning to previous planets is one of the best aspects and that you can pick up items you left behind is pretty outstanding. You have me intrigued with this post and I’ll definitely be checking this game out further, great review!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Pen, I’m glad you liked it, feel free to sign up on my subscriber form on my website, if it doesn’t pop up then try going to my website from another browser. 

  2. CC

    Thank you for this great article. Star Wars Jedi the Fallen order sounds like it will be a really fun game. The lightsaber battles look good, and also the force abilities sound like it would be fun to play with. I especially like the forest stasis where you can actually use the force to slow down time. 

    how does this game relate to the timeline of the movies? I know you mentioned it would be around the same time as the ghost crew arrival but I am not familiar with the ghost crew since I mainly just saw the movies.

    Thanks for letting me know about this game it definitely sounds like a good one have a great day.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey C, thanks for reaching out. First, the timeline in question doesn’t so much revolve around the movies as it does Star Wars Rebels, a Star Wars television show that told a tale of a Jedi and a Jedi Padawan who joins up with a female captain of Ghost Crew; research it, it’s really good and you’ll see where the timelines line up. Oh and the game is going to kick ass!

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