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Published December 15, 2018

Ratchet and Clank games have captured many a gamers’ heart throughout the years, its simplistic gameplay, great story, awesome characters not to mention Ratchet and Clank themselves. I’ve played thru just about every Ratchet and Clank game including the latest in the series; Ratchet and Clank PS4 Remastered.

However, Ratchet and Clank has really made their mark in the last of their PS3 entries, Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time. This game comes loaded with so much stuff; way more than any of the previous Ratchet and Clank games from the past. I’ve only been playing this game a few short days and I’ve fallen in love with it; it is awesome!

One of the biggest changes that you’ll notice is that Ratchet and Clank are living in ‘separate dimensions’, it gets a little confusing at first but you’ll learn why as you play. Ultimately, the game is by no means short and you’ll feel like you got bang for your buck.

As you play, you’ll also come to find out that Clank’s role in the universe is larger than himself and more important than he knows. In this post, I’ll talk about aspects of the games like Constructo Weapons, different goals, Clank on his adventure along with Ratchet’s space travel.

Constructo Weapons

Ratchet will begin the game with a Constructo Pistol which can be modified and enhanced with the Constructo Mods you find throughout your interplanetary exploration; the mods will change everything from your pistol fire to the firing chamber of your pistol. You can literally change your pistol to destroy your enemies in creative ways.

I didn’t think much of this weapon at the time I had it but as I got to changing the different parts and mods on it, it became my new favorite weapon and I’m going to tell you now that its going to be yours too. In fact, I can foresee that it being used 96% more than the other weapons that you’ll get, but no one weapon is meant to do it all.

Another aspect of this constructo weapon is that you’ll be able to change the color which is sort of huge to some because sometimes orange does get boring to look at, so you can change the weapon to be whatever color you want you. My advice, don’t have two Constructo Weapons the same color; it just seems pointless, I’m just saying.


Naturally, some games will give you some leeway to do whatever you want as long as you get to the endgame and destroy that boss; whoever they are. Some games, like this one, will give you a set of goals to accomplish before being able to move on. Now, the difference is that the goals in this game only matter to what you’re doing during the story mode.

For example, crossing Volgram Pass to get an audience with Alister Azimuth (important). Looking for the RYNO V Holo plans – not as important – But, you get the picture, if you’re on a planet looking for something or someone then chances are you’re following your goal plan to that end.

Also, I want it to go on the record that you can’t veer from your goals when you’re exploring planets; its only when you’re not like if you’re going to look for the RYNO V Holo plans (which I’d let wait until you’ve beaten the Raritanium Cup challenge at the Battleplex) then you’d be free to do so because you’re no longer held to a goal standard.

All in all, the goals on the levels are meant to keep you on track and in some cases, it is a necessary part of your adventure considering that venturing off in Ratchet and Clank games is a well-known practice.

Space travel and moon exploration

Ratchet will be doing a lot of space travel while out venturing and looking for Clank; Ratchet’s Aphelion makes a return in the game which is great because it can be upgraded to a war machine through Zoni collection. This hardly needs to be said but the Aphelion is a very powerful ship that has heat seeking missiles and powerful concussion blasters that can make mincemeat of everything from asteroids to enemy ships.

I never feel at one with the universe than I do when I’m in that ship piloting it into a moon which by the way there exists several of; the moons have Zoni along with other items on them like Gold Bolts and Constructo Mods.

I’m going to tell you now, you might get overwhelmed because you think the moon is so small and yet you can run around it a thousand times trying to find your way and sometimes you will and won’t.

Right now, I just finished the Vela Sigma, Gamma, Epsilon, Tau and Delta moons; Alpha and Beta has to wait until you’ve gotten a gadget to explore those respective moons but its worth it. Besides, in my experience, if you need a weapon or gadget to finish a particular place then you know that the payoff is going to be HUGE upon exploration.

Clank on a separate adventure

When the game gives you control of Clank, you’ll find that you’re inside the Great Clock and you’ll learn that Clank is destined to be its lord and master. Incidentally, navigating through the clock isn’t as simple or uncomplicated as it might seem.

Ratchet is here on Torren IV

I just not too long ago finished the Great Clock area and it was one of the most challenging levels I’ve faced since Sloth’s subterranean lair in Darksiders 3. Early on, it might become apparent to you that Clank has a much bigger job than Ratchet and probably will not join up with Ratchet for some time.

However, it will become obvious that Clank is on a separate adventure from Ratchet. Using Clank was a bit of a challenge but if you remember to press X three times as you’re using this Heli-pack, you’ll be able to traverse anywhere you are whether near or far. The biggest thing you might have trouble with is getting the timing but even that’s not completely hard.

Are you looking for something that’ll help you keep your controller going all night long, well charge cords for your PS3 controller is always a good piece of equipment to have especially if you’re getting a backup which you should.


Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time is one of the best games in the entire series and while you got the Constructo Weapons & Mods, you’ll have no problem getting through the game. However, keep your mind on the goals but also know too that you can deviate after you clear said planet.

The space travel and moons is keep to getting powerful upgrades to your ship and weaponry, so explore fully and don’t rush because you’re going to miss a lot when you do. Pay attention to Clank on his separate adventure, you’ll learn all there is to using his new Chronoscepter and his other enhanced powers.

If you have any questions about my post or would like to know more then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. A great website! Thank you for giving us so much information and such easy navigation across the whole site. I am not a big gamer but my friends are, so I saw your site and just wanted say how professional and entertaining. They are looking at links of different games on the other computer right now. Have a great holiday season.


    • Thanks buddy, I appreciate you pointing them in my direction. Happy Holidays bud.

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